Abandon the Run? Team Radio Voice Says it’s Time for the Raiders to Embrace Their Identity on Offense

The Raiders beat the Browns with only 16 points on Monday night. It was a much-needed win, but there’s no question that the Las Vegas offense needs to find answers quickly if they want to make a playoff push in the final three weeks of the regular season.

Popular radio voice JT The Brick (who happens to be employed by the Raiders) believes one solution the coaching staff should consider is to embrace throwing the ball more, particularly downfield.

“The Raiders are still struggling big time on offense because I don’t think they know their identity,” JT The Brick said on his Raider Nation Radio 920 AM show.

“If the Raiders just decided in these last three games that they were going to throw it 70 percent of the time, and they were going to attack the marker and throw downfield, I think they’d have [a better chance]. When they run the ball, all they’re doing is giving the opponent the ability to take a play off.”

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time a media personality has suggested the Raiders should abandon the running game. The Athletic’s Vic Tafur wrote about the idea in November.

“Offensive balance is an outdated concept, and the Raiders haven’t been able to run the ball all season anyway,” Tafur said. “I think Jon Gruden didn’t have any faith in the offensive line early on, and he had Derek Carr throw the ball an average of 45 times during the 3-0 start. It’s time to go back to that. Speed up the tempo. Maybe even let Carr read the field in a no-huddle.”

In theory, it seems like a fine idea to run the ball less, but it’s hard to win in the NFL without some semblance of a running game. It’s a big part of the reason the Raiders have struggled so much in the red zone… and will probably continue to struggle.

What the Raiders really need to do is figure out how to run the ball more effectively. But if they haven’t done that by the last week of December, it probably isn’t going to happen.

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6 thoughts on “Abandon the Run? Team Radio Voice Says it’s Time for the Raiders to Embrace Their Identity on Offense

  1. throw to who???!!! anything long requires a little time which DC has not been given. wallers is hurf so that really leaves RENFROW. shut him down, which can be difficult, and the raiders have NO offense. Jones, Edward’s and Johnson only show up time to time

  2. I just want to say that after the 5-2 start, both sides of the ball are terrible. These last 3 games, have to do better on both sides of the ball. There are some bright spots with the young rookies on defense. The vets have to play better for us to compete for a playoff spot. The offensive line has to do of opening holes and protecting the quarterback.

  3. Carr should run the offense. Let him lead. I’m tired of all the B.S. being dumped on him. If he must be saddled with the blame, he should be calling the plays to justify the criticism. Get out of the way coach and let Carr play his game. You might be surprised. Put the blame where it belongs, the HC and OC.

  4. It is not an outdated concept. The team lost their identity when gruden was forced to resign. Olsen is a huge problem and has no feel for the game.

  5. Totally agreed. hurry up shotgun! You can run from shotgun. And yes let Carr “feel” it.let him throw,let him throw,let him throw!

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