Which Linebacker Is A Better Fit For Guenther’s Scheme. Roquan Smith Or Tremaine Edmunds?

One of the great questions being asked right now about the Raiders draft involves two very highly-touted linebackers.

Which linebacker is best equipped to have success in Paul Guenther’s new defensive scheme – Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

According to Sports Illustrated’s Andy Benoit, the Raiders would be wise to lean toward Edmunds.

Benoit believes Edmunds brings a physical presence at 6’5, 253 pounds that is necessary for what Guenther will want to do with his middle linebacker.

Via theMMQB, this was Benoit on Guenther and the type of linebacker he needs for his defense:

“[Guenther’s scheme derives from] mainly a 4-3 “over” scheme, meaning the 3-technique plays on the strong side and both safeties often align deep. This can leave the box a tad lighter than the more common 4-3 “under” schemes that you see (think Seattle or Jacksonville), where the strong safety aligns near the linebackers. That may explain why having at least one bigger linebacker is important.”

“The scheme employs a lot of double-A-gap fronts in passing situations, with both linebackers aligned directly over the center’s shoulders. A backer with the stoutness to spar with guards could present more options for the zone blitzes that come off this look.”

So what should the Raiders do if Smith (6’1, 236 pounds at the combine) and Edmunds are both available when the Raiders are on the clock?

“If Guenther gets a say on Oakland’s first pick—and he should, since that pick is almost certain to be on defense—don’t be surprised if it’s Virginia Tech’s  Tremaine Edmunds or Boise State’s Leighton Vander Esch (both weigh around 250), even if Georgia’s Roquan Smith is still on the board.”

On Wednesday, an ESPN report surfaced that Roquan Smith is the guy the Raiders want.

Maybe just a little pre-draft smoke to disorient the masses?

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6 thoughts on “Which Linebacker Is A Better Fit For Guenther’s Scheme. Roquan Smith Or Tremaine Edmunds?

  1. Leighton vandar esch is going to be an all pro mark my words.He is bigger and gets off of blocks better than the two linebacker rated ahead of him.Quick to read the plays with no hesitation.

  2. I’m conflicted on who to pick.
    I really like both Smith and Edmonds, but I also like Vea and Ward. All fill a need.
    That said, and the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Mike McGlinchey, OT out of Notre Dame.
    He’s a plug and play tackle who would start at RT for 2018 and then shift to LT when Penn retires or his play drops off.
    Let’s be honest, the strength of this team will rest on Carr’s shoulders and if he isn’t protected well we know what happens, and it’s not good. If we get McGlinchey, we secure the tackle position on both sides for 2018 and that will give us time to see what we really have with Sharp, Alexander, Ward and Kirkland. I doubt we have two starters amongst those 4, but we could certainly have one.
    Then address LB, DT and CB with some of the other 10 picks in this draft.

    Having said that, we could also hope for a guy like Orlando Brown to fall a round or two and nab him in the second or maybe third round to add depth to the O-line. Smith or Edmonds in round one, hopefully Hurst falls to round two and we can get him for DT, then Brown in round three. Grab a corner after that. I like that idea too.

    Like I said, I’m conflicted, but any way it goes, the Raiders are going to get a very good player in the first round if staying at 10.

  3. I believe in Roquan Smith being the best choice for the Raiders with his potential to grow in the mold of a player such as Ray Lewis who was of similar size when drafted. I think the argument of Smith being small is noise that won’t make it into the war room on draft day. For the record, I’d like to see a trade back for Hurst, or take Vea at 10. I like the kid outta Humboldt St. on the OL

  4. Smith can come in and start from day 1. He can cover the TE or RBs on those passes over the middle that have killed us for years. We don’t need 2 NTs in a 4-3 defense. Don’t even need 1.

  5. Vita at 10, Vander Esch in the 2nd, OT/CB thereafter there are several tackles in mid-later rounds I like… maybe take two

  6. I hope that Smith is still there at 10. If not trade back if someone is willing and pick Vander Esch. Edmund’s is Aaron Curry 2.0. Freaky Athletic but behind the curve on the mental aspect of the game. Smith reminds me of Ray Lewis. Same size,plays sideline to sideline,high motor, and has a high football IQ. Vander Esch is real similar to Smith, just played in a smaller conference so he doesn’t get the love.

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