The Raiders Have an Important Question to Ask Themselves Before Going After Tom Brady

Would the Raiders really move on from Derek Carr?

A handful of mainstream media outlets (ESPN being one) have reported that the Raiders intend to make a run at Tom Brady if he gets to free agency, but would the Raiders really be getting an upgrade in a 43 year-old Tom Brady?

On Wednesday, NFL Network’s Michael Giardi referenced a conversation with a league executive and that was the question the executive said the Titans and Raiders will have to determine for themselves.

“Is Tom Brady, better than Derek Carr? Is he better than Tannehill? If I was those organizations, I’d be thinking real hard about it.”

Of course Brady has been better over the many years, but at 43 years-old, how much does he have left?

He certainly wasn’t great in 2019.

How effective would Brady be in system nothing like what he has been familiar with in New England? If we’re placing odds, the odds are at least even that a Brady experiment would would fail.

Meanwhile, the Raiders already have a 28 year-old quarterback who knows Gruden’s offense, posted a 100+ passer rating in 2019, and is a respected leader in the locker room.

Why pay a lot more money and potentially get less?

And speaking of getting less… NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said he expects the Raiders to take a look at Philip Rivers, as well.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From NFL Now: The #Colts appear to make the most sense for former #Chargers QB Philip Rivers, while the #Raiders loom as an interesting option, as well.

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7 thoughts on “The Raiders Have an Important Question to Ask Themselves Before Going After Tom Brady

  1. Derrick Carr or no Derrick Carr, I think Brady is like taking two steps back.

    IF we had Tom Brady, at the end of the season, we still would not have a quarterback.

    If we traded Carr, we would still be looking for a quarterback, lucky to find one as good as Derrick Carr.

    It would keep us team building, perfect excuse to not win, forever or at least till the end of Mr Grudens $100,000,000 (team building ) contract..

  2. Gruden has spent 2 seasons with Carr. Gruden knows exactly what Carr can do and what he can’t do. I don’t think any “questions” need to be asked. Gruden’s mind is made up…..Carr will be shown the door. Thank God!

    1. Gruden should look at his own coaching skill. Carr only runs his offense. Grudens offense (west coast) is a short ball control offense. Carr likes to go downfield as was shown when Del Rio was the coach. Lets give him at leadt one more top WR (Speedy with good hands) and see what he does. Gruden also needs to open up the offense more if he wants to take advantage of that #3 most accurate passer rating over 20 yrds. You dont need to be a defensive genius to know that Chucky will run on first down always, run usually on 2nd down if it less than 5 yrds and then draw up a low percentage 3rd down pass usually. Its hard to watch sometimes. Carr is such a Raider faithful he wouldnt ask to be traded but he could show how good he was behind another good OL and a couple of TE’s and WR’s with another team.

  3. Reggie McKenzie is no longer the GM. Those are the kind of bone headed moves he would make. I think/hope Gruden and/or Mayock are smart enough to know Carr is better than either of the two old QB’s mentioned above. He has finally had the same head coach and OC for two years now and he is just a good receiver away from returning to pro bowl level and MVP contender like he was just two years ago! He had over 4000 yards, 70% completion rate, over 100 QB rating, 21 TD’s and only 8 interceptions last year, without a #1 receiver to throw to and his #2 receiver out more than half the year! If the Raiders are stupid enough to get rid of Carr now, some other team will be in the playoffs with Carr and Gruden and Mayock should be fired!

  4. I mean, how done did Rivers look against the Raiders this year?!? I like Erik Harris but he made Harris look like Ed Reed.

    Can’t wait till Silly Season is over.

  5. Carr needs to be handed a grayhound bus ticket out if town. He is scared to take a hit and has zero desire to extend plays with his legs. Not saying Tom Brady is the answer but I know Carr will never be the answer and never win a super bowl. Since he was injured he is no longer the same player.

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