Undrafted Rookie Linebacker Will Play Key Role For Raiders On Sunday

While the Raiders are reportedly wooing a former All Pro linebacker, the linebacker stage this week in Oakland will belong to the most unlikely of candidates.

Rookie linebacker Marquel Lee is out and the Raiders are turning to undrafted rookie Nicholas Morrow for what may translate to a full time role.

A year ago, Morrow was in the middle of a 2-8 season at division III Greenville College and was never projected to make the Raiders final roster. He repeatedly made plays over the summer and on Sunday he’ll spearhead the Raider linebacking corps with the season hanging in the balance.

Listed at 6’0, 224 pounds, Morrow is undersized but has shown a nose for the ball in limited action. He excels in pass coverage, but he’ll be asked to play in significantly more run situations on Sunday. Chargers running back Melvin Gordon posted 163 yards and two touchdowns against the Giants a week ago and figures to give Morrow and the Raider defense all they can handle.

If nothing else, the Raiders will learn more about what they have in Morrow and just how badly they may (or may not) need NaVorro Bowman.

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3 thoughts on “Undrafted Rookie Linebacker Will Play Key Role For Raiders On Sunday

  1. Time to go…..! Loose 5 more games is 8 and 8 ,,realiy !!! After pulling out of worse shitthole of all **** hole loses that a team has gone thru…please til me the #1 corner back will just need time to heal and be back for playoffs..!! Ss not jokking ,,kansas city hasent won superbowl since day one or was it 2 or 3 ,,,…There the best football team in the nfl as of now!!!!!!!!! WE THE RAIDERS srormed into the 2017 season so proud of you guys buy the way because next to Mr Al Davis And I Speak For All Raider Nation Including Mexico ,,Mexico City,,,,Puelba Puelba mexico my home town i so dearly love !!! Like rich gannon said tighten up ,,,liks the 2002 raiders did cant run the ball ok will thow it on short and fast roughts to amari cooper and jalin richaard ,,all of our tight ends running backs ,,throw deep for amarri cooper!!!!!!! The O Line had plunnty time to put it to gather vomr on guys we are in trouble Derick carr is the best quarter back coming in the nfl

  2. We need Navarro Bowman regardless. Even if Morrow is great today. We need depth and someone to help teach the rookies the ropes(If he’s that kind of guy).

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