This is the Biggest Mystery Surrounding the Raiders Late-Season Collapse

It’s been a rough month for the Raiders. Four straight losses have all but eliminated Jon Gruden and company from the playoffs, and the head coach who was once in the discussion for coach of the year would probably be rumored to be on the hot seat if not for his $100 million contract.

Everyone knew the defense would be bad this year, but what has happened to Gruden’s offense?

There are plenty of mysteries around Gruden’s offense right now, but nothing is more perplexing than the way the offense emerges from halftime just about every week. Over the past seven games the Raiders have scored a total of three points in the third quarter. The Raiders have been tied or had the lead in five of those games, but have gone stagnant in each game after the half. It’s almost like they run out of plays.

Some have suggested that Derek Carr can’t improvise once the scripted plays run out, but unscripted offense was where Carr shined in the first half of his career. That ability didn’t just evaporate.

Maybe other teams are making adjustments at halftime and the Raiders don’t, but even a bad gameplan should stumble into more than three points in 105 minutes.

Is there some kind of physical or mental fatigue that Gruden’s players can’t handle?

For what it’s worth, the second half (particularly the third quarter) has been an issue ever since Gruden re-arrived in Oakland. Even the season opener in 2018 followed the same ugly course. The Raiders outplayed the Rams in the first half and suddenly forgot how to move the ball in the second half.

For all the questions surrounding Gruden, Carr, and the Raiders, it’s the dumpster-fire second half disasters on offense that are the most perplexing. Everyone knows the defense is bad, but how can the offense be so effective early and so incompetent immediately after every half?

It’s the question everyone should be asking right now. And the most important answer Gruden needs to find… and fix.

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45 thoughts on “This is the Biggest Mystery Surrounding the Raiders Late-Season Collapse

  1. I agree with all that was said. However, the answer whether complex or simple all comes down to one person, the person responsible for all of this and that is Gruden. He should have never been brought back n most definitely does not n never will deserve the contract he demanded.

    He stated publicly that he would give back money should he fail. What is considered failing? How much time does assessment of failing include? I say he has failed horribly to live up to contract n his alleged genius. He has made many horrible decisions that have cost this team n us fans n enough is enough.

    I think fans for each team should have say-so in who the owner brings in as coach and when they should be fired. Thats not to say fans should have final determination but should play vital role. Who makes all this possible? Who suffers through off-seasons, takes time away from family, invest plenty of time, money, n emotions? The Fans. Without the Fans there is no NFL n no money no coaches no nothing. Davis would not have any team to inherit if not for us Fans. Owners should take us into consideration when making such crazy irrational decisions as Davis had. His crazy infatuations with Gruden has cost us all more than can ever be calculated n he is probably too mentally challenged 2 realize his error.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly gruden is the problem and Mark Davis is No Al Davis Mark Davis is a fool

    2. I was with you until the part about how fans should have a say in who the coach is…oh brother thats the stupidest thing i have heard yet…might as well let fans pick draft as well …smh idiot commentary

    3. I believe Jon gruden has no intentions of bringing the raiders to the playoffs this year I think he did what he had to do to be politically correct but the long-term plan is to get out of Oakland build a team in Vegas and make the playoffs and Superbowl in the next 5 to 10 years draft choices are what he’s looking for he can’t have a winning record and do that if he did make the playoffs this year we weren’t going anywhere anyway who’s going to beat the Patriots in foxboro who’s going to be the Ravens in Baltimore and those are just two of the things they would have had to face not to mention Kansas City in Kansas City all three cities have terrible weather this time of year the raiders can’t deal with that now with so many rookies and instability

  2. I think the Raiders need to focus on the future in Las Vegas. Two games without any further injuries would be ideal! Coach Gruden needs to take a Bill Bilecheck approach in Las Vegas if the Raiders want to be Super Bowl Champions again. As for the era of penalties, that has to ALL stay behind in the Oakland Coloseum. The next generation of elite Raider players are going to have to produce EVERY WEEK on the grid iron or find another stadium to call home. I’d like to find a job that pays MILLIONS of DOLLARS and I don’t have to worry about being replaced. MUST BE NICE!!! GO LAS VEGAS RAIDERS!!!!! ♠️♥️♦️♣️🎲🃏🏈
    JUST WIN BABY.☠⚫🏆🎆🍾🕳😜

  3. I think Carr is just as incompetent not to learn how to adjust to defenses….his check down passes get really annoying to a point I almost throw up because I know its coming. Seems like hes more worried about completion numbers for his individual stat than throwing ball to get his receiver to learn to get open. This teams style of play bores me to death. The worse teams we play , we can’t even score points on..

  4. Raiders Nation for life don’t give up don’t give in they will be back you all will 👀 Tee 🐕 The Raiders

  5. I believe it’s all Gruden his place calling is sub par and I don’t think he is letting Carr take charge of the offense when he know the lack luster plays being called from the sideline won’t work….

  6. In my humble opinion, the Raiders have the WRONG quarterback for this team. Carr, while being a good quarterback is not great or elite. He can use his legs but rarely does. He misses open receivers all the time. In the Jaguar game even the announcers were telling you where he should be going with the ball. I can see it on the TV where a receiver is running wide open and he still forces the ball to Darren Waller. Like he is the only receiver on the team. He did the same thing with Jared Cook for the last two years. No tight end should lead your team in receiving yards or catches. The Raiders should use one of their first round picks on Jalen Hurts. I believe he will transform our team into a Superbowl contender instead of a pretender.

    1. Yea, I really like Hurts. But Carr was there in 2016 but the o line hasn’t been the same since and we have really good o line this season but battle suspensions and injuries I like all our lineman except Parker but he’s young and can get better. I say Carr should get one more year. We can have a better O next year with a healthy line with chemistry and add speedy wr who can catch.

  7. Very apparent that opposing teams make half time adjustments and Raiders are simply out coached. Raiders are one half team. Put the blame on Gruden and his staff. They have to get better.

  8. Carr hasn’t been the same since he broke his leg in 2016. That said he hasn’t had much help from his WR’s. Get him some targets and give him one more season. Get rid of Guenther too. D is a Joke. Gross to see the outcome on Sunday. Fan base deserved so much more!

  9. I’ve attended college and NFL games since 1963 and from this I’ve learned and strongly believe a good, high quality coach is one who consistently makes the proper halftime adjustments. Gruden one of the WORSE at this. And all I keep hearing from him is EXCUSES, EXCUSES and EXCUSES. He’s become a joke.

  10. The Raiders need Wide Receivers, which will come in the draft and free agency. The defense is decimated by injuries, and that will improve with the draft and FA. So, be patient Raider Nation!! IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

  11. Carroll sucks,he seems nervous all the time,never pulls game out when pressure is on and cant scramble for sh-t

  12. Carroll stinks,cant scramble,cant pull game out under pressure,seems nervous whole game

  13. It’s really difficult to see what the problem is on offense. I don’t know if it’s Derek Carr or the receivers that are not on the same page.Many times the passes have been right on the money and the receiver is dropped them. Other times receivers were open and car didn’t try to scramble in a run play option matter. Defenses go after a quarterback that doesn’t move. He has become a statue at times. Unfortunately Trent Brown has been injured and that has been a major impact on the offense of line. And defense I’m not too sure why we can’t get it inside pass rusher. Sometimes I see players it can’t seem to tackle or take horrible angles. Corners and safeties get confused. We need to draft better on defense next year.

  14. It’s really difficult to see what the problem is on offense. I don’t know if it’s Derek Carr or the receivers that are not on the same page.Many times the passes have been right on the money and the receiver is dropped them. Other times receivers were open and car didn’t try to scramble in a run play option matter. Defenses go after a quarterback that doesn’t move. He has become a statue at times. Unfortunately Trent Brown has been injured and that has been a major impact on the offense of line. And defense I’m not too sure why we can’t get it inside pass rusher. Sometimes I see players it can’t seem to tackle or take horrible angles. Corners and safeties get confused. We need to draft better on defense next year.

  15. Carr is the ONLY PROBLEM. We need a quarterback Who Wants to be playing football on Sunday and not ministering at church. Here’s the other problem Jon Gruden and Derek Carr talk way too much they go into these big ol philosophizing descriptions as to why everything is failing like they have it all f****** figured out and they obviously don’t bottom line is Derek Carr is a soft b**** who doesn’t give a f*** about winning now that he is paid

  16. Well I think what I want to say it is that us RAIDERS we have a goal and that is to land Las Vegas not expiraments which by the way 100 million and Carr’s contract yes another fucking priority Raider Nation …. Thank you!!!!!

  17. I don’t know who or what is at fault, but take your pick(s):

    1. Not enough talent on offense. On offense they have lost their starting slot receiver, starting number one receiver (brown), and no longer have their great tight end Cook. Their new TE Waller started well, but has gone flat. Foster Moreau is out for season. The jury is till out on Ingold. (The defense is even worse off). You can’t win with one decent but number 2 WR and one Effective RB.

    2. Gruden’s offense no longer effective in 2019. Gruden is not adaptable. Gruden wanted players for HIS style of offense (and defense) last year and attempted to fit square pegs in round holes. Man to Man offensive blocking went to zone, pass routes became dink and dunk. Because Gruden does not adopt new philosophies to fit talent, lots of talent turnover to find those who might fit. Cooper is gone, Crabtree didn’t stay. The style of offense that Carr likes is gone. BIG question is, is Gruden’s game a game of the past? What does he do or not do at half-time?

    3. Or maybe a combination of the two. It’s clear that its difficult to create second half games when you lack talent and the other side figures out what you are doing. Had the raiders the talent of Brown at starting WR, with Williams, and Cook at tight end then second halfs should have looked a whole lot different.

  18. It’s DC’s fault. He folds under pressure. Makes bad decisions. He’s too quick to throw to check down, leaving other receivers wide open. I understand there are times when everyone is covered. More often then not, he doesn’t survey the whole field and can’t find the open receiver. I lost faith in this guy. He’s nothing like what he was under Bill Musgrave.

  19. Please what mystery man, sit down and take notes son. There is no mystery about a roster filled with players from various practice squads period and straight off the street all right. This is a replay of 1994 “newbies,” where Art Shell and Jeff Hostetler’s team was devastated with injuries. Football is real simple and not rocket science and the health of a roster does not fall on the Head Coach. Just ask Al Davis who lived with regret for firing Art Shell for an injury depleted season and roster only to rehire him for that mistake. This is an issue of dumb f#C?in’ luck O.K., either you stay healthy or you don’t in a violent sport.

    Or is it one of a snake bitten organization founded and acquired on the faulty foundation of ill gotten gain? A few of us that know the whole history can make an argument for the latter, but this is a Davis family problem and their doing because of their dealings over time. I am afraid this team will die out in the desert and let me be the first to predict Mark Davis will lose his controlling interest as the Manager of the General Partner in Lost Vegas. Yeah you know me and if you don’t know just ask…….;

    West Side

  20. Ive seen this before with the Raiders and other teams. It is lack of confidence and lack of brain storming.they are a young team rebuilt around a good q back with nowhere t p put the ball. Put some w rec. Out there and he(carr) will make plays

  21. The Raiders need get rid the defensive coordinator n the offensive coordinator they are horrible I’ve have been a fan for 45 years n I have never ever seen a team that can not score in the second half D carr has to go we need a more moble QB n the secondary is disgrace ALABAMA OR LSU can beat us

    1. Lsu and Alabama? Even with a back up center and Brandon Parker at RT we will still run the ball down there throat with out having to pass or run play action, come on man. I know we been bad over the years but not that bad.

  22. It’s no mystery. We are lacking at reciever and don’t have the speed to stretch the field. So by half time all our cards are out there and there are no adjustment to make simply because we don’t have the weapons. Renfrew is our best receiver and after he got injured our offense was really lacking. That leads me to my next point, injuries. Especially on the offensive line. And when you lose your anchor, Hudson. It really limits the play calling more. Our offensive line looked like they were on the way to being healthy and starting to gel together against Houston but that didn’t last long. I really believe the reason we have been dealing with some many injuries is playing on the hard infield of the collisseum. I love collisseum but we should been had a new stadium. The Raiders and Al Davis played a big role turning the NFL into what it is today but never get no credit. We get the scraps after they cater to their original teams. Al envisioned a stadium like the one Vegas a long time ago. But the league wouldn’t give it to us till every other team got a new stadium but it is what it is. I believe we won’t have as many injuries next year as we did this year. Gruden has done a good so far given the team he has inherited. First time around gruden inherited a better team. I won’t name too many names of players but three. Charles woodson, Eric Allen, and Sebastian janokowski. If we had that this year we would of went to the playoffs. He didn’t have any hold outs first time around with players coming out rookie contracts looking for a big pay day. I’m surprised that we were able to get this many wins this season. I’m just glad we beat th chargers at home this year. We beat them in San Diego their last year there, too! I know the chefs are better but I don’t know any chefs fan. That’s what made the raider/charger rivalry so good. I have friends and family that root for the chargers but when they moved to LA it took steam out of the rivalry because there was no more going to SD and smack talking with the bolt gang. All my family and friends who liked the chargers want to see them lose now, bummer. I don’t want to see any of them leave. I’m going to miss the collisseum just like I miss Qualcomm. But I’m glad they finally got a new stadium. They’ll come back one day if the league smartens up. I’ll be back there tailgating with grizz and 66th mob, making Oakland better, in mob alley with small fee drewski and the homie Rob from Clearlake. Never a tailgate drop out, Raider Nation!

  23. It’s the age old theory, like what came first. The chicken or the egg ..
    Is it Gruden hog tying Carr with short quick passes to get the ball out under 3 seconds, and nor being creative in the second half, or is Carr fearfully getting rid of the ball due to not wanting to get hit ??

    1. It’s a combination of all. Cars confidence rides on the o-line health and how well they are playing. Grudens play calling rides on top of cars confidence, the o line, and finally skilled players. We been solid at RB this year. Our RB had too many fumbles last season. We clean that up but we all know it’s been at wr where we are lacking. We can have th best o line in the game but if we don’t have a running back with vision and can hold onto the ball. The base of all great offenses. From ther you got to be able to pass once the defense starts loading the box. We got a good possession wr in Renfrew but no speed. That’s were AB should of came in handy. I want like Williams but he drops the ball too much. I might like him as a our #2 next season but we need speed bro. Mick said it best in Rocky. A speedy wr draws a double team loosen up the defense because they won’t want to load the box as much and can’t sit on all the short and intermediate routes. That opens up the playbook and makes the offense more versatile. We need a healthy line and a speedy wr before we can properly judge carr because we were clos to that in 2016 but Carr got hurt. I said we were close to that but would of been there if Cooper had better hands. Then next season our offensive line fell apart along with Carr’s confidence. I seen it last year with Foles and the eagles in the playoffs. His confidence was sky high coming off a Superbowl win the year before then it looked they were going back till his blindside tackle went down, Jason Peters. His confidence crumble after that which lead to them being eliminated. Then you can have all that but have bad kicker and lose on a missed fg like the bears did in the playoffs last year, eliminated by a double doink off the goal post. At the end of the day it’s team sport and one or two people should not be taking the blame.


  25. I’ve been saying this for a year and a half about the 2nd half disappearance on offense. Then there are the? Calls against the Raiders. It seems when they make a great play on both sides of the ball, they stop and look to see if there’s a flag and for the most part, there is. It does come down to the coaching and some of the play from Carr. When you dont have anyone to throw to, what are you supposed to do?
    I’m so disgusted with franchise now for many years and even more disgusting in how the Patriots get away with what they get away with, so disrespectful to the other teams. But this is about the Raiders and where do we go from here.

  26. I agree with all the comments and think we do not make the 2nd half adjustments. I think we come in with a phenomenal game plan and once the team learns or see’s what we are doing and adjust; we dont adjust to their adjustments leaving us stagnant. Tryann Mathieu gave an interview after they played us and said exactly that. We do not change our game plan or adjust. In addition we WR core is average that drop a lot of balls and don’t come up big when needed. I think we will be great in 2020 if we can make those adjustments. We need a new def coordinator and Gruden needs a new off coordinator that knows his system that he will listen to but give up the rains and be a head coach.

  27. Raiders losses move them in the right direction for draft picks? Carr will suffice until we can draft a tough QB that can scramble and make plays. Where are the play action passes from Gruden? Where were the blitz calls by Gunther? Being afraid to make a decision is worse then doing nothing at all. Game is defined by calculates choices. We had a patchwork of defensive players. Defensive superiority wins games.

  28. Going into Jon Gruden’s second season of the Oakland Raiders rebuild, I anticipated an 8 and 8 season at best. What makes this 2019 season so tough is that when the Raiders got to 6-4, the fans believed they were a playoff team. Hell, I thought we could challenge the Chiefs for the AFC West title. These were unrealistic goals and ultimately ended in the so-called collapse.

    We all wanted that dream! The last year in Oakland, to have the Raiders “Return to Greatness”! The bottom line is this team is just not there yet. However, I have seen a major improvement over last year. Many things to build on going forward. But the Raider fan base seems to want to place blame.

    Sure there is plenty of blame to go around.

    So, If we must try to find blame for this season. It starts with Jon Gruden. Gruden’s play-calling was suspect at best and very predictable. He also failed to make any half time adjustments. He simply has failed as the leader of this team.

    Derek Carr has been a mediocre and inconsistent quarterback most of this year. Not sure exactly what happened, he just seems scared to take chances down the field. It could be all the turnover at wide receiver. It’s like he did not trust anyone but his tight ends. I also believe Gruden is not calling plays that allow Carr to go deep. I still think Carr should be the QB moving forward in 2020. However, I would try to draft a rookie to start prepping for the future.

    Defense. Where do I start? The first few games the secondary was getting lit up, giving up big play after big play, The pass rush was no help, and the linebackers have been bad all year. We have seen improvement with the pass rush and some slight improvement in the secondary.

    Moving on to 2020. I would focus on the Defense first. Draft a Linebacker and another cover corner with our first 2 picks. On offensive, we need a true number 1 receiver. Also, I think it would be a good idea to get another Running Back. Jalen Richard is too expensive and Andre Washington is not playing well.

    Whatever happens, it’s sad to see the era of the Oakland Raiders come to an end. I hope for a bright future in Las Vegas! Go Raiders!

  29. It was a waste of good money to bring that has been John gruden back as a coach he has done nothing for the raiders. When he left in the middle of the season to go to Tampa Bay I wish that he should never been allowed back into the Raiders house.

  30. I think raiders know exactly what they are doing ,they never wanted to win in Oakland this year, but I believe they got big plans for vegas ,think about if they make the playoffs in Vegas how much money will be made there wit the bets and first year there they make it, just saying then bets on the following year we as fans would flock there and get money back for that stadium lol well wishful thinking v

  31. What does Greg Olson do ? We had these problems the last time he was OC and we fired him HE is BACK

  32. This 25 year OAKLAND Raider season tix holder has ALWAYS perceived Gruden as an arrogant, self-consumed man. Hence, one of the reasons why Al TRADED him! A clash of personalities. And re; his coaching – one of most important aspects of a good one is his ability to make proper halftime adjustments. His grade here = F-. He’s an absolute embarrassment.

  33. Moving Me Down the Highway

    There’s a reason why Jon Gruden or Mike Mayock would NEVER draft a player like Lamar Jackson. There is also a reason why Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock consciously chose Mike Glennon and Nathan Peterman. Both of them, Gruden and Mayock, are stuck in their thinkings and perceptions about young quarterbacks just like Bill Polian was. So, instead of drafting Lamar Jackson, last year, or Dwayne Haskins, this year, in a last ditch effort to upgrade their pitiful quarterback situation, they add DeShone Kizer who in very short order passed Mike Glennon on the quarterback depth chart. Neither Gruden or Mayock understand nor appreciate athleticism or mobility with respect to a quarterback, black or otherwise. They, Gruden and Mayock, prefer the monolithic statue that stands and surveys the field and makes a decision on who to throw the football to. This modern and evolving game, of football, is passing them both by and they have no clue as to how to adjust and be effective. Thank God that John Harbaugh, Andy Reid and Pete Carroll don’t think that way. This Raiders team will never rise to the heights that they should until the mindset of this managerial staff changes. Now, with the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, no longer being dead last in revenue, like they are this season, and actually bragging that they have a bright future, in future young, talented players, they will continue to mask and not address the real problems with this team and present the residents of Las Vegas with something more than a football team in name only. I dare ANYONE to ask Jon Gruden how he would use a talent like Lamar Jackson. He wouldn’t have a clue. The absolute best thing to come out of this year’s edition of the Raiders is that the offensive line reached respectability, but still could use some fortifying. As sure as the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas next year, Gruden is going to KILL Josh Jacob’s and Darren Waller’s football careers from overuse. Bill Parcells used to say that you are what your record says that you are, well Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock are 10 wins and 20 losses in two years, thus far. Last year, the Raiders won a total of 4 games. This year, the Raiders have won 6 games and should have won 9 had they not run into those three powerhouse teams, the Jets, Titans and Jaguars, respectively. Of course, next year we can look forward to all the hype, promises and sneers that have become Jon Gruden’s trademarks. How the Las Vegas Raiders will fare is quite another story. Some organizations are good at picking talent and some are not. Here’s a hint though, the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Antonio Brown out of Central Michigan, the Kansas City Chiefs found Tyreek Hill at West Alabama, the Houston Texans got Damayrius Thomas from Georgia Institute of Technology, the New England Patriots went to Eastern Illinois University to get Jimmy Garoppolo while the Raiders got Clelin Ferrell and Hunter Renfrow from Clemson and Alec Ingold from Wisconsin. Does anyone here get the picture?

    Further, could the quarterback guru coach and the pending executive of the year possibly trade Derek Carr for whatever, draft or bring in two free agents and still possibly have some of that 25 million a year, that Carr gets, left over?

    Does anyone disagree that Josh Jacobs could have his football life expectancy extended if the Raiders found a complement to him?

    Snarls and excuses aside, will Jon Gruden ever realize that, just maybe, he needs to change his coaching philosophy? He;s currently 10 and 19 as the Raiders head coach.

    Mike Tomlin has taken an undrafted quaterback, the loss of a 1,000 yard a year wide receiver and a 1,000 yard a year rusher and still has his team perched to make a playoff run with what “some” believe is a considerably less talented team than the Raiders. Why?

    Is there a shred of hope that Mark Davis will sell this team to Jeff Bezos so that he can clean house and return this team to respectability?

    Does anyone believe that Derek Carr, Jon Gruden, Guenther Cunningham or Mike Mayock can resurrect this team?

    I said back on Sept. 23, 2019 that the destination for all four of these guys should be 6330 West Charleston Boulevard. That is the address of the Las Vegas Unemployment Office. May that happen sooner than later for the Las Vegas Raiders fans sake.

    1. Ur rite bout things u say. N no i do not believe Gruden (cuz that is all we r speaking of when it comes 2 only person in control as Mayock has no power n Gruden) can not bring Raiders back 2 respectability. U only have this 2 look at as reference; Upon taking over team Raiders were 1 season removed from 12-4 n playoffs; Raiders had many holes at time n it showed when they followed 12-4 with 6-10; Enter Gruden who lied 2 everyone but had same players as Coach Del Rio except Gruden had full control enabling him 2 pick his players; Gruden decided that he would give away the most devastating player Raiders had. Gruden also assembled free agents n traded 4 players n employing his prior veterans mantra he made Raiders oldest team in league; He proceeded 2 start horribly n had it not been 4 late season surprise victories Raiders would have finished 1-15 (ended up 4-12).

      Gruden could not beter or at least equal that which Del Rio had done. Gruden allowed media n fanatics 2 label a fire sale as rebuild attempting 2 save face while every1 has blinders on. There is no such thing as “REBUILD” in todays free agency era. Retarded fans n media reporters continue 2 believe that rookies r superstars n the future n are annointing Gruden praises but failing 2 realize that Gruden n his horrible decisions n moves caused him 2 play the rookies full time (Gruden is a veteran type player lover) n he would have rather played veterans but was forced into crossing fingers n hoping rookies represented. Now fans believe Gruden is only in beginning of rebuild but failing 2 realize there is no such thing, Gruden never intended 2 try or portray a rebuild was occurring but flopped horribly, there r new n young nfl coaches that have immediately won n in less time been produced results whereby Gruden is highest paid coach in history n as such he needs 2 win rite away not year 5 or more into contract.

      Gruden never did **** previously, never drafted n nurtured or cultivated any QB, n is at best mediocre coach. He should be fired n return of money 4 fraud in the inducement declared

  34. On Sept. 23, 2019, the Oakland Raiders played the Minnesota Vikings, it was the first time since I’ve been a Raiders fan, fifty-one years now and counting, that I actually turned the game off, in the fourth quarter. For me, the game was horrible because my Raiders were horrible. I’m sure that “some” sports writer, “somewhere” will try to put some kind of sick positive spin on the outcome. Like, the Raiders discovering that they have a legitimate tight end in Darren Waller. True enough, this guy played well but a tight end does not a football team make. Of course, it is very important to give credit where credit is due. Conversely, it is also equally important to “point out” where this team needs to improve. One major improvement, that I suggest is, since Derek Carr will be living next door to Jon Gruden, when the Raiders relocate to Las Vegas in 2020, maybe they can carpool together and pick up Mike Mayock and Guenther Cunningham on the way. Hopefully, their destination will be 6330 West Charleston Boulevard. That is the address of the Las Vegas Unemployment Office. Surely whoever is driving will have that Chuckie effigy, from a horror movie, hanging (literally) from the rear view mirror. How can a 25 million dollar a year quarterback not throw the football downfield (more than 20 yards) only once or twice an entire game and expect to win? How can a 10 million dollar a year head coach not call virtually any downfield pass plays? Why are there no pass plays, for the Raiders, that isolate a speedy runningback on a slower linebacker? Is it any coincidence that former Raiders slot receiver Seth Roberts had more yards and receptions than the Raiders current slot receive Hunter Renfrow? Given the current state of this “football team,” does anyone not believe that the Raiders will have an additional top five draft pick yet again. For sure, Las Vegas will be getting a chronologically young football team. The Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers have returned to respectability after long hiatuses. Even the Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions are on the rise. When does the resurrection start for the Raiders? Routinely, lots of people defend Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock, Gunther Cunningham and Tom Cable. When does true accountability come into play? In truth, the Raiders don’t even have a playoff caliber offensive line, let alone a Super Bowl offensive line, though that, the offensive line, is the most improved part of this team since last year, minus Brandon Parker. Every football novice knows that one of the primary reasons that Tom Brady is successful is because his offensive line is under constant review, scrutiny and change by Bill Belichick and his staff. There is also no doubt that winning teams are the ones that are being consistently refined and upgraded. The short of it is, whatever the current edition of Raiders senior management is doing, it is NOT working. This is evidenced by their won / loss record through nineteen games, and counting under the current coaching staff. Surely I don’t need to inform faithful Raiders fans that the won / loss record, over the past nineteen games is five wins with fourteen losses. The previous edition of Raiders senior management under Reggie McKenzie and his crew got the boot for managerial malfeasance. Perhaps, the only good news is that we, life long Raiders fans, only have eight and a half tears left under the current coaching regime. Thank God that nothing last forever. One day at a time my friends, one day at a time.

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