Raiders Got an Interesting Few Rewards For Losing to the Broncos on Sunday

It was a disappointing end to the season for the Raiders, but the failed two-point conversion in Denver to essentially end the game actually came with some reward.

With the Raiders already eliminated from the playoffs (because of Tennessee winning), the season finale was essentially for division standing and draft position. Because Denver won the game, they jumped to a second place finish in the AFC West and altered the 2020 opponents for both teams. Instead of facing the Steelers and Titans next year, the Raiders now play the Browns and Colts in 2020. On paper, that’s not a bad swap.

But the bigger benefit to losing on Sunday probably involved draft position. Had the Raiders won, they would have dropped from their current pick 12 all the way back to pick 17. That’s quite a reward for one batted ball at the goalline. At pick 12 the Raiders will potentially have the top receiver on their draft board still available (they have to take a WR early in the draft, right?) or maybe one of the top pass rushers.

Of course the Raiders would have liked to have beaten the Broncos, but if the reward for losing happens to be Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy or Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb, there won’t be many Raider fans complaining in April.

And don’t forget the Raiders also have pick 19 from the Bears. It’s a shame the Raiders have so many needs on defense because with two first-round picks, 2020 would be a unique opportunity for the Raiders to leave the first round with two elite talents at wide receiver.

Whatever they do, who isn’t excited to see what general manager Mike Mayock has in store for the draft this year? Certainly the 2019 draft was a home run and now the stage is set for another huge draft haul in Oakland… errr Las Vegas.

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72 thoughts on “Raiders Got an Interesting Few Rewards For Losing to the Broncos on Sunday

    1. We need players who play football. Players that can catch the ball better than the other team. We could win football if our team scores more points than the other team, who shouldn’t be as good as our team because they can play football good.

  1. Raiders have to shore up that defense wish Khalil Mack would return, imagine him and Crosby in the pass rush. Would take Amari Cooper back too. We’ll let’s hope the draft works out.

    1. I think you need to ask Dallas if thats true. Take that #2 back for what too add too our drops. No thank you.

    2. What about Crabtree returning and a 1st round WR pick with renfro and Pryor as a receiveri ijs could be decent WR corp

  2. Test out deshone kizer, rod Smith n the other new recievers we jus signed & start there!!!

    1. I agree, we really don’t need cooper, but we should have played doss more, just think if we would have kept cook at tight end an put the one we got now who is having a pro bowl year in the slot

    1. Play calling, blocking and having receivers.
      Imagine if the clown AB had worked out.
      The Raiders need to incorporate a two back set into of their plays like the 49rs use with the misdirection and the offensive line pulling with play action Carr needs receivers that he can rely on to battle and catch the ball. He is still one of the best and starting over is not an option. Oakland needs long term continuity!

      1. Went to the Niners Hawks game…..that misdirection really fooled the Hawks…..hope they are ready for it next time.Raider fan in Wa state here.

    2. For sure👌 lose carr already! Hes scared to run the ball when h e s getting chased in pocket..

  3. We need a QB that’s not scared to take risks for yards or scramble to make plays ! We need a QB with field vision, and that can spread the ball!

    1. Right, because I want a new QB to come in and have to learn Gruden’s system and send us backwards three years.

    2. I agree 100 percent, he is not our franchise quarterback , lose him! High percentage of his completions is short passes…..

    3. Derek Carr has all of that. Unfortunately after he broke his leg he lost all his confidence and is scared of taking any risks now

      1. Get a offensive line to protect the QB first and it won’t matter who is handling the ball. But no QB IS going to be effective if you don’t have a line up front to protect him, even if the coach is the QB

  4. I’m sure that like all organizations the Raiders will Redshirt a certain quarterback when the time comes they will have quarterbacks on the roster to compete for the position at this point it’ll be pretty tough for any quarterbacks that aren’t sewed up already to beat out Derek Carr let’s be realistic I think there’s a strong chance good no go with his third year quarterback that knows his system and will play the way he expects him to and not go to rebuild again we want to win a Super Bowl in the next 3 years I see a strong chance of that happening to work on some of the defensive parts of the ball and definitely some longer threats to help Renfro and Waller I’m just a long time Madden junkie that loves football please comment I’m what I had to say I enjoy reading everybody’s post happy New Year

    1. Derek is the best fit for the Raiders, there is no one else. Free Agent? Who would you get if they were available. Phillip Rivers, jamas Winston, Who. Raider Nation come on. IT’S Derek carr, let’s stand behind him and lift him up,instead of wanting to throw him out,because he didn’t throw for 4500yards. I stand with the man Derek Carr.

    2. Raiders need to stop drafting the thug mentality which only creates a gang not a team..and start drafting players with talent to actually build a successful team.

    3. I’m a madden junky as well. Guys like Rico Gifford end up being beastly in Madden bc of their speed but rarely get used in real life.

      Funny thing is I thought the Raiders would be really deep at WR before the start of the season with AB, Williams, JJ Nelson (another Madden stud), Renfro, Doss, and Gafford. However Williams was injured and went missing far too often, Renfro surprisingly was the best of the bunch. So we are really hurting at the WR position.

    4. Hey Brent I agree with everything you just stated about the quarterbacks I also think that in three years we should have a Super Bowl title wish the Oakland Raiders would have stayed the Oakland Raiders what do you think the chances are that we get John Madden to come back and Coach the Raiders. LOL LOL

    5. I think your right there are no QB that are better than Carr. We need to fix the D and get speed on the outside. Carr needs help

    6. I say grab two of the best recievers,with 2 of our first five picks,and an elite all around middle lb.

  5. As for where they stand in the draft next year I think that our coaching staff pretty smart and we could have probably won that game if they had went overtime yes we were beat up but they were on fire at the end which would have carried over I think it was a loss intentional Gruden would have rather gone under 500 and kept the 12th pick being that we were already eliminated I think we got this under control congratulations to the Las Vegas Raiders I think they’re going to be good

  6. Please if you draft a receiver get a quarterback first. Why draft a receiver if Carr only throws 1-5 yard passes? Carr can no longer break this bad habit he has acquired. He instinctively looks for the dump off and rarely looks down field. Plus he has had opportunities to use his legs to escape pressure and instead gives himself up.

    1. Grudens offence isn’t long ball, Thoughs plays are Grudens Carr not scrambling well his leg was broke before of all the top 3 And of all time none were scrambles.

    2. Correction brother, Carr averages over 7yds per completion and that is without a TRUE WR1 or 2! Tight ends and a slot receiver are great n all but without a truly dependable and real WR1and/or 2, plays are very difficult to stretch the field on. If you really watch, played, or coached you would see this is why we struggled often offensively in second half’s. It’s easy for defenses to double cover TEs that’s a no brained adjustment especially when u have no true deep threat. Blaming our QB for conservative play is not right.

  7. Is there an investigation over the obvious collusion between AB and the Patriots? Something should happen, the Patriots seem to think they can do whatever they want. AB needs to get slapped down.

    1. Developing Gafford and Ratliff-Williams, with Renfrow already place, will definitely give us a strong receivers group. Drafting one of the top receivers could only help, but the longer we put off the qb issues, the farther it sits us back.

  8. I think we take Ruggs or Judy. Then take rakon smith for defense in the middle of the defensive line with Hurst. Or get fast linebacker. Offense defense. Each pick.

    1. Actually, we are pretty good at DT, and young and getting better. We are in serious need of a true Middle Linebacker. Has to be a true leader type, and a smart guy. Physicality needs to be there, but leadership and smarts are key to getting everyone playing together.

  9. Raiders Are Number I in my History Book and Number 1 this Happy New Year.

  10. Can you picture Jeudy or Lamb, paired with Ruggs @ 19. Take Arnett CB Ohio state 3 round, I like the sound of that. Get a LB from FA.

  11. We need a qb, carr is afraid of throwing the ball down field, no confidence mostly short passes we need a qb with ball ever since that injury hes afraid so he gets rid of the ball really quick. Some might not agree but come on its obvious.

  12. I wish Carr would throw down the field more and use his legs to get first downs or score. Too many times he threw the ball away and he could have run for the first down.

  13. No need to take 2 WR’s in the 1st round…..we should trade out of the 19th for someone’s 1st & 2nd rounds…then focus on our LB’s & CB’s….In my opinion there will be plenty of FA QB’s to shore up that position…..

  14. Typical “next year will be our year” Raider fans, always trying to find “the good” out of piss poor lack of execution, especially with that BUM DEREK CARR, who had worse stats than Jamarcus Russell (don’t believe me, comapre their stats side by side). The sliver lining will never come until you get rid of the Bible thumper. Good luck trying to sell tickets in Vegas this year. Raiders Vegas get sued again, then the Chargers, who can’t even sell out a 7000 seat soccer stadium, will sell more tickets in a preseason game, than the lame, whack @ss Raiders will even in playoffs. You’re welcome.

  15. Be a Raider of old go into other teams houses and steal the players you need.
    We are Raiders, what is the definition of a raider “a person that comes in and takes what he wants”. What is Las Vegas GAMBLING, cut the players that do not understand what winning is all about (Mr. I am going to throw the ball six yards behind the fist down market to make sure my stat look good).

  16. that’s not the Gruden way…. Gruden wants a qb t o stay n pocket .. he’s so old school…. look back when del Rio coached…carr was calling plays at the line…. remember… Gruden got so mad at carr for changing plays…..face it gruden wants four …five first round picks…. his last five yrs they might have winning season… but not big show contenders…. to many young players.. ain’t gonna happen

  17. Derek is the best fit for the Raiders, there is no one else. Free Agent? Who would you get if they were available. Phillip Rivers, jamas Winston, Who. Raider Nation come on. IT’S Derek carr, let’s stand behind him and lift him up,instead of wanting to throw him out,because he didn’t throw for 4500yards. I stand with the man Derek Carr.

  18. You have to have a offensive line that is capable of protecting the QB,,so it doesn’t matter that DC, got hurt using his ability to scramble, but the offensive line didn’t get any better, and trading Mack for draft picks, was a no brainer. He was by far a player that you can build your D Around example,,look at JJ WATT ,AND HIS BROTHER, who plays for the Steelers.

  19. Everybody is forgetting that Raiders won three more games than last season. That’s called progress. And considering the issues that surround them (listed below) I’m actually OK with the outcome and the draft ahead.

    Antonio Brown saga which left Williams as the #1 WR. He played hurt all season and missed games. This did have a positive though, as Carr turned Waller into a top 5 TE in the league.

    Lots of early defensive injuries killed the D all season long

    Lots of O-line injuries killed protection for Carr. With no big WR short handed line, Carr was left with mostly short passes again (which explains partly why he was #2 in completions).

    Suspensions. Lost some leadership and more defense.

    The most god awful travel schedule I’ve even seen put on a professional team. 40+ days on the road. Ridiculous!

  20. I would get a QB I would try and get Jalen Hurts if hes coming out or I would draft defensive side of the ball and wide receiver with the 2 first rounders if we don’t go QB.

  21. Hate to be the voice of reason here but,how does another losing season look promising?Reality check Mark Davis is still in charge and Gruden is now 11-21 since return to team that has been above .500 only 5 times in the last 25yrs. Gruden is 106-102 as a head coach barely over .500 he is mediocre at best.Losers are the ones that support Las Vegas i would bet that Las Vegas wont support a loser very long

  22. No Oakland loss because they got beat by the awesome Denver Broncos and watch out next year because they’re going to beat them again but this time they’re going to sweep them and win the division because Drew lock is going to clean house.

  23. If you were the GM…would you offer Washington our 2 first round picks for Chase Young? Just a thought. I myself would not. Without a 2nd round pick, makes it easier to keep both. The brass did a great job with our picks last year. Give Carr some wide outs that can create separation & evaluate then. Crossing fingers on Ferrell, & remember we get (hopefully) a healthy Johnathan Abram back. There are a few teams in front of us that need a QB. That drops a few really good players down. Would love to CeeDee Lamb & Kenneth Murray in Silver & Black. You could speculate on players, but I’m sure there will be plenty of positions changing hands come April. Raider Nation!

  24. I mean….I agree with the ““ rewards of losing to the Broncos on Sunday and how it helps our draft position and our schedule for next year however why not just start losing as soon as we lost four games in a row when we were actually trying to win when we were 6 – 4???
    After we lost those four games in a row ( when we were actually trying to win and had our own destiny is in our control) what benefit was there in winning any more games, besides of course the final game in Oakland for history’s sake….
    Raiders must take best available defensive of player with a 12th pick and then best available wide receiver with the 19th pick…

  25. We need players who play football. Players that can catch the ball better than the other team. We could win football if our team scores more points than the other team, who shouldn’t be as good as our team because they can play football good.

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