Mike Mayock Shared the Biggest Lesson He Learned as General Manager of the Raiders

The Raiders might have implemented a little bit of a strange hiring process in their search for a new general manager, but owner Mark Davis got one of the qualifications in Tom Telesco that he had been talking about for months…


Telesco spent 10 years with the Los Angeles Chargers prior to being fired in December and should be as well-prepared as anyone the Raiders were considering for the job.

There’s a lot that goes into be a GM in the NFL, and former Raiders GM Mike Mayock talked this week on the Ross Tucker Football Podcast about the biggest lesson he learned during his time as GM with the Raiders…

“There is more to that job than I ever knew and it 24-7 and it’s 365. Football is a tough business anyway, but what I think learned more than anything is even when I couldn’t wait to get out of that building and get to the Jersey shore for that two-week period in late-June, early July, before training camp, it was like I would be on the beach with my wife and my phone would ring and it was an agent, it was a player. It was ‘Hey we’ve got to work out Richie Incognito and you need to be there. You’ve got to fly back to Vegas to be there for that workout if you want to sign him.

You’ll love the story. I [flew] back to Vegas. [It was] Tom Cable, our O-line coach, and me and [Jon] Gruden, and Cable was going to put him through a workout. Incognito is in his 30’s, a former Pro Bowl lineman as you know, and Cable has this little square set up where it’s like a defensive backs drill where you’re back-pedaling and hopping. He’s checking flexibility and footwork. Richie does one circuit. Not even a minute. And Cable looks at me and Gruden and says’ I’ve seen enough. You guys good?’

Gruden and I go ‘Yeah, that looked pretty good’ and we signed him. I’m thinking in my head I just flew from the Jersey shore on the beach with my wife for a one-minute workout in Vegas to sign Richie Incognito. But that’s the life of a GM. It’s all day. It’s every day... and you either embrace it, which I did and I think everybody that job does, or it’s not for you. It gets exhausting and you’re more mentally tired... It’s so exhausting, but at the end of the day you love every second.”

Mayock has taken criticism for some of his draft picks with the Raiders, with the biggest blemish on his resume being the selection of troubled Ohio State cornerback Damon Arnette in the first round.

But according to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, the Arnette pick was much more on Gruden than it was on Mayock.

“I know of, I’m going to guess close to 10 teams in which Damon Arnette was not even on their board,” Carpenter said Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast back in December. “Mayock was not a big Arnette guy, but Gruden wanted him.”

Just a little note with Mayock being in the news today… and maybe one that the team’s beat writers can go back and forth about for a week or two before the Super Bowl.

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15 thoughts on “Mike Mayock Shared the Biggest Lesson He Learned as General Manager of the Raiders

  1. About time Mayock comes out and explain his history. Tired of guessing what happened. It makes sense now.

  2. We all knew it was Gruden who Kolton Miller over Derwin James when we needed a safety and it was all Gruden with the Ferrell, Abram, Jacob’s Ruggs, Arnette and Leatherwood! Hes the most overrated coach in history

    1. First… Picking personnel has NOTHING to do with actual Coaching. Cle Ferrell is starting with the 49’s all season and has had a Great year away from the Raiders. Ruggs was a Star in his 2nd year. Jabobs had over 1000 yards a year for 4 year including LEADING the league in rushing. Kolton Miller is a Great Left Tackle which is second only to finding a QB. Abrams is starting for the Saints. There are MANY players having good careers with other NFL teams that the Raiders let go. If you would use your little brainand take the time to do some research you might even surprise yourself that you can learn something.

      1. Abrams isn’t playing any better for the Saints than he did for the Raiders, he’s cost them games just like he did with Vegas. It’s only a matter of time before before Abrams is replaced.

      2. Some others:
        Lester Cotton started w/ Miami
        Alec Ingold ” ” ”
        Arden Key started at Tenn
        Jonathan Hankins w/ Dallas D, started
        Nick Morrow started w/ Phili
        Jon (Mongo) Feliciano starts for SF along w/ Ferrel, as you say.
        Mario Edwards starts for Seattle

        Other talent still in the league and not necessarily brought in or let go by the Gruden/Mayock team:
        Tay Murrey, Bruce Irvin, D. J. Turner, Denico Autry, Jarret Stidham, Nathan Peterman, Keelan Doss, Trent Sieg,
        Jihad Ward, Keisean Nixon, Derek Carr, Foster Moreau, Lynn Boudin, Jr…

        Raiders are on a good trajectory again now with talent and coaching but the team has let a lot of good football players go. I liked Gruden and I think he was on the right track, too, with some obvious mis-steps mixed in. He’s a Raider.

    2. The Raiders needed almost every position on the roster. Safety is a luxury pick in the first round. WE didn’t have a healthy tackle on the roster. Penn was coming off a LisFranc injury and retiring was on the table.

  3. it’s the past. Time to move on and quit dwelling on past mistakes/decisions that MIGHT have set the team back. I certainly don’t think that Gruden/Mayock set the team back even half as much as McDaniels did, but we’re not talking about that here. It’s time to look to the future, forget the past. RAIDER NATION rise up and let’s take over the Division next year. It’s right there, ripe for the picking.

    1. Didn’t set the team back as much as McDaniels???? Your on one, yes they were horrible but the team got turned around the very same season! Gruden and mayock took YEARS AND YEARS to fix because of HORRENDOUS TRADES AND EVEN WORSE DRAFT PICKS AND FREE AGENT ACQUISITIONS

  4. Just the simple fact that he said that he couldn’t wait to get out the building and not deal with football yet you everything you need to know about this bum. He mentioned being irritated getting calls when he wasn’t in the building he should know being a GM is a job you must be completely dedicated to it 24/7. Clearly this guy had no clue what he was doing and having ZERO experience should have been a huge reason to not hire him and His track record along with the fact that NOBODY HAS HIRED HIM TELLS YOU EVERYTHING. Trash

  5. FACTS… It’s been that way for a long time!!! I think that this will be a stable environment going forward. The 2 previous coaches were arrogant and Davis bought in but now I think this will work. RNFL 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯

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