What Are We To Make Of Antonio Brown’s Foot And Helmet Drama?

Antonio Brown has a knack for getting what he wants. Whether it’s a new team or an old helmet, Brown has learned that when he goes to the “nuclear” option, things tend to fall in his favor.

One way or another there’s a good chance Brown finds his way into a helmet he likes, but that might be the least of the Raiders concerns if national reports on Friday were anywhere close to being accurate.

Let’s talk about a few concerns that may have emerged over the past 24 hours…

Just 4 weeks to the regular season, where is AB’s mind at?

The helmet situation (by now you know the reported details) will soon blow over, but it’s safe to wonder where AB’s mind is really at. And if it’s in a good place now, how long before it finds it’s way back into a wacky place?

Part of reason Brown is such an elite competitor is his obsession with details. Who knew one of those obsessions would turn out to include a 10 year-old helmet?

There are definitely people upset with AB in the Raiders building.

If you have followed a few of the beat writers closest to the team, there has been an underlying uneasiness around Brown over the past few days and now we know why. The helmet story has been blown out of proportion a little, but there are definitely people in the Raiders building not happy with AB.

Hopefully nothing has taken place over the past few days that will still resonate a month or two from now when the going could potentially get tough for the Raiders. They do, after all, have arguably the toughest schedule in the NFL. Again.

Is AB really showing up late to meetings and inattentive when he gets to them?

It seems believable, but it would be interesting to know where this portion of the story is coming from. Coaches? Teammates?

Who is it that’s talking to the media?

And by the way, we already know Mike Silver, the source of the original story, loves to stir up drama – especially when it comes to the Raiders. He is great at getting guys to talk, but Silver doesn’t have the most objective track record when it comes to reporting on the team that fired his BFF, Hue Jackson (whom he defends to this day).

Once again, Brown has all the leverage.

As long as team’s keep owing AB massive amounts of money, it’s tough to be too hard on him – mostly because no one will want things to get messy like they did in Pittsburgh. The Raiders can’t cut Brown and they can’t sit him on the bench, either.

So, yeah, AB is probably going to operate under his own sets of rules for the foreseeable future. So far that hasn’t been a problem, but today’s report at least makes you wonder about the possibilities.

Could this all be a ploy by HBO to bring more viewers to Hards Knocks?

HBO has to love what’s going on right now, but surely it’s just something they stumbled upon. This is the reason they chose the Raiders in the first place. Considering some of the personalities the Raiders added in the offseason, one was bound to eventually steal the show, right?

Just a thought… would you really put it past AB to have decided to change the Hard Knocks narrative on his own?

The cameras are already following him everywhere he goes… why not drag the HBO crew outside of the building and onto your own turf?

Maybe the temptation was just a little too much.

The cameras made him do it.

If you’re looking for a theory to what started this whole mess, maybe start with that one.

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2 thoughts on “What Are We To Make Of Antonio Brown’s Foot And Helmet Drama?

  1. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a distraction like this for Hard Knocks to take attention away from the actual football side of things..

  2. Brown is an idiot and the Raiders are not much smarter. Rules are for everyone and to keep letting Brown pull crap like this is ridiculous. Acts like this is just one of the reasons I don’t watch hardly any professional football anymore. I do miss the game but don’t need the drama it’s not worth it.

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