Donald Penn’s 2017 Holdout May Have Benefited Him After All

When Donald Penn chose to holdout for a new deal last year, the move wasn’t particularly well received by Reggie McKenzie and company.

Penn returned to the team two weeks before the first regular season game and not long after agreed to an extension that tied the Pro Bowl left tackle to the Raiders through 2019.

Key in that negotiation was $3 million guaranteed to Penn in 2018 – a detail that essentially tied the Raiders to Penn for one more year.

Penn played well enough in 2017 to earn another selection to the Pro Bowl, but suffered a severe Lisfranc injury in December.

Were it not for his contract extension, Penn would have been a free agent after the 2017 season and searching for a new deal as a 35 year-old on crutches.

Instead, he is under contract with the Raiders in 2018 for a little more than $8 million.

Would Penn have made more by hitting free agency?

Ultimately, Penn’s bottom line can’t be figured without knowing how much money, if any, the Raiders fined him for his holdout.

McKenzie had the option of fining Penn $40,000 for each of the 26 days he held out ($1.04 million).

Those details haven’t emerged and probably won’t, but had he not signed an extension, would the Raiders have been able to bring back a hobbled Penn for cheaper than $8 million?

If so, Penn probably made the right decision (for his bank account at least) to hold out.

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5 thoughts on “Donald Penn’s 2017 Holdout May Have Benefited Him After All

    1. Last I heard ,he would miss all of OTA’s but be ready for training camp. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, we need the big man protecting Carr’s blind side.If Penn is healthy and plays like his normal self for all of 2018, he is a bargin at 8 million.

  1. He will miss OTA and Mini camp. He’s supposed to be ready for camp. With any luck we will find a suitable replacement and Mr. “we’re hungry dawgs, angry dawgs, bad taste in my mouth, sitting out last year, ain’t doing squat this year, fighting with fans in the parking lot, busted with a side piece” guaranteeing playoffs while on crutches, can take his tired old azz right on out to pasture.

    1. Hey Mr. Out to pasture. How do you plan on paying this great LT that will replace Penn. We all know this is probably it for Penn. I hope he has a great year. We need him. I don’t see anybody in our team right now who is a quality replacement. And we’re sure as he’ll not going to find one in the FA market now. We better hope we can find a suitable LT in the later rounds in the draft! Someone to groom.

    2. Ease up my brother. You know us Raider fans went to far by throwing things at his car. . Let the man play ball . If he can’t Chucky will cross that bridge if or when it happens. Your focus need to be on the D line putting pressure on these QBs that we must face this year. The offense will be good. Dont think Chucky is not aware of the under acheivers. Look at Howey Rosemans example in Philly
      after Chip Kelly was fired. Free agency and depth. They won the super bowl with key players missing . Chucky is doing th he right thing in cleaning house and sending a message. It’s not about the player it’s about the team .

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