Why Was Derek Carr Upset With Jack Del Rio At The End Of The Third Quarter On Sunday?

What happened at the end of the third quarter between a clearly frustrated Derek Carr and head coach Jack Del Rio?

Was Carr upset that Del Rio wasn’t letting him go for 4th and 3?

See for yourself (video below), but more than likely Carr wasn’t trying to go for it – he was just thinking a little outside of the box, trying to get a first down without a play.


Carr wasn’t asked about the play, but it looked like he realized the game clock was below the play clock and he thought he could get the Raiders to the line and maybe draw the Chargers offsides (and get a first down) before the quarter ended.

It was a smart play, but Del Rio wasn’t on the same page. Instead of fooling the defense, Carr fooled his coach who appeared to only have punting on the mind.

For as long as Carr has been with the Raiders, I’ve never seen him that upset with a coaching decision so I don’t think that’s what it was. It looked like he was just upset he missed a risk-free opportunity to get a first down.

Del Rio was on a different page and wasn’t having any of it.

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4 thoughts on “Why Was Derek Carr Upset With Jack Del Rio At The End Of The Third Quarter On Sunday?

  1. Didn’t they go for it on that 4th down at the start of the quarter. Not sure where you got that it appeared Del Rio wanted to punt. I may be mistaken, but I believe they went for it and did not convert.

    1. Carr didn’t want to let the quarter end so the defense could swap personnel. Del Rio did, bc he wanted in on the play call, is what it seems like. Should’ve let DC try to draw them offsides 1st, idk why Del Rio didn’t. He’s been making a lot of questionable calls this yr.

  2. Being there it-looked like the refs would have called false start even if the defense goes offsides and Raiders don’t move. There was a lot of bad calls and no calls that went against the Raiders

  3. Yes they did go for it at the beginning of the 4th quarter, and carr was upset that the play call wasn’t in fast enough. Then when the clock kept moving jack just waited until the next quarter. Still play calls aren’t getting in fast enough, was a problem last year and still is.

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