This “Expert” Tweet About the Raiders 2019 Draft is Looking Dumber by the Day

The Raiders don’t have a game until Monday night so let’s take the extra day of rest and use it constructively… by recognizing old stupid tweets.

Fantasy football guru Evan Silva has long been a Raider hater and maybe that’s what inspired this tweet in 2019 after the draft.

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Just brutal use of those three first-rounders by #Raiders. Massive reach at 4, a running back, and a strong safety. Very unfortunate.


The aforementioned tweet was, of course, a reaction to the Raiders drafting Clelin Ferrell, Josh Jacobs, and Johnathan Abram. A year later, let’s examine how “unfortunate” those draft picks have turned out to be.

Clelin Ferrell

Ferrell endured a rookie year plagued by injury (illness) and was underweight for the entirety of the 2019 season. This year he has noticeably added size and strength. Teammates called him the most improved player on the team in training camp, and he was Pro Football Focus’s highest graded player on the Raider defense in the season opener.

Josh Jacobs

All Josh Jacobs did in 2019 was rush for 1,150 yards in 13 games and win the PFWA Rookie of the Year award (he was notoriously snubbed by the Associated Press). This year Jacobs scored three touchdowns in the season opener and was the highest scoring fantasy football running back in week one.

Johnathan Abram

Abram missed 15 games of his rookie year due to a shoulder injury. In week one against the Panthers, he was arguably the Raiders best defender and undoubtedly the “tone setter” of Paul Guenther’s defense.

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Raiders safety Johnathan Abram…Tone setter for this Vegas defense. His play-style reminds me of Jamal Adams & Budda Baker. Urgency to the ball. Watch him run down the crossing route on this rep – from a deep half alignment. @NFLMatchup


As if that weren’t enough, Silva previously trashed the Kolton Miller pick and called the Raiders offensive line “terrible” prior to the 2019 season (they ended up being one of the best).

Thankfully for the Raiders, Silva is only an expert in mobile app pretend football… and for his sake hopefully he didn’t miss out on Josh Jacobs in his fantasy draft this year. Because that would be unfortunate.

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8 thoughts on “This “Expert” Tweet About the Raiders 2019 Draft is Looking Dumber by the Day

  1. Another RAIDERS hater eating crow .another great article. Keep em coming we need to know the haters!!!

  2. That’s why guys like “Evan Silva” are still stuck on “Electric Football ” never playing the game. Like most writers who continue to keep great “Raider Greats” out if the “H.O.F” don’t know zip about the game??
    Other then what’s told to them. Its unfortunate these idiots & social media guru’s are not held to a higher standard. That way they don’t hold any value in casting a vote & there votes mean absolutely zero in the real world. Just like the people voting for “Biden #2020”. Lol..Get real & learn the game & please learn positions, that way your not made to look like your a complete zero & your DNA / Gene make up don’t get revoked from ever reproducing.

  3. I like this set up man. You point out how wrong these idiots were. Me and a few of the boys then go crush them on social media. Retribution will be ours!

  4. I think you proved Silva was quite right!!! That’s about the least you could get from three ones. Only one RB every five years is worth a first round pick. Top five picks need to be all pro regulars on their way to the HOF or you trade out of there. A tone setting safety is faint praise as well. They were bad usage of draft capital.

  5. Who is this Silva, I never heard of him and i been following the Raiders since ’85 lol he clearly dont know how to judge potential nor skil

  6. Nice try but you have not convencingly argued that this guy was wrong. One of the 3 have lived up to draft position. This article at best is premature.

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