What We Learned on Monday Night: the Raiders Don’t Need Antonio Brown

After a month and a half of news dominated by Antonio Brown, the Raiders (and their fans) learned a little something on Monday night. Life without Brown ain’t so bad. Business, you might say, was ‘boomin’ in the season opening act even without AB in silver and black.

We learned last night that the Raiders have a bonafide no. 1 receiver in Tyrell Williams, who brought production in the season opener without even a hint of ‘look at me’ to his game. We learned that Darren Walker, who was one of the most likable Raiders HBO featured on Hard Knocks, is well on his way to redeeming himself as a person and a player. We learned that with pass protection, Carr is still one of the league’s lethal quarterbacks, who isn’t shy about attacking downfield.

Meanwhile, AB, by his own choosing, is gone to New England to start over yet again, this time with an organization that doesn’t need him. The Patriots beat the Steelers handily on Sunday night and it looks like Brown is in line to be the next great player to latch on to Bill Belichick in search of a legacy.

For what it’s worth, Derek Carr was asked about AB after the game and despite Brown’s parting shot at the Carr family on social media, Derek didn’t reciprocate the gesture:

I love Antonio… I sent him a text. Said ‘I wish you the best and I hope you get what you want.’ We had a good football team even when he wasn’t there. We knew if we added him, my goodness, that could be crazy because he’s so good. But he’s not here.

“It stung as a friend [to lose Antonio], having to see him go somewhere else, but I wish Antonio the best. I don’t even think he has hard feelings toward anybody, he just wanted a different place.”

Whatever happens in New England with Brown, it seems like the Raiders are just fine without his absence on the field and presence on social media.

It’s hard to miss what you never had.

If all goes as planned, AB will be the chosen one to finally bring down the Patriot dynasty. A deadly seed planted behind the walls of the city. A ‘Trojan Horse’ to infiltrate the compound and break down the empire from within. Not the hero the Patriots hoped for, but the team destroyer that they deserve.

The force stay with you, AB. Just keep doing what you do.

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2 thoughts on “What We Learned on Monday Night: the Raiders Don’t Need Antonio Brown

  1. Who cares about Brown? Chuck and the Raiders are back!

    One question. Can you tell me why their uniform looked navy on TV, and not black. What was with that? Surely they haven’t changed to navy and white? ugh.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Thank you to all for taking such good care of us, we were picked for the flag ceremony so a full tailgate prep wasnt possible. We were welcomed in and in traditional Raider Nation fashion, The food and housepatality was awesome. Please email me back a link where I can Venmo you for our share!

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