Trent Brown Was Prepared For “Ugly Standoff” if the Raiders Didn’t Trade or Release Him

Not that it matters now, but it sounds like Trent Brown was preparing to make life miserable for the Raiders if they had chosen to keep him around for the third year of his four-year, $66 million deal.

Maybe that’s because the Raiders were going to ask him to take a pay cut or it just as easily could have been because Brown just wanted to leave.

“Things changed pretty quickly, with the Raiders prepared for an ugly standoff if they weren’t able to find a trade partner, league sources said,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Tuesday. “And they didn’t really expect to given the $14 million Brown is due for the 2021 season and the list of injuries he had picked up, not to mention concerns over his work ethic and ballooning weight last season.”

Thankfully for the Raiders, the Patriots stepped in and were willing to trade for Brown because it doesn’t sound like any other teams were in the market for him.

The $14 million Brown was due in 2021 may not have been enough to make him happy in Las Vegas, but it was more than enough for the Raiders to fear another year of sabotage from the second highest paid player on their roster. The Raiders simply couldn’t risk $14 million on a player that was likely to borrow from Antonio Brown’s playbook on forcing his release from a team.

All things considered, the Raiders were fortunate to get anything in return for Brown. His reputation around the league isn’t a good one and New England is the only team that has been able to get the most out of him. It sounds like Brown’s new deal with the Patriots may only be for one year, so look for him to be motivated to play well again in 2021.

After that, any potential buyers should beware.

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10 thoughts on “Trent Brown Was Prepared For “Ugly Standoff” if the Raiders Didn’t Trade or Release Him

  1. It embarrassed me as a Raider Fan anytime he was showed on the sideline on TV. He looks like a pup, was a quitter and soft. He never belonged in the Silver and Black in the first place. My family was dancing the jigg when we heard of the Raiders dumping him. The Raiders received what in my opinion he was worth which was nothing.

  2. Bad attitude, lazy, pathetic, ungrateful…always stood apart from his teammates. A very selfish player that I’m happy is off the team. Good riddance!

  3. Adios Trent. Be proud of copying JaMarcus Russell. You can feel good about ripping off an NFL team and being a waste of oxygen.

  4. Well, I hope Mayock has figured **** out because he literally looks like he uses NFL GM’ing for Dummies. Dont get me started on the draft.

  5. Another player that got paid and quit on his team. Good riddance. Bet he won’t get another big contract, buyer beware.

  6. Good riddance! He was a fat ,lazy and overpaid wanna-be lineman/woman. Getting rid of him was best for the silver and black.

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