Your Questions Answered: Mack, Martavis, And A Raiders Linebacker Ready To Break Out This Year

As promised, your Twitter questions are finally being answered. Save them, bookmark them, or whatever it takes. Lets revisit these answers in August and see how they look in hindsight (which happens to be 20/20)…

Here we go…

When do you think Khalil Mack shows up?

Before training camp, but barely before training camp. Mack is one of best players in the league, has zero character concerns, and is still in his prime. If there’s a defensive player worth a quarterback contract, it’s Mack.

No one wants this holdout to extend into training camp, so a deal is bound to happen before camp.

What’s going on with Marcel Ateman? Haven’t heard anything about him and he looked very good coming out.

The Raiders are stacked at wide receiver this year – much more so than in the past. It will be interesting to see how Ateman plays in preseason. It would help his cause if Seth Roberts ends up being traded.

Who do you have as our kick and punt returners?

Ryan Switzer seems like a strong candidate to handle the punts. The fact that he can contribute on offense only helps his cause. Thanks to the fumble bug he acquired, the Jalen Richard experiment has maybe expired.

Dwayne Harris is probably the best kick returner in the mix, but will he hang around just to return kicks?

Which current/potential free agents could you see the Raiders bring to the team?

Still think everyone will eventually stop playing around and NaVorro Bowman will end up back with the Raiders sooner or later.

The Derrick Johnson plan (on a full time basis, at least) really isn’t inspiring.

Richard or Washington on the final roster?

That’s a good one. Richard has been more productive overall, but he’s got the fumble issue going on and it apparently carried over into OTAs. Maybe Washington has a slight edge right now, but that’s a tough call to make.

What role do you see Nick Morrow having on the team this year? Loved his grit and instincts as a UD rookie.

Morrow added a little weight in the offseason and he’s a candidate to get serious playing time this year. If he stays healthy, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see him get more snaps than Derrick Johnson.

Do you see substantial contributions from Hall and Hurst?

Hurst might be good right away. Hall has much more of a learning curve and it could take a while for him to figure out how to play defensive tackle at the NFL level.

They are both freak athletes though.

Do you think Martavis will be suspended?

No. This tweet from April of 2017 gives a little insight into what held up his reinstatement last year. Could be something similar be going on this year?

Do you think Khalil Mack is getting the playbook and practice film to get up to speed on learning the new defense?

Mack has everything he needs. He just hasn’t been practicing. Once he walks through the door, it won’t take long for him to get up to speed. Gruden said Derek Carr had a strong grasp of the offense even during the team’s first voluntary workout. Mack will be fine.

Other than Khalil Mack, who will have the most sacks on the team this year?

Bruce Irvin wants 10 sacks, but two players on the roster with 10+ sacks will be difficult to achieve. That said, Irvin might have a big year in store. He’s going to be rushing the passer more and he’s working with a much better coordinator this year.

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5 thoughts on “Your Questions Answered: Mack, Martavis, And A Raiders Linebacker Ready To Break Out This Year

  1. Was wondering why Cooper and Nelson are the presumed starters this year. Also, seems everything I’ve been reading on this site and others talks about M. Bryant’s huge measureables, height, speed and he can catch as well. With Cooper the number 1, why is he the presumably 3rd starter after Nelson? Why not start him with Cooper and bring Jordy in as the third receiver?

    1. Don’t be surprised if it’s a mix of all of them. If/when a team has a “#1” receiver (Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, etc.)….that’s who gets the most coverage. When you have 3 or even 4 “#1” receivers then whoever the defense concentrates on…they’ll be wrong. That’s one thing I’m excited by this year…..Cooper, Nelson, Bryant, Cook, Switzer,….all hugely capable of big plays at any time. You can’t leave any of them alone for a second. I see no advantage to ranking them.

      1. Agree with you Scott and I think that your comment about “no advantage in ranking them” is the best description of what we will see this year. My point was after Cooper (Gruden professed as the number 1), Nelson and Bryant are both capable of being the number 2 wideouts.

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