ESPN Insider Shares the Latest Rumors Around Two Veteran Quarterback Options for the Raiders

At some point in the next two months, the Raiders are going to make a splash at quarterback, and the most likely scenario seems to be that it will happen in the draft.

If they make a move for a veteran, Russell Wilson and Justin Fields have been the two quarterbacks primarily linked to the Raiders, but the cost to get Fields is reportedly too much and Wilson seems to have the more interest in the Steelers.

NFL insider Dan Graziano talked about both quarterbacks on Sunday in an ESPN insider piece and he still considers the Raiders a viable option for Wilson…

“One team I’m watching closely for Wilson is the Raiders, who could address the quarterback position in the draft but are currently picking in a spot (No. 13) where whoever they get might not be ready to play right away. The idea of Wilson playing in the AFC West, where he’d get two games a season against the team that’s paying his salary, is a fun one, and I’d bet he agrees.”

As for Fields, at least one beat writer covering the Raiders has hinted that they might bite on a trade for the former first-round pick if the cost drops to a third-round pick.

Based on Graziano’s information, the Bears have been trying to get a second-round pick for Fields but might soon have to give up the dream…

“The idea that Chicago could get a second-round pick for Fields no longer seems likely, but it’s always possible that one of these QB-needy teams will get panicky once other options fly off the board, so it behooves GM Ryan Poles to wait. Right now, the message the Bears are getting back from teams is that they don’t consider Fields more of a sure thing than other potential one-year options such as Sam Darnold or Drew Lock, who wouldn’t come with the fifth-year option decision that Fields’ eventual team will have to make by early May.”

There have been mixed reports on whether Fields and Raiders offensive coordinator Luke Getsy would want to reunite, but if the price is right, the Raiders would be wise to cast as wide a net as possible to find their next franchise quarterback.

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4 thoughts on “ESPN Insider Shares the Latest Rumors Around Two Veteran Quarterback Options for the Raiders

  1. I pray we don’t trade for Fields. He’s already been in the league a few years now and hasn’t really shown that he could carry a team if need be. He hasn’t really gotten any better. His completion percentage is in the 50s. All he can really do is run. I just hope we’re not stupid enough to give away a high draft pick for basically a middle to lower end QB. To me he’s definitely not in the top 20 maybe not even 25 of the QBs in the league. Leave the bum in Chicago

  2. 👋😉😁👊 You can nix Wilson out of the picture. Stay at 13. Get the CB from Alabama. Build the trenches on both sides through free agency and the draft. There will be QB’s to draft in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The Bears, the team with the 2nd overall pick and Patriots will draft the top 3 QB’s.

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