Weather Could Be A Factor In Buffalo

Weather could be an issue for the Raiders on Sunday.

Temperatures in Buffalo are forecast to be in the high 40’s at kickoff with a good chance of rain.

The worst of the weather is projected to pass through the area on Saturday night and early Sunday, but considering the Bills play on an artificial surface, Saturday’s weather shouldn’t have a huge impact on field conditions during the game.

It stands to reason that bad weather would favor the Bills, who are happy as an offense to keep the ball on the ground.

The Raiders, on the other hand, will be without Marshawn Lynch and figure to rely a little more on their passing game.

Any break in the clouds will be a welcome sight for Derek Carr.

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  1. This is so reaching as a guess This guy knows not much about raiders. Lynch played no part last week and we beat best team in league. And we never had Carr for two games almost
    Raiders win by 10

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