Three Players The Raiders Might Consider Dealing Before the Trade Deadline

With the NFL trade deadline just under two weeks away, it’s fair to wonder if the Raiders will be inclined to make a move.

Unlike other years, the Raiders have depth at a few positions that may be attractive to potential trade partners. So let’s take a look at three players the Raiders would probably be willing to part with if the price is right (and in at least one case the cost wouldn’t be much).

Marcus Mariota

Considered by many to be the best backup quarterback in the league, Mariota could be one to draw interest from a playoff contender needing a bump at quarterback. The Browns and Steelers could both be looking for a little help at quarterback over the next couple weeks.

Mariota has a no-trade clause in his contract so he’d have to sign off on any potential trade the Raiders want to make. The Raiders also might want to keep Mariota in case they run into their own emergency at quarterback at some point.

Clelin Ferrell

Ferrell was the Raiders’ no. 4 overall pick in the 2019 draft, but he hasn’t met even the lowest of expectations. He hasn’t been on the field for more than 20 snaps in a game this year and that makes him a decent candidate to be traded if a team happens to be interested.

According to PFF, Ferrell has rushed the quarterback 48 times this year and achieved four total pressures (with no sacks). The Raiders should happily pick up the phone if someone is calling about Ferrell.

Damon Arnette

If they’ve watched his film, surely no one would be interested in trading for Arnette. But you never know. There were teams that liked Arnette prior to the 2020 draft (albeit not as much as the Raiders), so maybe someone would be willing to trade for PFF’s worst-graded player on the Vegas roster.

Like Ferrell, Arnette is former first-round pick. So far, he’s looking like the worst first-round pick of GM Mike Mayock’s tenure with the Raiders, but Mayock could always trade him and say ‘hey, he was Gruden pick, anyway.”

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6 thoughts on “Three Players The Raiders Might Consider Dealing Before the Trade Deadline

  1. I read the title and before I even read the article, those were the three names I stated. LOL
    Totally agree, hopefully, they can move at least one or two if not all three and get some good draft capital or solid players in position(s) of need in return.

    However, the only problem moving Mariota would be the Raiders do not really have a serviceable backup who can win games if Carr gets injured. Peterman isn’t a serviceable backup, and was clearly a Gruden project whom Gruden loved and kept for his own personal ego.

    1. 1 trillion % agree! It’s called a “trade deadline” so it’s all about the ROI! I think we would need nearly a kings ransom for Marcus! If we do anything this season and Carr goes down we are in the best shape imaginable. No way I’d let him go! The other 2, I knew they were busts but dang! Dump’m for a back up kicker!

  2. Sam has it right and Frank+T+Allen got the Peterman part right. As critical as I have been about the statistically worst quarterback in NFL history, Nathan Peterman, it does “appear” that he has “learned something” but certainly NOT ENOUGH to be in the Raiders’ future. Hopefully, he will be traded and the Raiders should take virtually anything, in the form of draft picks, that they can get for him. Further, I would tell Arnette and Ferrell that EVERY GAME that they play from here on out is an audition for ANY OTHER NFL team that might think that they can resurrect their pro careers, that is if they have any intentions of playing professional football after their contracts expire or are able to be traded. THAT should light a fire under their asses and motivate them.

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