Would Jon Gruden Really Trade Derek Carr?

Would the Raiders really trade both of the faces of the franchise within months of each other?

Logically, the answer is that they wouldn’t, but logically they wouldn’t have traded Khalil Mack at the least opportune time in the first place. The fact that Mack, a DPOY candidate this year and every year, would be traded to the Bears for barely more than a 1st-round pick tells you Jon Gruden is capable of about anything.

And yes, if the Raiders finish at the bottom of the standings, it’s conceivable that the 2nd-round pick the Raiders sent to Chicago could only be a dozen picks (or even fewer) behind the 1st-round pick the Bears surrendered for Mack… but that’s a conversation for another day.

The Raiders are now in rebuild mode and looking at the roster with the understanding that Gruden apparently likes none of Reggie McKenzie’s recent picks, there might only be a handful of veterans worth keeping in 2019. That means the rebuild process could takes years and it’s hard to imagine Gruden paying a quarterback $20 million per year to absorb sacks when he could instead trade Carr for another top pick or two.

“Ultimately what’s the point of keeping Derek Carr?” NFL insider Jason La Canfora asked this week. “If you have all this draft capital and you get a one plus something else for Derek Carr, which I think [Gruden] can, I’ll call it right now. Derek Carr to the New York Giants. At the combine.”

So the question is, how long will it take Gruden to build the roster he wants?

If he can put it together in a year or two, it makes good sense to keep Carr. But if Gruden just wants to collect draft picks and drag out the rebuild, it’s hard to imagine he won’t be enticed by the idea of drafting a quarterback – especially if he stumbles into the top pick in 2019 or 2020.

Right now it feels like Gruden is still committed to Carr and he doubled down again this week by saying that he will have failed if he can’t win with Carr. But as everyone knows – or is finding out – Gruden’s mind changes with the wind and there’s no guarantee what he’ll be thinking next week, let alone next year.

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11 thoughts on “Would Jon Gruden Really Trade Derek Carr?

  1. Yes he would. No one is safe. No one. Right now he can still fall back on “I didn’t make this roster” as an excuse. No one will be on this team he didn’t pick in two years. Write it on your calendar. And we’ll still be the door mat of the AFC West if not the NFL.

  2. I’m done with this franchise an if anyone has anything against it trust me. I’ve been more thick than thin with them. Started watching when Jay Schroeder was qb’ing so no fair-weather fan here. I’ve preached R4L but this is absolutely asinine. I can’t anymore. The day Mark Davis sells is the day I’ll come back but until then I’m gonna have to peace-out.


  3. It wouldn’t bother me. I think Carr is a below average QB. He decides which receiver he is throwing to before the snap. Everyone says he gets rid of the ball so quickly, that’s why. Also he needs to learn to move out of the pocket. Let him go and move on.

  4. I’ve been with the Raiders since the early 80’s and alot of very bad years and i hear the same thing every yr with every new coach, with every new players and just want to know when will it end that’s all when will it end and be competitive? Enough is enough now!

  5. I think he is safe for this season and likely next season. However, I DO think the Raiders draft a QB for Gruden to “groom” and I DO think Carr could conceivably be moved even this off-season if the price was right

  6. If Carr cannot show that he can carry this team thru this adversity the rest of the year, than I believe he will be cut. He doesn’t have to be perfect (can’t be with his line), but top paid QB’s in his situation find a way to shine regardless of wins and losses, as he must do in order to remain top paid. Otherwise the draft and savings will be too much of a temptation for Gruden, especially if he starts trading away more players for more draft picks. He has just not been anywhere near the level he was in 2016 this year and last. Just a flash here and there, and I like Carr.

  7. The Raiders will have the top overall pick, draft the Duck QB. He’s perfect. Let the Las Vegas era begin!!! I can’t wait! The first episode, The Ground Up, on the team site was great!!! That stadium will rock and so will Las Vegas when The Nation takes over The Strip for eight weekends a year!!

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