Jack Del Rio Says The Raiders Were Prepared For The Chargers, Just Didn’t Execute

He didn’t go all-out Bill Callahan, but Jack Del Rio sure sounded like he was coaching the “dumbest team in America” after Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

In his words, the Raider defense simply didn’t execute against the Chargers what they prepared for in practice.

“They ran exactly the plays that we know they run, including the tight end, I mean, literally calling out the play on that,” Del Rio said after the game. “The guys that are responsible for it got to make the play. It’s unfortunate. We let the back get out a little bit, let the tight end get out a little bit. In most cases it was stuff we prepared for.”

Del Rio massaged his answer a little better when asked about the offense, calling Derek Carr’s interceptions a “communication error on the first one and the second one was a funky tipped ball.”

Was Del Rio throwing players under the bus?

Maybe a little, but players made similar statements after the game, suggesting the team needs to give better “attention to detail” and “work harder.”

Not exactly what you want to hear, but not necessarily because it isn’t true (it very well may be).

Maybe after all the success a year ago, too many of the players (and maybe coaches?) thought they had arrived.

At this point, it’s safe to say they’re going to need to arrive again.

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9 thoughts on “Jack Del Rio Says The Raiders Were Prepared For The Chargers, Just Didn’t Execute

  1. Jon Condo sets the standard. Step up and take your part of the blame instead of passing the buck. Lame.

  2. Yeah, I think last year and first 2 games went you their heads. Unfortunate that players can have 1 good year and think they’re set. But it happens. And it looks like Carr may be a 1 year wonder. Everyone knew he had trouble with pressure coming out. He still does. If that doesn’t improve, he’s not the franchise qb they thought he was.

  3. And if, after the last 3 games, they’re still not paying sufficient attention to detail or working hard enough there is no fixing the problems.

  4. JDR is in the Hot Seat! Carr is overpaid & should give some $$ back, we need it for Mack ! Hopefully the bandwagon fans get off & stay off! Don’t believe the hype ! Games are won on the field

  5. Playcalling/scheming is trash. These losses are on the coaching staff.

    Clean house. (JDR/KNJ/Downing) Plenty of good coaches would love to work with a talented group like this and our current staff is wasting them.

    1. Agreed. I feel bad for Mack, the best player in the league possibly…wasting his years on a dead-end team, with incompetent owner and front office. Sorry Reggie, you are a failure. One lucky pick on Mack, because of a Buffalo mistake, doesn’t impress me much.
      I don’t know if I want to get rid of Del Rio, but the DC and OC are not doing it. Del Rio was really doing a good job last year.

  6. It comes down to effort and it comes down to desire . This team doesn’t appear to be capable of either one of those right now . Carr sometimes handles pressure well and sometimes doesn’t . He’s still growing as a QB and I believe he will get his issues with pressure resolved eventually . Much of their problems on offense are coming from play design and play calling . Downing said they weren’t going to change the offense but would add new wrinkles and tweak it a little . Carr’s regression , no … The entire offense’s regression looks suspiciously like a team trying to learn a new system . The offensive design and the play calling look nothing like it did a year ago . It’s conservative and unimaginative . The defense just needs an overhaul . No effective interior pass rush and terrible defensive backs and linebackers along with a terrible defensive coordinator . They need to go back to the drawing board with that entire unit .

  7. When you loose 4 in row the excuses don’t work anymore..jack it’s time to clean house and get rid of your O.C/D.C ..they are garbage … Thursday night smh…here comes the excuses

  8. Not closing the game out on 4th n 1 with a 2 pt lead n 4 mins to go is on delrio… did same stupid crap last week vs Baltimore… he’s coaching scared

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