Top Candidates in Raiders’ Offensive Coordinator Search Have a Common Denominator

Mark Davis may have only interviewed one GM candidate with GM experience, but in the days since hiring Tom Telesco, the Raiders’ owner has emphasized how important it was for him to have a GM with experience.

Now the Raiders are focused on making a good decision on their next offensive coordinator, and experience seems to be a priority in that search, as well.

According to Sports Illustrated insider Albert Breer, the common denominator right now among the Raiders’ GM candidates appears to be experience calling plays…

“A trend with the Raiders offensive coordinator search is emerging—former Bears OC Luke Getsy and USC Trojans assistant Kliff Kingsbury are in Friday, former Browns OC Alex Van Pelt was there Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers assistant Mike Sullivan’s on the radar too, and all have been play-callers before.

That, of course, is not to say Antonio Pierce wouldn’t consider a guy who hadn’t done it before. But there’s a good pattern there that matches the one he set by leaning on Tom Coughlin and Marvin Lewis, and it’s to lean toward experienced hands. It makes sense given that Pierce, though he played in the league, has only been coaching in pro football for two years.”

With Pierce being a defensive player and coach for all of his NFL career, it’s imperative that the Raiders get it right with their next offensive coordinator.

What complicates the OC search a little is that the team’s starting quarterback is presumably not on the roster right now.

The quarterback next season could be a rookie or he could be a veteran like Kirk Cousins or Justin Fields. Until that quarterback is on the roster, the Raiders are limited in how much they can plan their offense today.

In other words, the Raiders next offensive coordinator will need to prove he can create a scheme that will work with a variety of different quarterbacks…

A task that could prove to be easier said than done.

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11 thoughts on “Top Candidates in Raiders’ Offensive Coordinator Search Have a Common Denominator

  1. Any word on when Zac Robinson and Thad Lewis will interview I heard that Kingsbury did today, Mike Sullivan yesterday, Alex Van Pelt yesterday, and Luke Getsy today depending on if Robinson and Lewis interview tomorrow before this weekend’s games or if they are waiting on a candidate like Klint Kubiak or Brian Fleury I think that Kliff Kingsbury gets the OC job tomorrow.


    1. Jackson lost the AFC championship game with four bad passes. Not missed. Over and off mark throws. Fields just doesn’t have a good arm. Mahomes is a run threat but an excellent passer. Allen is a legit dual threat too. But, Cam Newton- no Superbowl, RG3- no Superbowl. Randall Cunningham-no Superbowl. Kills me to say it but John Elway is probably the best dual threat guy to have actually won the big game. Also this list is short of several guys who just got hurt. Better to have a QB who has ARM, Smarts, Pocket Presence, and legs when he must use them.
      There is another list to look at for attributes. The list of QBs that have won the big game regardless of their run ability. It is waay longer than the dual threat list.

  3. I am thankful that Mark Davis hired AP, much success in getting a new OC for Raider Nation. I’m excited and looking forward to this year. I am sure whoever we get as a new QB well do us all well.

  4. Re a running qb, Tom Brady, the GOAT, was not a runner by his own admission. He was slow and wanted to avoid injury. As I have written before, if you want a qb that can out run most, and can throw with the best, J.J. McCarthy is your man. He may slip down because he is young, leaving as a junior. Young is good for building this team. Also, there are likely other positions that need to be filled before #13 with teams that have QBs already. I hope our GM and OC are wise enough to get J. J..

    1. JJ McCarthy would be the worst possible pick the raiders could absolutely make. Why on Earth would you draft a quarterback that played his college career with Jim harbour and the Chargers just signed him as their head coach and he is in our division he would know everything there is to know about our quarterback that would be f****** stupid. Just my opinion. CMON MAN!!!!

  5. If Kingsbury gets the job, I’d make a run at Kyler Murray if his contract can be reworked.

    1. As much as I liked Doug Flutie, I don’t want to watch Murray. Too hard to find him on the field among the full size players!

  6. Howie long for defense coordinator he was a great player, and he has knowledge and hand on experience. Crosby needs help on defense line.

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