Waiting On Del Rio Not A Huge Gamble For Raiders

The Raiders need a head coach and they’d prefer not to let the process drag out. The concern is that waiting would allow other teams to pick through top assistants before the Raiders – something some believe happened to Oakland when they hired Dennis Allen.

While that may have been the case, Allen’s situation was a little different because of his quick ascent into the spotlight. Hired as the youngest head coach in the league, Allen arrived with just one season as a defensive coordinator in Denver and nine years as a position coach in Atlanta and New Orleans.

If the Raiders were to wait for Jack Del Rio, he’s respected and connected enough around the league to still bring with him a suitable coaching staff. To that point, Tony Sparano is probably just as capable – so waiting may not be as big of a concern if the finalists happen to be Sparano and Del Rio.

As far as what’s actually going to happen… we’re probably going to have to wait. This isn’t a horse race.


And as far as who’s going to end up with the job, I’m sticking with my pick from the beginning.