What Are The Raiders Biggest Needs In The Draft?

Like it or not, the Raiders are experiencing a mini rebuild phase of sorts.

Gone are some of the familiar faces from the 12-4 team of two years ago and Jon Gruden seems determined to win with a team of his own choosing.

Free agency has all but come to an end and the draft is right around the corner.

Here are six positions the Raiders could stand to experience a youth movement of sorts.

(6) Running Back – Unfortunately, Marshawn can’t be semi-old forever.

Running back would be higher on the list if there weren’t options available every year in free agency.

The 2018 running back class looks as dynamic as last year’s crop so there may be no better time to pounce on a dynamic running back than now.

(5) Cornerback – Is Gareon Conley going to be the real deal? Do the Raiders have any good cornerbacks other than Conley and Rashaan Melvin? Can Melvin and Conley even stay healthy?

So many questions and so much uncertainty.

Better jump on another cornerback soon, Raiders.

(4) Edge Rusher – Bruce Irvin will suffice for another year, but the Raiders need a young pass rusher to not only bookend Khalil Mack, but also to give Mack and Irvin an occasional breather.

Even better, what if they somehow stumbled into another elite pass rusher in this year’s draft?

(3) Linebacker – It’s been too long since the Raiders drafted an impact player at linebacker.

What a treat it would be if this was the year a linebacker walked through the door who could tackle and play in coverage.

(2) Defensive Tackle – Just like linebacker, the Raiders haven’t had a dominant player on the interior of their defensive line in years.

Imagine what Khalil Mack could accomplish if there was big body to fear in the middle of the Raiders defensive front.

(1) Offensive tackle – Donald Penn is getting old in a hurry. In fact, he may have already gotten there. The Raiders don’t have an exciting option to step into either tackle position.

General manager Reggie McKenzie better find one soon as good offensive tackles don’t often make it to free agency.

If the vertical passing game is going to be resurrected under Gruden, he needs to make sure he doesn’t stumble into a revolving door of misfit offensive tackles in the years ahead.

Also, you just paid Derek Carr $125 million. Protect your investment.

(Honorable Mention) Safety – One day the Raiders will feature a ball hawk on the back end of their defense.

Who knows what they have going on back there right now.

(Honorable Mention) Tight End – Rumor is there’s still a decent chance Cook will find himself in another uniform next year.

Another hole to fill. Maybe.

(Honorable Mention) Punter – The Raiders just cut Marqu… ahh, nevermind. Gruden doesn’t plan on punting anyway.

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8 thoughts on “What Are The Raiders Biggest Needs In The Draft?

  1. We have #42 Joseph safety plus the safety from the Texans don’t want to misspell his name plus # 20 Qbi 1 Kanopi ,,lame *** no news article!

    1. No **** we have those guys. But our safeties haven’t done anything since Cwood retired. That’s what he is referring to. Great article. If you don’t like it then gtfo

      1. Great article? Tell me one new thing you learned. He just wrote down what everyone already knows.

  2. We really don’t have a tackle athletic enough to play blind side so we got to pick one in this draft. But considering the prospects available, I want to use the tenth pick for an impact player and second round to strengthen our OL. Maybe we got to be creative like picking Isaiah Wynn who played OT greatly but considered as OG due to his height or drafting a OG and sliding Osemele outside.

  3. Needs vs wants. The Raiders NEED a slot CB, SAM, RT and a punter. They WANT a 3-tech DT, 4-3 DE, outside CB, WR, and RB. 4 Needs and 6 Wants. They may already have the starting RT on the team amongst Sharpe and Ware since they were rookies last year and should be better this year. Same goes for Lee at MLB and Obi & Luani at SS.

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