49ers Release Clever Slogan Clearly Taking Shot at Raiders

“Faithful to the Bay.”

The San Francisco 49ers (of Santa Clara) released their new slogan this week and it’s quite clearly a shot at the formerly Oakland Raiders.

Nevertheless, 49ers CMO Alex Chang said on Wednesday that the slogan is not a reference to the Raiders in an capacity:

“We’re not trolling the Raiders; that was one of our key tenets internally. We don’t have a plan or a strategy to convert Raiders fans – sports fans are inherently loyal, as they should be. We, as a team, respect that loyalty.”

But who’s buying that?

Safe to say, there were more than a few meetings within the 49er organization that settled on the aforementioned slogan for all the very reasons they are denying.

And no one is blaming them for doing it…

twitter: @raidersbeat