Will Derek Carr Be the Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback in 2020?

Will Derek Carr be the Raiders quarterback when the team moves to Las Vegas next year?

That’s the question everyone is asking right now and it’s a puzzle that apparently isn’t going to be put together quickly – just as it wasn’t a year ago. Here is what there is to know as of the final day of the 2019 calendar year…

1 – Jon Gruden had a wide-open layup opportunity to squash the quarterback rumors on Monday and he opted instead to call a timeout. Asked if Carr was a “certainty” to be the Raiders quarterback next year, this is what Gruden said:

“Yeah, he played good. I’m not going to get into all the next year scenarios. I’m just going to say that 7-9 is a step forward. We took a step forward. Statistically, we took a step forward. We got to get a lot of guys healthy and we got a lot of things to look at and evaluate before we start making any assumptions.”

Sound like an endorsement to you?

Gruden either loves the drama or has suddenly developed an appetite for being incredibly honest with his friends in the media.

2 – Carr talked to the media yesterday, as well, and he sounded like a quarterback who had privately been given a vote of confidence by his coaches.

“You’re probably sick of talking about it just like I am,” Carr said on Monday to the questions about his status with the team. “I had some good meeting with my coaches. I’m looking forward to Las Vegas… I don’t think it’s a surprise that my second time being in the same system in year two has been both my best years.”

It definitely sounds like Carr is comfortable with where he is at with the coaches and the future of the team. He seems to believe the Raiders are sticking by him in 2020.

3 – So why doesn’t Gruden want to offer meaningful thoughts on Carr?

If whatever the coaches told Carr privately was enough to convince Carr that he would be back, why can’t Gruden say it publicly?

No one would believe Gruden if he supported his quarterback, anyway. Most would still think he was drafting a quarterback. So there is no real advantage to going this route again. It was a strange offseason that unfolded in the media around Carr last year and this offseason seems to be headed down the same path. Gruden can say what he wants about sitting down with general manager Mike Mayock to discuss their plans, but Gruden gets the final say on Carr and everyone knows that.

However things play out, we already know this is going to be a long and interesting offseason in Raider Land. The Raiders are getting a new hometown, a new stadium, and Gruden apparently isn’t ready to rule out getting a new quarterback, too.

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16 thoughts on “Will Derek Carr Be the Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback in 2020?

  1. Gruden isn’t stupid enough to tip his hat on anything, especially who will be his QB1 in 2020.
    They played coy last offseason and will do the same this offseason.

    That said, I highly doubt Gruden will move on from Carr in 2020. Carr may not be Brady or Montana, but finding a QB of his caliber is still very very hard to find and Gruden knows that.
    He will fix the rest of the roster, fill the holes, stay the course and see how it all comes together for next season. If Carr gets the receivers he needs and most importantly the defence to help, but still can’t win, then it’ll be decision time on Carr, Gunther and whoever else who fails to step up.
    For now, stay the course.

    1. U cant b serious. Gruden will fix the things needing fixing just like he did upon taking over Raiders from Del Rio (& please dont try the bs rebuild cuz Gruden has never rebuilt thru a true rebuild process nor did he this time) . Did he do gud job of fixing things after 2018? Has he ever as a coach fixed something? So now u wish 2 spew that of course he will fix something based upon what? He has made things worse whether u believe that or not. Raiders could have been in much better place had Gruden not been brought back.

      1. You got to be kidding with that statement …. the team is not better ? The players are not in the same page as Coach Gruden ? You don’t like where the team is going ? I must disagree with you … I think he has the team playing up and not quitting few more pieces I think we can and will be a playoff team … that’s my opinion

  2. No,
    He will never lead this team to the super bowl. Trace McSorley will be a Raider. He has moxie, he is accurate,
    Smart, and he can run. They still will draft a Qb.

    1. Stop u dont know what a potential draftee will b Mr armchair QB. There has been many QBs drafted that analysts spewed things such as u say n many times it did not happen. N it will b very difficult 4 anyone 2 come in n be as accurate as Carr is so miss me.

      Answer me this, what QB (current or history) that could have led the Raiders 2 winning record (same exact personnel n injuries etc…)??? If u answer with anyone ur a crackhead n not worth my time.

    2. Saying Carr can’t lead the Raiders to a SB proves you have no idea what it takes to win a SB. The worst QB in the NFL in that season went on to win a SB in that the same season, meaning QB isn’t as important to winning SB’s as defenses are.

      That explains why Rodgers only SB came when GB had the #1 defense (not so coincidentally, the team they faced, the Steelers, had the 2nd ranked defense). Both of big Ben’s SB’s were “earned” when Steelers had the #1 defense. Ben himself actually played worse then any other QB to ever play in the SB, and STILL WON.

      Offense wins games. Defense wins championships. Carr is better than a lot of QB’s who have a ring, they just so happened to be on good teams.

      To put another way…..if Foles can win a SB, any QB can. It’s the team around the QB that matters.

  3. I think Gruden is a deceitful person and you cannot believe anything he says even if he were to outwardly confirm Carr going to Vegas. I can say that should Gruden draft a QB or via FA Gruden would be a bigger idiot than he has already shown. It would also destroy the fraudulent rebuild excuse the fans and media gave him when his plans to win fell apart horrifically in 2018 as a new drafted QB would extend the so-called rebuild process and mean fans would be in for additional woeful seasons.

    I believe Gruden needs to finally tap into a brain and use one as Raiders schedule for 2020 is favorable and to start over with new QB is senseless and would not end well for Gruden, but maybe thats what he really wants anyway.

  4. If a QB drove u 2 not b a fan even saying it u were never a real fan n take ur a## somewhere else chump

  5. Derek Carr is the best chance for the Raiders to become a contender and championship team
    Name one other QB that has had the lack of talent around him which includes WR’S,RB’S and OL and would have won more games then Carr
    To start over at QB via the draft of FA would set the Raiders back atleast two years
    Carr is the answer for next year for sure and needs to get the talent and support around him

  6. He had defensive help when he needed it but he couldn’t get it done because he was playing scared and I am a Carr fan I have took up for Carr for years and I’m done we need a new quarterback period and the only quarterback worth getting is Burrow or the Clemson quarterback

  7. Carr is Vegas bound no if ands or buts about it. O-Line is intact for another season Jacobs will do Jacobs. Get a True #1 and build up a solid top 10 Defense via Draft and FA. Carr ain’t the problem. Last but not least fire Gunther his Zone system of play sucks… Play toward the teams strengths and Zone defense isn’t it!!!

    1. I agree I’m old school.I believe in strong man to man.just need the horses to make it happen

  8. In my opinion, Carr has had ample time, to prove his worth as proficient player, at the quarterback position. He has NOT. Time to move on. New home, new stadium, and new quarterback.

  9. Too many holes to fill this year on defense and a number 1 receiver, can’t waste a high pick on a qb. Would have been a totally different year if AB hadn’t gone off the deep end.
    Everyone thinks drafting a new qb solves all problems like no more dropped passes no moe stupid penalties, more big plays given up by the defense. Another draft like last year and we will be in good shape, we beat chargers twice and proved we can beat Broncos twice in the same year. And a lot of teams would trade a pick to move up in the draft from 18 to 12, we did it by having a pass blocked on a 2 point conversion in a meaningless game. ( hows that for looking on the bright side of things). Raiders 2020, Playoffs.

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