Three Raiders were Big Winners on the First Day of the NFL’s Legal Tampering Period

The opening 24 hours of “legal tampering” is coming to a close and aside from the Falcons, the Raiders made arguably the most aggressive move on the first day of the legal tampering period.

No contracts are official, but the Raiders four-year $110 million agreement with DT Christian Wilkins is set to be the most lucrative free agent deal the team has ever made.

Within hours of agreeing to a deal with Wilkins, the Raiders also agreed to a deal with veteran quarterback Gardner Minshew and watched the Packers agree with Josh Jacobs on a four-year, $48 million deal that translates to more of a one-year deal with three one-year club options.

Time will be the judge of which decisions were the best but, for now, there are a few players on the Raiders’ roster that should feel very good about the way Monday played out…

Maxx Crosby

It’s finally going to happen that opposing offenses won’t be able to focus the overwhelming majority of their blocking attention on Maxx Crosby.

With the emergence of Malcolm Koonce and the addition of Wilkins, there should be more opportunities for Crosby in pass-rushing situations. If teams continue to hyper focus on Crosby, there will be a price to pay for leaving Wilkins and/or Koonce in one-on-one situations.

Mina Kimes on Twitter: “Maxx Crosby was the 8th most double teamed edge rusher in the NFL last year. Enter Christian Wilkins! / Twitter”

Maxx Crosby was the 8th most double teamed edge rusher in the NFL last year. Enter Christian Wilkins!

Aidan O’Connell

The Raiders could have traded for Justin Fields, and they could have made a push for Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins. They apparently weren’t in on Cousins and reports over the last few days have indicated that they had very little interest in Wilson.

As for Fields, the Bears seem to have overplayed their hand and will now have to play the waiting game.

Several of the teams reportedly interested in Fields decided against trading for him and now the Bears have to hope someone gets desperate before the draft.

Zamir White

He’s at the bottom of the list, but no one had a better Monday than Zamir White. The landscape of the roster can change overnight, but the Raiders showed a lot of faith in White by letting Jacobs leave and staying out of the bidding for some of the league’s top free agent running backs.

The Raiders will add another running back in free agency, but there is a short list of available running backs with a higher ceiling than White.

If Jacobs had come back, White would have been lucky to get 100 carries next year. The worst-case scenario today is at least twice that amount.

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10 thoughts on “Three Raiders were Big Winners on the First Day of the NFL’s Legal Tampering Period

  1. Great column. Now the big question is, seeing what the Raiders have done day one, what does the mock draft look like going forward? The Defensive line looks solid so do they go after the offense in rounds 1 and 2 or do they stay on that side and pick up a corner? What round do they pick up the rook QB?

  2. Unless they make a deal to get a higher draft choice to select a top tier QB, they will not challenge KC again. Minshew is a bust.

  3. I believe the Raiders made a great move.
    Josh Jacobs comes with alot of ” drama” which I heard enough of last season.
    If he isn’t 100% set on the Raiders then it’s time to go. White did a great job filling in and I believe he has his best showing yet to come.
    Menshew is a great backup who will only help O’Connell get better!
    Wilkins is A GREAT SIGNING!!

  4. I don’t get $15 mill guaranteed for Minshew for two years when you could of had Russ for around $1 mill for 1 year?! If Russ is such a bust and problem now ( I don’t think he is) you cut him and lose basically nothing. Plus the broncos are paying him to play for the Raiders
    ( priceless). There is no risk and all upside , especially if Old Russ can channel Young Russ. Who lead teams to the playoffs every year and Super Bowls. Just watch Russ and the Steelers edge the “RAAA-DERS” out for that last wildcard spot next year.

    JJ gone ( bummer) … so go get Henry now AP !! A one-two hammer punch of White and Henry would be awesome. Raiders passed on him in the draft years ago, what a steal Henry was in the middle of the second round.

  5. Super excited about Wilkins, like everyone else is, but I also think the Raiders may have signed a good starting QB in Gardner Minshew. I loved what AOC#4 did in his opportunities with no real OC or playbook, but Gardner Minshew balled OUT last year for the Colts, again without having had the benefit of starting reps in pre season.

    Raiders got a LOT better and deeper yesterday.

  6. I think the Raiders should’ve pick up Aaron Jones with that one year 7 million prove it Deal ?

  7. I’m going out on a limb and state now that Zeus is the man, he’ll be even better than Jacobs!

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