Watch: Clelin Ferrell Looks Quicker and Stronger in Video Blowing Past Raiders Starting LT

While the football world is pondering where Yannick Ngakoue and Jadeveon Clowney are going to play next year (will it be the Raiders for one of them?), second-year defensive end Clelin Ferrell has reportedly been having an outstanding training camp.

Defensive tackle Maurice Hurst pegged Ferrell as a player that has stood out in camp and so have reporters on the sidelines. But without preseason games these first-hand accounts are about all the average fan has to go by this year.

Fortunately, there is one little piece of video evidence to support Ferrell’s preseason hype. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of starting left tackle Kolton Miller, but still…

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Ferrell vs Miller


The good news for Miller is that he has been having a solid camp by all accounts, as well. A report earlier in the week said Miller was giving Ferrell plenty of trouble – so no need to cast stones at Miller over a single highlight.

With that in mind, Ferrell definitely looks bigger and quicker. If he and Maxx Crosby are ready to take the next step together, do the Raiders really need a player like Yannick Ngakoue or Jadeveon Clowney?

Maybe not.

But how can you double team any of these guys when the man on either side is just as dangerous?

Considering the quarterbacks in the AFC and especially the MVP in their own division, no one would be critical of the Raiders for going all-in on trying to take the opposing quarterback down… and take him down hard.

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4 thoughts on “Watch: Clelin Ferrell Looks Quicker and Stronger in Video Blowing Past Raiders Starting LT

  1. Well if the Raiders Def. Wants results?
    Which is why we went & got D-Line- Def. Coach from Dallas to take over for this “Simple-Minded” idiot from “Losing -Bungals”. Who will know how to unlesh the beasts the right way & implement def. According to his players strength’s, not put them in losing situations, where there younv confidence gets destroyed. Like the clkwn we’ve had run our Def. Hopefully this new D-Cordinator can bring back the Oak-Town Devine ways & days of “B.Pickell, S.Jones, L.Alzado, H.Long & so many other greats. Just let him coach & pug our guys in winning battle situations. Just Win Baby. We got the guys, now its just about the cememistry & our new coach making it happen.

  2. Any updates on Carl nassib. We’ve heard Key is having a big camp but need updates on Damarius Randle , Amik Robertson , Jeff heath and Nick K.

  3. The Raiders did a Amazing job with. Clelin Ferrell he looks so different this year I Iwatched the him on tape great attempt very Humble Good guy that what the Raiders need 👍

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