VIDEO: See the Denzel Perryman Hit That Initiated the NFL’s Largest Single-Play Fine Since 2019

If the NFL isn’t determined to be targeting the Raiders this year, it won’t be for a lack of… clear evidence.

On Saturday, it was announced that Raiders’ linebacker Denzel Perryman is being handed a $55,000 fine – the largest known fine for an individual on-field play since 2019. 

According to ESPN, the play occurred in week 7 on a Jalen Hurts run in the first quarter. Hurts ran twice in the first quarter and Perryman only hit the Eagles’ quarterback on one of the two runs.

The play in question wasn’t flagged on the field and upon further review… well, you be the judge.

Raiders Beat on Twitter: “@NFL fined Denzel Perryman $55,000 for this hit against Jalen Hurts in week 7. No penalty was called on the play… / Twitter”

@NFL fined Denzel Perryman $55,000 for this hit against Jalen Hurts in week 7. No penalty was called on the play…

Whatever the NFL’s policy on use-of-helmet penalties, if Perryman is going to be fined for hits like the one on Hurts, it’s only a matter of time before the league’s leading tackler is going to be watching football on Sunday afternoons with Vontaze Burfict.

Perryman is reportedly appealing the fine.

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21 thoughts on “VIDEO: See the Denzel Perryman Hit That Initiated the NFL’s Largest Single-Play Fine Since 2019

  1. Its Derek Carr fault.If he was a half way decent qb the defense would’nt have to take cheap shots to get there angor out

    1. If you believe that, a QB is responsible for ANYTHING the defense does,or how they sir are a Moron!. Its Bradleys side of the line to work with. So they dont even get the urge to lower their heads for ANY hits! .Carr had nothing to say against the hit in question..or any other defensive screwups!.. aside from giving advice for a cleaner manor of play in their future, so that the Defense doesnt acquire so many big penalties ,that cost the offense in field possition ,when they start their next series.

      1. Probably a moron for not knowing how to spell anger, as well. This is why we still have an electoral college, too. SMH

    2. Dude you’re an idiot ! Lmmfao for real that wasn’t even a bad hit , he pushed the guy ! The league is dumb af for this fine the QB is past the line of scrimmage, therefor becomes a runner . Even in the new QB “protected” league Hurts advanced the ball and did not slide but tried to gain pre yards . Clean hit bad fine **** the NFL for always trying to screw the Raiders ! R.I.P. AL

    3. Finally somebody seated the way I do is David Carr do h i s job as q b things like that would not happen!! They need to put Mariota in and sit David Carr down!! I think he’s a better quarterback then car!!

    4. You are a self-conscious troll idiot who only knows how to screw around to feel important and heard. Wherever you want you comment gall towards Carr even though it is not the subject and not the case. You are pathetic and ridiculous.

  2. There was no flag or penalty during the game because there was nothing wrong or illegal with this tackle. Whomever decided to fine Perryman for this is an absolute idiot. I’m glad he’s appealing, and he should win. If he loses the appeal, the Raiders should treat the NFL with as much disdain as the NFL treat the Raiders and should pay Perryman the ultimate fine amount anyway…..

  3. I do see Perryman lowering the crown of his helmet to hit Hurts on the hip, however I do see the other defender turn his head to avoid the face to face or crowning hit. This could result in a concussion.
    Also in this game a Raider CB got called for crowning even though the offensive runner lowered his head too.

  4. Crew members, I didn’t see the hit that got Perryman fined but let take a walk down memory lane. The inbasterlent reception ( Raiders – steelers ), chuck noll calling the Raiders criminals ( 70’s ) ,Lyles fumble that was clear to see but wasn’t called cost the Raiders another chance at the Super Bowl ( Raiders – broncos ),Richard Seymour knocks out ben roethlisberger for talking **** ( Raiders – steelers ) funny as hell though , and the ( **** rule ) Raiders – patriots) . All I’m gonna say…………….RAIDERS GOTTA LOVE EM’

  5. Although I will give it to you on last game play as it was mostly DC’s fault with 2 stupid picks, which isn’t like him and a missed wide open TD, but we also need to look at the play calling in the red zone and the missed field goal doesn’t help.

  6. Did Perryman hit you? You sound concussed. DAVID Carr? The analyst DAVID Carr who hasn’t played in the NFL since he retired about 8 years ago? That DAVID Carr?
    If you are going to make an asinine comment, at least get the guys name right.. now shoo.. be gone

  7. If that is considered to be a fine, then every single tackle made in the NFL is a fine. And making it the largest fine since 2019?? Whaaaaaaaaat? These guys have lost their minds.. guarantee you if you change Perrymans jersey to a powder blue jersey, we wouldn’t even be reading this BS right now.

    Goodell has his little girl panties all in a bunch because Jon Gruden hurt his feelings via email. Lmao

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