This Draft/Trade Scenario Gives the Raiders a Top WR and a Coveted Pass Rusher

By now you’ve glazed over just about every Raiders mock draft scenario, but how about one more appetizer with the draft just two days away?

You might call it a dream scenario, but it isn’t entirely unrealistic.

First, the Raiders pass on any offers to trade pick 12 and they draft Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, who is a perfect fit for Jon Gruden’s offense. An Antonio Brown clone on the field without all the off-field dramatics, Jeudy could catch 80 passes in his first season with the Raiders.

With pick 19 the Raiders find a trade partner with the Colts, who are looking to move into the first round to draft a quarterback. Indianapolis sent their no. 13 pick to San Francisco, but with two second-round picks the Colts have the ability to jump up to pick 19 while the Raiders throw in a fourth-round pick to even the deal.

End result: Raiders give picks 19 and 141 to the Colts for picks 34 and 44.

The Colts grab their Philip Rivers replacement (which is wise considering he can barely throw a ball 30 yards) and the Raiders have plenty of solid secondary options waiting for them in the second round.

From here, Ryan Lopes (@StillRyanFive) details the draft haul, but there is one potential trade detail to consider with the Raiders two second-round picks now on the board. Could one of those picks be sent to Jacksonville in exchange for defensive end Yannick Ngakoue?

It’s possible that a second-round pick is all the Jaguars can fetch for Ngakoue, especially considering he is at the end of his deal (and all the challenges that come with making a trade during the coronavirus outbreak). By sending a second-round pick to Jacksonville for Ngakoue (with no new deal), the Raiders would find themselves in a position similar to what the Cowboys had with Amari Cooper. Giving up a high pick for Ngakoue shifts the contract leverage to the player because the new team can’t afford to lose their second-round investment after just one season.

Assuming the Raiders can’t pull off a complicated trade for Ngakoue, let’s look at the draft haul without him. If Ngakoue somehow could come together, just pencil him into one of the second-round picks.

Courtesy of @StillRyanFive, a synopsis of the draft…

12: Realistically, the Raiders could have a choice of Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, or Henry Ruggs here. For me, the choice is somewhat easy, as I have Jeudy as the WR1 (easy argument for Lamb however, and then a bit of a gap between him and Ruggs). Jeudy’s best-in-class feet and smooth ability after the catch make for a perfect pairing with the current QB under center.

34: Raiders get some much needed CB help in Jeff Gladney. “Size is not a skill.” Despite standing at only 5-10, his physicality at the position is at the top of the class. Gladney play boundary or slot; efficient feet and patience, coupled with the physical tools, has him taking home CB2 honors behind Jeff Okudah.

44: Depending who you talk to, Jeremy Chinn can be viewed as a reach, given the small school profile. What you’re knocking for level of competition, he’s making up for with versatility and raw athleticism. Other options in this range: CB Jaylon Johnson, DL Justin Madubuike, WR Laviska Shenault Jr., WR Michael Pittman Jr., and perhaps QB Jalen Hurts.

80: Homer pick: I cannot quit Akeem Davis-Gaither. Raiders spent legit coin in free agency but Davis-Gaithers quickness on the outside paired with the newly signed upgrades turns the Raiders weakness into arguably their biggest strength roster-wide.

81: James Lynch feels like one of the most Jon Gruden-y players in this class. A “Gruden Grinder”, if you will. Can kick inside or rush off the edge; Raiders need to continue to add talent alongside the defensive line.

91: While “size isn’t a skill”, special athleticism such as Chase Claypool‘s should be given attention. Some teams likely have him at tight end at the next level. For the Raiders, they add an ascending pass-catcher to a roster that sorely needs help in that regard.

159: Antonio Gibson is listed at 6-0, 228 and turned in an impressive 4.39 forty at the Combine (size-adjusted). Big enough to play the “big back” role and change of pace runner/compliment to Josh Jacobs’ game, while also being versatile and talented enough to bring a whole other dimension to the offense. Wide receiver experience, and could transition there full-time in the NFL depending on what team you talk to.

Because of the depth of the draft, in this scenario the Raiders are able draft a top wide receiver and fill holes in their secondary with five picks in rounds two and three (or maybe add Ngakoue with one of their round 2 picks).

What more can you hope for?

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5 thoughts on “This Draft/Trade Scenario Gives the Raiders a Top WR and a Coveted Pass Rusher

  1. Using the Jimmy Johnson-developed, Trade Value chart, as a guide, sending the Raiders 19th (875 pts) and 141st (36 pts) pics to the Colts 34th (560 pts) and 44th (460 pts), would not be enough value for the Colts. The Colts would likely be looking to receive the the Raiders 19th (875 pts) and 92nd (132 pts) to make it work for them.

  2. I would rather they trade the Jags the #19 and WR Williams for Nagakou and the #42 pick. I would take best receiver available at 12, Judy, Lamb or Ruggs and then take Claypool from Notre Dame at 42. That way Raiders have a top notch interior pass rusher, a speed receiver at 12 and a faster, younger, cheaper WR in Claypool to replace Williams. The salaries of Williams and Nagakou would be close to a wash. With these moves, Raiders offense is all set and they can use as many picks as they need to to address the secondary.

    Also take: 1 RB out of NM to be a compliment to Jacob’s power running game and be Gruden’s next Charlie Garner.
    2. DT James Lynch out of Baylor (another Maxx Crosby like motor)
    3. LB Willie Gay out of Mississippi State
    There will be a lot of good choices at CB out there . . let’s not get suckered into picking one high . . the CB’s out of FLA or Clemson are not worthy of a round 1 pick.

  3. I would be happy with this draft. The Raiders have 121 not 141. I like Lamb over Juedy, but I could change my mind on that. I don’t think Claypool will be available that late. I would trade down a bit from 44 to get a pick in the late 4th or 5th.

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