Trask: “There Was A Deal To Be Done In Oakland” If Raiders Wanted One

The Raiders are headed to Las Vegas, but according to former Raiders’ CEO Amy Trask, it was a move that didn’t have to happen.

“We all know that actions speak louder than words,” Trask told Damon Bruce on his 95.7 The Game program. “[The Raiders] committed tremendous resources, economic and otherwise, to pursuing the Los Angeles opportunity and when that dream was dashed, rather than turning and re-engaging with Oakland and Alameda county, [they] immediately directed those resources to pursuing the Las Vegas opportunity.”

Referencing the ‘Black Hole’ and the unique tailgating environment in Oakland, Trask says the team risks losing some of its “mystique” entering the Vegas market and immediately becomes a preferred destination for fans of visiting teams.

“It saddens me tremendously,” Trask said of the move. “There was a deal to be done in Oakland if that’s where the team had chosen to stay.”

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6 thoughts on “Trask: “There Was A Deal To Be Done In Oakland” If Raiders Wanted One

  1. That jackass son of Al. Kim jung scumbag and his Mo from the 3 stooges haircut. Oakland iss the ONLY home of the Raiders. Greedy owners and leaders . Once they leave Oakland I cannot be a fan anymore. I suggest all fans bail and let that asshole lose his daddys team.

  2. She’s full of it. after LA, mark met again with Schaff, etc… Oakland had to commit the land, free & clear to trigger a deal. They wouldn’t do that, because they put their money first on the A’s. When the dust settles and the Raiders are gone, that is precisely the deal the A’s will get – all the Coliseum land for $1 a year while the A’s develop the site…Raiders got a great deal in Vegas and will be one of the league’s most valuable teams after it’s done (as distinct from the very bottom, when Al passed away and Trask had been GM) maybe what Amy’s REALLY gagging on is that: Mark got the Raiders BACK to the top in the NFL within 4 years, something Al couldn’t do in his last 10, Mark got a monster deal done in Vegas, something Al would have struggle to believe. Whether you like his hair or not (don’t look now, but…) Mark Davis is CRUSHING it, and his first move of course: pushing Amy out.

      1. She was never the GM. Al never had a GM and that’s one of the reasons he failed as time went on. Mark is bringing the team to the desert with little fans there. I hope you have fun watching games with half a stadium of broncos fans!! And have fun with your bucket of chicken because you won’t be able to BBQ.

    1. Let’s get one thing straight he didn’t push Amy out she left on her own because like Al she to didn’t like bowl cut boy

  3. Both got it wrong , no money in Oakland and Davis and NFL ,sucker the state of Nevada ,
    For money , Davis will lose team , they are putting him in debt , and he won’t have money to maintain team , I have a question , are u going to get on a bus after parking a few miles away , ? Cause vegas has no parking in or around stadium , , there are a lot of issues that the fan is not told , , it will be like problems at levy stadium , another **** hole venue ,
    So the raiders and NFL ,can stick it , greedy bastards

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