Tyrell Williams Seems to Know His Time is Up With the Raiders

Tyrell Williams will miss the remainder of the season with a labrum injury and based on his $11.6 million cap number next year, there is no real chance that he will be back with the Raiders next year… at least not at his current price.

His future with the team isn’t official, but it is clear based on his social media accounts that Williams knows his time is up with the Raiders. It’s also fair to wonder if he isn’t leaving with a little grudge of sorts against the team.

Williams removed all references to the Raiders from his social media accounts and then dumped his Instagram page altogether. But he hasn’t given any indication as to the reasoning behind those decisions.

From the outside, though, it does seem Williams has some level of resentment toward the Raiders or he wouldn’t have taken everything Raider-related from his social media profiles. He has earned around $25.5 million in his NFL career and more than $21 million of that has come from the Raiders, so there has to be some level of appreciation for the organization on his end.

But right now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

If released, Williams will hit free agency again at the age of 29 and will presumably be fully recovered from shoulder surgery. It will be interesting to see what kind of deal he is able to get coming away from consecutive seasons devastated by injuries.

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10 thoughts on “Tyrell Williams Seems to Know His Time is Up With the Raiders

  1. It’s unfortunate to see these findings.. I was more excited that the team signed him last year over the AB signing! If he could’ve remained healthy I believe that he was a great fit for DC4! I personally think he’s better than most of the current receivers on the team when healthy! Unfortunately Injuries are possible with any player on any given week, I hope that he recovers well & gets another shot at returning to the Raiders!

  2. Disappointing that injuries over the last two seasons have ended TW’s career at The Raiders. The upside is a shed more Salary cap space for 2021/22. ☠️

  3. If anyone should be holding a grudge, it should be the Raiders who paid 21 million for very little production. He spent more time injured than healthy over two seasons. What reasons could he possibly have to be resentful?

  4. The guy was a huge bust that a desperate Gruden lead Raiders overpaid for. Why do you think the chargers let him walk? Why do you think no other nfl team pursued his services in free agency? His body is made of glass and at 29 he is only going to become more fragile. Can’t see this guy being in the NFL much longer. Too many injuries and too many problems.

  5. Let him get healthy. Then see if he’ll restructure his contract. If that fails, then try and see what you can get for him….maybe a 6th round draft pick? If all else fails, then cut him loose with no cap loss.

  6. He’s done in the NFL…..Not For Long League. Injuries ARE Part of THE Game. If you can overcome, you go on in the league. If you are ALWAYS Hurt, you just go on your way. TW couldn’t make it, hurt with Chargers, Hurt With Raiders…Bill Romanowski Played an impressive amount of consecutive games at Linebacker. 243 consecutive games. Now that’s a football player!

  7. I think it is another clear indication that Gruden is not the coach he believes himself 2 b n with many delusional Raider fans sharing same sentiment. Not only did Gruden overpay 4 Williams services (as well as several other players) but Gruden had chance of cutting bait n saving money with option cutting Williams prior 2 date guarantee kicked in earlier this year. Instead Gruden showed his vast guru persona n experience n kept a contract that should have never been n now will cost Raiders 2 rid themselves of at end of season.

    I like Williams n think he is a gud #2 receiver but shud not have been signed 2 contract he was n when Gruden placed all his eggs in AB basket n left Raiders in vicarious position when they were forced 2 waive AB it truly hurt Williams n Raiders. Gruden did nothing then n drafting young WR’s is not a solution that will result in the wins this franchise needs especially when Gruden’s play-calling is very suspect at times.

    The problem that every1 overlooks n ignores is Gruden n his contract. The Raiders should be in much better situation if Gruden never returned n this is very factual n I challenge anybody 2 prove me wrong.

  8. Richard, this is my first time, that I can recall, reading one of your post but I TOTALLY agree with your assessment of Jon Gruden. You are spot on sir. We share quite a bit with our assessment of Raiders management.

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