Former Raiders HC Jon Gruden Finally Spoke on Record, Said “The Truth Will Come Out”

For the first time since issuing his statement of resignation, Jon Gruden has talked on the record about his departure from the Raiders and his plans moving forward.

“Maggie Burbank, who produced the story that we just did on Mark Davis, she actually called Gruden and he picked up the phone, much to I think her surprise,”Andrea Kremer said on HBO’s Real Sports Podcast. “He’s still in Las Vegas. He says he is letting the dust settle. He said, ‘People who know me know what I stand for for 58 years. I have a resume of 58 years. The truth will come out.’”

It’s certainly cryptic,” Kremer continued. “But I think Jon Gruden is thinking ‘Is this it for my career?’”

Aside from Gruden’s career, there is still a lot to be sorted out about the way the league handled the information they had on Gruden. From a legal standpoint, the NFL may soon be backpedaling in litigation from Gruden and/or the Raiders if it can be proven that the league sat on Gruden’s emails in an effort to sabotage the Raiders during the season.

It’s hard to imagine what “truth” can come out that would change the public perception of Gruden, but there are surely a lot more details in hiding about other key figures within the NFL landscape.

If the NFL is going to blacklist Gruden, why have they turned a blind eye to Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder?

When we find out why the league has been covering for Snyder, how high up in the NFL pecking order will we find proof of guilt?

And one final thought…

The NFL has been steadily denying that they leaked the Gruden emails. But if they knew about his emails six months ago, is it any better that they weren’t going to do anything about them at all?

It’s possible, if the NFL was going to do nothing, that the league doesn’t really care about the contents of emails, and they simply used them as an opportunity to take down Gruden and potentially the Raiders.

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13 thoughts on “Former Raiders HC Jon Gruden Finally Spoke on Record, Said “The Truth Will Come Out”

  1. The NFL claims they did not leak the emails. Let’s think about this:
    — for 10 years, the emails sat in WFC and not in the view of the media.
    — the NFL gets all the emails. Only the NFL and its agents in the investigation had them.
    — they leaked

    Clearly, the NFL, either directly or indirectly, was responsible for maintaining the confidentiality, and either failed, or actively leaked them.

    1. It’s always bad blood between the Raiders & the NFL since Al Davis sued them back in the 80’s… as proof all these bias calls against the Raiders from the refs…. historically speaking… NFL us the villan here… without a doubt.

  2. Am sure the NFL is out to get the Raiders. This has been going on for years. Gruden was was just a scapegoat. He was wrong on the emails but am sure behind close doors all have said bad things!!

    1. You are so correct this was nothing but a HIT job – we were just starting to get respectable again

  3. This was definitely a hatchet job. Just another attempt to stick it to the Raiders! Roger Goodell , like his predecessors Paul Tagliabue and Pete Rozelle have never been able to acknowledge that there was any individual or team that was was bigger and and brighter than themselves or the NFL and refused to accept that Al Davis and the Raiders were the exception were eclipsed by the radiance that was Al Davis and the Raiders, regardless of where they called home. I lobbied when the Raiders moved to Las Vegas to rename the team as the Raider Nation, because that is who truly loves and supports the Raiders. I believe the issue with Coach Gruden was, considering the timing and concealing of all the other facts regarding the Redskins scandal. I cannot condone the content of Coach Gruden’s emails, but more importantly cannot accept that in the last ten years that an individual can’t change and grow, but unfortunately Coach wore the Silver and Black. Let take a quick look back at the the NFL’s tolerance for those whom they determine were some of the faces of the NFL, how about Brett Fabre emailing photos of his junk, to an admin while playing for the Jets or their exceeding regards to Robert Kraft, who was caught red handed in the prostitution investigation, and all the fines issued by the league mean nothing to a billionaire. it’s time the NFL get a taste of what they have been dishing out. No one doesn’t have a few skeletons in there closet and I for would applaud loud and who heartedly if some of them were l”leaked” to the press, what a front page spread that will be. Your vigilante attempts to ruin a man’s career is a travesty and should be prosecutable and I hope that Coach Gruden and Mr. Mark Davis spare no no expense in litigating this matter. All we asked for as The Raider Nation, is to be treated with respect as clearly shown to the remainder of the league. Weigh your actions and know that the Nation is watching.

  4. I’m standing behind my coach, who I’ve grown to love, coach Gruden. Jon’s not a racist. Period. Jon said some ****, as have I, as have most human beings. The NFL makes me sick that they are now taking actions on this ****. You know the NFL is acting like they’ve never done bad ****. What about what they did to Kapernick? Now they wanna say something after a whole decade? My heart goes out to the Gruden family and all Raiders nation. Deuce Gruden is still working with Raiders and has to put up with goodie two shoes dissimilar his old man. Shame on Jon, no, shame on the NFL!

  5. Look it matters none for players or fans who leaked or why. Those details are just so Gruden can sue someone but that suit does nothing about his alleged reputation.

    Gruden never denied emails n his refusal to deny or defend them is only further support that his character n public persona is different than his private one.

    This checks out if u look at all the lies he told to fans, media, n players upon returning n throughout. He lied many times about Mack situation, allowed fans n media to create bs rebuild plan n played it as such when he never came in rebuilding or he would have made changes prior to season instead of 1-8. He brought in many vets making team oldest in league. He wanted to win right away n thought he would.

    He lied to all the vets he brought in n players there still representing things he knew to be false. He lied to fans n media when he said publicly that should he fail he would return money n leave but he never intended to honor that as he failed prior to resignation n resigning is clear sign he failed but he isnt returning money in fact he is seeking more.

    Speak with former Bucs players or vets he signed when coming back n they will show a true Gruden. The players from first stint on team dealt with Gruden on different level as Gruden was just like them with Al Davis running show. But when Gruden has been in power his true character shows itself.

    Gruden gave interview right after last season n he claimed team was player or two away from being contender but if true he would not have made whole sale amount of changes as he did.

  6. He needs to tell it all what he said in the past to the NFL since nothing was said then when he said it every body of all color had said something or email in the same way or worse

  7. Gruden will sue the NFL and demand to look at all 750,000 emails (the ones that the NFL claim that there was “no other offensive or dark humor” contained in them). Gruden will be able to use any and all emails as defense of his civil suit, even if names will be redacted… The suit will be for the 50 Million in lost wages and and another 50 million plus in character assassination. Whether he wins or loses, the look behind the NFL Raider Hater curtain will be devastating to the NFL.

  8. It’s always bad blood between the Raiders & the NFL since Al Davis sued them back in the 80’s… as proof all these bias calls against the Raiders from the refs…. historically speaking… NFL us the villan here… without a doubt.

  9. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. This was a smear campaign by the NFL and insiders and the timing was very convenient to protect themselves and the owners, except Mark Davis, who they know is nothing like his father. They would have never pulled this is AL was alive.

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