Raiders Starting Middle Linebacker “May Not Be On The Roster”

It was in May that Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio said he wasn’t sure if the Raiders had adequately addressed the middle linebacker position.

Three months later, and with no significant additions to the roster, Del Rio should still be concerned.

Rookie linebacker Marquel Lee did little to impress in his first preseason game and Raiders play-by-play voice Greg Papa is among a growing list of skeptics.

“The reality is the Raiders starting middle linebacker may not be on the roster right now,” Papa said on his 95.7 The Game program on Tuesday.

Should the Raiders decide against starting Lee (which should surprise no one as he was a fifth-round pick), the team’s official depth chart lists second-year linebacker Tyrell Adams – who recorded only two tackles last year – as the backup.

If there’s an alternative on the roster, it may be Cory James, but James appears to be settling in nicely at weakside linebacker.

What that means is, unless Lee develops overnight, the Raiders most likely don’t have their starting middle linebacker currently on the roster.

Roll the dice on Zach Orr, anyone?

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14 thoughts on “Raiders Starting Middle Linebacker “May Not Be On The Roster”

  1. Yes. Why not if he pass the physical. Give him contract loaded with incentives. If it doesn’t work out, no harm, no foul. But you still have Riley sitting out there. Been here before, filled in nice.

  2. Go out and resign our guy that led the team in tackles last year that knows the system already PERRY RILEY JR!!!

    1. Dude didn’t lead the team in tackles. Riley is just a space filler. If we’re going to have a space filler might as well be someone with upside.

  3. I say sign Zach Orr and Perry Riley… **** we have Cap room !!.. give perry vet minimum , Zach Orr a deal with Incentatives and have Sean smith take a Pay cut !!… and throw some more incentatives at Donald Penn!! I understand he resigned last year but **** a couple more dollars in incentatives and tell his *** he better not let Carr get hit like that ever again!!! This is are year let’s no get money tight now!! Let’s go win that Super Bowl!!!!!

  4. I think there’s simply too much of a revolving door at a position that we feel shouldn’t be that pivotal. Reggie values the front 3/4 and back 4 more than he does the true LB position. Now the question is going to be – what do you want? A LB that can read, shed, and fill? Or, a LB that can get everybody lined up and fly sideline-to-sideline? I vote for the ladder of the two. If the DL holds up, we can get away with Lee and James as the starters. I like their youth and speed and Heeney coming off the bench is nice depth on passing downs. We’ve got loads of potential in those three, just nobody has stepped up and become consistent.

  5. I don’t know why people are so down on Lee, he played decent, it’s not like it was his FIRST NFL game or anything. I’d be more concerned about getting Penn in camp, but I’m sure that will work itself out. How about getting the rookies healed up and on the field? Conley? Obi? What’s the deal ?

  6. He’ll I would sign both. If medically cleared Zack Orr would be a beast and with Perry Riley Jr that would be a huge strength to the defense. We keep Marquel Lee on the active roster to develop behind those guys. You add streng on top of strength and depth with the rookie. I like Cory James at WLB with Jelani Jenkins behind him and with James Cowser, LaTroy Lewis and at times Bruce Irvin at SLB. Now the outside and middle are secured. With DPOY Kahlil Mack and Bruce Irvin and Mario Edwards Jr and now Eddie Vanderdoes wrecking havoc our defense would make leaps and bounds. I still would have questions with some CB positions but the push and collapse of the pocket will help the secondary improve also. We could be a top 15 defensive or better. I hope this or similar to this roster moves happens.

  7. Agree with either Orr but think Riley should ve an easy fix . Riley might not be the futer yet that hole needs filled and depth if nothing else

  8. Adams had 2 tackles on special teams last year. Did not play otherwise. Has speed and ability to read the field and make plays..just needs the opprtunity to do so. OTA’S and training camp has shown this. Lee was in catch up mode the majority if the game and was burned badly more than once, but as a drafted player have to give him the chance.

  9. Don’t forget the roster cuts are coming up too. There may be a buried gem out there.

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