It Sounds Like Nelson Agholor Returning to the Raiders is Becoming Increasingly More Likely

Back in January, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur said he would be “surprised” if Nelson Agholor ultimately returns to the Raiders after testing free agency.

It was an opinion in sharp contrast to a Sports Illustrated report earlier in the week that suggested Agholor would most likely re-sign with the Raiders.

The good news (assuming you like Agholor in silver and black) is that it seems like everyone is on the same page now. Tafur turned in a 53-man roster projection for the Raiders on Wednesday and Agholor found his way back on Jon Gruden’s roster.

So what changed?

“Agholor has been visiting the Raiders facility recently even though he is about to test the free-agent market,” Tafur reported in the column. “He has earned a nice payday, and I think Gruden wants to give it to him — within reason. Agholor’s production and leadership last season were big surprises and sorely needed.”

A lot can change in a week, but for now it seems like Agholor and the Raiders are moving in the direction of a new deal. Hypothetically, if a new deal comes together, it will be interesting to see what the final numbers look like. Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter reported in January that there was some expectation that Agholor would return to the Raiders on a deal worth around $15 million over two years.

If accurate, that would be quite a call from three months ahead of free agency.

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9 thoughts on “It Sounds Like Nelson Agholor Returning to the Raiders is Becoming Increasingly More Likely

  1. If we signed him to 2 years for 15 million how much would go against the cap this year. I know they can make a lot of it a signing bonus. But I’m no expert to say the very least.does anybody know?

  2. Agholor had no preseason to get synced up with the Raiders. Yet he performed really well. He has developed good chemistry with Carr, knows the system. Why let him go and pay a lesser player to bring in? Makes zero sense.

  3. They better not over pay like everyone else who has 1 good year. Also they need to finally put a good D on the field Gruden needs to stay away fron the D and concentrate on the O cause he has fucked the D up even more since jack left

  4. Hope this happens for both partys. Any news on raiders maybe signing guard jon feliciano ,dt shelby harris once a raider always raiders .

  5. Take the payday, doesn’t matter with roster turnover and Carr returning Raiders go 5-11 in 2021.

  6. If he’s sorely needed pay him to come back what are offense needs apart from an extremely much better defense 😉 !

  7. Resigning Agholor would be a big relief and one less worry on reloading this team with veterans that already know the system and can continue to improve their game as well as the whole offense. Get it done Mayock and Gruden, we need you to improve your FA track record.

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