There is Some Mystery to How the Raiders Reached the Decision to Draft Henry Ruggs III

The Raiders drafted Henry Ruggs III with their no. 12 pick on Wednesday and while the pick wasn’t a huge surprise, there are a few mysteries around the pick.

The Raiders reportedly had a trade in place with Tampa Bay to trade back to pick 14, but didn’t follow through on the deal. The 49ers at pick 13 took the trade (including an additional 4th-round pick) and cashed in on the trade the Raiders could have taken the pick before.

“A year after they were unable to move down from No. 4 and took defensive end Clelin Ferrell early, the Raiders had a trade set with their first pick to go back from No. 12 to No. 14, according to league sources,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Thursday. “But it fell through, and they wound up taking Alabama receiver Henry Ruggs III at 12.”

That presumably means the Raiders had Ruggs III rated well ahead of other receivers in the board, but ESPN’s Josina Anderson gives a slightly different account of what happened while the Raiders were on the clock.

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Source: With OAK on clock, 1 initial Q&A discussion was on a Tackle. Convo shifted to WRs, but that Q&A was not centered on the eventual pick. Then there was a shift from what several thought would occur. Final sentiment: If mistake, rather do on speed. Was some shock, but happy.

If you can’t make sense of that (no one would blame you), there’s a viable explanation for how pick 12 probably came together. It goes something like this…

The draft board was set. A few names came up. Jon Gruden listened, considered the trade proposal Mike Mayock framed with the Buccaneers, and said…

“Thanks, everybody. Appreciate y’all being here tonight. Take a hike, Tampa. I’m taking my guy. Mike, do what you gotta do at 19.”

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4 thoughts on “There is Some Mystery to How the Raiders Reached the Decision to Draft Henry Ruggs III

  1. Things just like this has been transpiring with Gruden since he returned. He knows it doesnt matter how decisions he makes occur or the results from said decisions due to worst owner in history having been infatuated with him for some time. This crazy infatuation gives Gruden protection that no other coach who proceeds to demand highest paid contract with complete control who comes in n loses has or will ever see. Gruden has made so many bad decisions only his protective bubble from worst owner can explain his remaining at a position he is not fit for any longer (if ever).

    People believe that Raiders draft last season was so great but i believe it could have n should have been much better especially considering the fact that Gruden’s horrible decisions left the organization without additional picks they should have still possessed had Gruden not gave several away in trades that resulted in team failing to benefit from any of said trades n only 1 player still remaining (prob wont make it past training camp this year Z Jones).

    You media people continue to suggest that Mayock plays a role in drafts, trades, n signings but that is a bigger joke than Davis owning a team n Gruden coaching in football.

  2. Well the pick at 12 was typical raiders pick. The next should have been Patrick Queen. Would have still been able to get a great corner in the 3rd round. Probably the one they picked at 19

  3. I think the raiders should package Derek Carr one of the 3rd picks n gave Jackson to green bay for Roger’s hes upset they did not get him a receiver give them pj.hall also

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