There’s a Detail in the Antonio Brown Drama that Cries Conspiracy

There’s no doubt Antonio Brown understood the Patriots would be his next landing spot if the Raiders released him, which of course, they ultimately did.

All Brown and his agent would have needed to know was a detail ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Monday.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Patriots tried to trade for Antonio Brown in March, but Steelers did not want to trade him to a rival. So instead of having to give up a pick or picks for him in March, Patriots get Brown without having to compensate another team in September.

Not only was New England interested in trading for Brown back in March, they were offering the Steelers a first-round pick, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. Looking back, it would have been better if Pittsburgh had just made the trade with the Patriots. The Steelers would have ended up with a much higher pick and the Patriots would have lost a first-round pick.

Instead, the Patriots lost no picks and are probably paying Brown less than they would have been forced to give him in a trade.

Coincidence or just good fortune?

Considering the Raiders reportedly tried to trade AB a few days before releasing him, why wouldn’t the Patriots have offered at least a late pick to get him… if, of course, they already didn’t have a good idea that they were going to get him.

It’s not likely that Brown orchestrated the grand plan from the start, but at some point he (or his representation) realized the Patriots would want AB if he became available. And coincidentally, the Patriots were confident enough in their ability to sign him that they apparently didn’t even offer a late-round pick for a player they offered a first-round pick to get from the Steelers five months ago.

Explain that away.

Not sure it’s possible.

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4 thoughts on “There’s a Detail in the Antonio Brown Drama that Cries Conspiracy

  1. NO DOUBT, this was set up weeks ago! Bill-a-cheat knew what was going down. AB just keep pushing the Raiders buttons and they will give up and release you and I will sign you and not have to give up anything. The Patriots need to be stopped. They have gotten away with cheating for many years. This kind of stuff is why they have 7 super bowl rings. There must be a leak somewhere, the NFL needs to look into this. Brown is dumb as a box of rocks so he may slip up. I don’t care for Goodell but maybe he could get a full investigation and get to the bottom of this.

    Thanks Phil

  2. Why isn’t the NFL issuing a statement or investigating this mess? Not only does it reek of foul play it sets precedent for repeat occurrences! Also, why is there no talk of suspension for AB for racial comments and threatening physical violence towards the GM!!!! Why are these issues not being discussed?

  3. They probably couldn’t do a trade with the Raiders because the salary cap hit would have been too high. Once he was a free agent, they could negotiate a package that fit under their cap space.

  4. Yes, he played them like a fiddle. On the other hand, how is that any different than the way Mark Davis or his dad played the city of Oakland and their fans? I remember a whole bunch of “teases” before they finally came back and now they are deserting the town again. They deserved AB and everything he did to them.

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