What Did Jared Cook Do To Be Linked To The Raiders Locker Room Unrest?

One of the unexpected storylines of the Raiders’ 2017 season was the erosion (if that isn’t too strong of a term) of one of the healthiest locker rooms in the NFL.

A few of the stronger personalities on the team have been linked to the dysfunction (if that isn’t too strong of a term), but a player that has been somewhat surprisingly linked to the uneasiness in the locker room has been tight end Jared Cook.

Cook was first mentioned by Raiders voice Greg Papa on 95.7 The Game and more recently by Raider Nation’s favorite SiriusXM NFL Radio producer…

So what exactly is at the crux of the problem with Cook?

Greg Papa offered a hint in January – albeit without any specifics.

“I think the culture of the locker room was different this year and when I point to it, I think that bringing in Marshawn Lynch and Jared Cook, and more so Marshawn, but also Cook to a lesser extent.”

Watching Cook from a distance, there were no obvious signs of problems and despite his inconsistencies, Cook was still one of the more productive pieces of the Raiders offense.

Whatever the Raiders decide to do with Cook, his contract should still be considered attractive to the team, at least from a production standpoint.

While the tough questions are being solved deep within the confines of the Raider headquarters, one more thought regarding Cook… what did he do to his arm?

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10 thoughts on “What Did Jared Cook Do To Be Linked To The Raiders Locker Room Unrest?

  1. Whatever happened in that locker room and whomever was involved will sing a different tune with Gruden in town , assuming they aren’t released . Gruden likes talented veteran players and could keep some of the more problematic guys as long as they bend to his will . He’ll talk to those players and get a feel for if they’re going to be a problem . If he feels like they will be , they’re likely out on the first thing smoking .

  2. Very ironic that the 2 highest-producing offensive players happen to be the only 2 guys (outside of Crabtree) who are linked to unrest in the locker room. I don’t get it……

  3. The team became distracted by SJWs who had an agenda other than winning. I don’t care about political differences on teams, but teams like Philly seemed to find a way to separate the game from the cause. The Raiders simply didnt have the leadership from the coaches that the situation demanded.

    Gruden will keep the team focused on winning. JDR seemed to make his views known, Gruden won’t have any desire for that. I think the team showed how tough a year it was for a lot of people to handle the politics in play this past year. Hopefully we can concentrate on football in the year ahead.

  4. Hey Raiderbeat get us the whole story, that would be s great story! Kinda sad that no one stood up & stopped the bullshit! come on Mack get involved!

  5. umm.. The Raiders Daily has an article that laid everything out that went down in 2017 season and no agent or media people debunked it….WHICH THEY SHOULD EVEN IF ITS ACCURATE!!!
    Instead of using fake people who write fake news maybe you should follow the guy that the top insiders at NFL NETWORK said was the best guy to follow for raiders news? just saying..

  6. Now don’t get your undies all wadded up when I say this, but maybe the uneasiness Cook brought to the locker room is staring us in the face. Cook is wearing a shirt that reads equality very loudly. Now I whole heartedly believe in equality 110%. But at a time when players are protesting our national anthem, some coaches may not want to take part in the shenanigans, whether they agree with it or not, its a distraction in terms of a football sense. There is absolutely nothing wrong in believing one way or another. That’s what makes this country great. But adding EXTRA attention to it may be interpreted (from a football coaching standpoint) as a distraction. I would want my players 110% focused on the task at hand, which is beating our next opponent and obtaining home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Just something that immediately caught my eye after reading Cook may have been a distraction in the locker room. I could be wrong. Just attempting to put two and two together.

  7. To answer your question. Nobody knows. We are not on the team or in the locker room. We are fans. We can not answer these questions. We would like maybe some info from an article.

  8. I think when Derek Carr got hurt and he wasn’t able to be the quarterback that he was from last year they made the whole offense turn against each other and start pointing fingers. Marshawn is a presence within itself. And having cameras and practice and him pushing his brands during game practices and stuff like that can’t fly. I’m sure Gruden is going to be done with all of that bullshit. And trying to run out there and look out for your cousin and all that stuff Crabtree fighting the character started to fall apart. I want Marshawn back another year and it all offensive running style that fits him better he played well and so did cook

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