What’s Really Going on Between the Raiders and Trent Brown? There Are Really Only Two Explanations

The Raiders reportedly got good news on Trent Brown’s injured leg on Monday, but after not practicing all week (Saturday is still a possibility) the odds seem to be against him being able to play on Monday night.

We don’t know what is causing Brown’s leg to heal so slowly, but there have been rumors that something is going on with him from an attitude or rehab work ethic standpoint. Whether those rumors are true or not… who knows?

Nevertheless, there are a few things that we do know. And these things might give a little insight into Brown’s mindset right now.

The last thing that anyone needs is another critique of what the players are doing during the National Anthem, but it’s noteworthy that Brown didn’t stand with teammates (who were linking arms) before the game on Sunday. For all the effort that the team apparently put into showing unity, it was notable that one player didn’t lock arms with anyone, but instead chose to stand behind his teammates.

After the game, Brown once again seemed to distance himself from the team. Maybe he stood away from the team celebration because of his injured leg, but it still isn’t the best look.

Ideally, you’d like to see your highest paid player somewhere near the team huddle after a win, right?

It’s possible that both images from Sunday were just circumstantial, but given everything that’s been leaking from the Raiders building about Brown, it’s reasonable to connect a few dots.

At this point, there are basically two scenarios that could be playing out with Brown.

Option 1

His injury is bad enough that despite six weeks of rest he wasn’t able to last more than three plays in week one. If that’s the case, common sense would suggest that we’re back to being several weeks away from Brown being healthy again. Maybe longer.

Brown weighs upwards of 400 pounds, so it stands to reason that a leg injury on a man that size wouldn’t heal quickly.

Option 2

Brown is in no hurry to get back on the field and is at odds with the team about when he should play again. His distance from the team in the images above aren’t coincidence and there’s a trust issue between team and player. You could also take it a step father as Raiders color commentator Lincoln Kennedy did this week and question whether Brown really wants to play… or just collect a check.

Neither option is a good one for the Raiders (or the player) and both point to Brown not playing on Monday night.

As of now it’s hard to be encouraged by anything going on between the Raiders and their $21.5 million offensive tackle, but hopefully a little optimism on the situation will come on Saturday.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Really Going on Between the Raiders and Trent Brown? There Are Really Only Two Explanations

  1. Fuckin fat piece of ****, i agree with Lincoln the dude doesn’t care and just doesn’t wanna play cause he’s getting paid anyway

  2. HOPEFULLY,whatever it is it will get resolved very soon. There is no question that Trent Brown is a force to be reckoned with on the field. In general, people, and especially football management people, want that rah, rah, sis boom bah attitude from their players and NOT EVERYONE aspires to “that mentality.” As an ex-military man, I understand that but definitely DO NOT think that this type of thinking or blind allegiance is necessarily in order to be effective at what you do. In fact, that type of thinking has been perpetuated by countless people forever. “Some people” don’t buy into that type of thinking and actually hate that. If everyone “followed blindly” or thought the same way then Paul Brown would have never CHANGED the 3 yards and a cloud of dust philosophy. If Trent Brown is hurting then the wisest thing to do would be to let him heal. If he has concerns other than his physical health then Raiders Management should help him address them. If memory serves me correctly, 5 or 6 time Super Bowl champion Charles Haley was, according to Bill Walsh, as much a terror in the 49ers locker room as he was on the field but somehow Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys were able to “address his concerns” and get good productivity out of him. Al Davis was a MASTER at “working with and through” players that other people considered malcontents. Take a hint from the master and work whatever the problem is out for both Trent Brown’s and the Raiders’ sakes.

  3. If Brown’s injury is serious, I wish the Raider’s staff would just be honest about it so we all wouldn’t have to speculate on what’s actually going on. But then, what would sports writer’s have to write about?

  4. Or its the Vegas heat getting to him ( or he lost big at thw tables and some casino goons and he got a Nancy Kerrigan lmao)

  5. U shud do sum research cuz i simply read thru sum tweets on Tyrell Williams page n saw the answers 2 the topic u have posted here. U cud only gather suppositions n u allegedly have direct communications n links with n 2 Raiders Front Office n Team n lil ole me has nothing but internet n i am able 2 ascertain the gist of Trent Brown n issues surrounding his injury.

    I wont go into details n do ur work 4 u especially wen u already published this well prepared n researched story.

    Keep up the gud work sport.

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