After Loss to Raiders, Analyst Brother Of Chiefs O-Lineman Says “Pat” Mahomes Isn’t Playing Well in The Pocket

Before Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, the Chiefs hadn’t lost a game since November 11, 2019.

In that timespan, no quarterback in the NFL has played at a higher level than Patrick Mahomes. Considering he won a Super Bowl and signed a $503 million deal, no quarterback has ever had a better year than what Mahomes has enjoyed over the past 12 months.

But losing is tough and the brother of Chiefs offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz isn’t going to sit back and let the Chiefs offensive line take all the heat for the Raiders’ 24 quarterback pressures on Sunday. Geoff Schwarz is a former offensive tackle in the league and host of the Geoff Schwartz is Smarter than You podcast and what he has seen from Mahomes is passer that needs to improve.

“I’m open to having discussion on social media about a lot of things. We can talk most anything,” Schwartz said on his Wednesday podcast.

“But… I am not wrong when it comes to offensive line play. You might not like to hear it, folks, [but] Pat Mahomes is not playing very well in the pocket right now. Oops, I said it, okay? Is the Chiefs offensive line perfect? No They’re not. They’ve also made errors as well, but in general, pass protection is a balance of the blocking unit, which includes the running back and tight ends, and the quarterback. There has to be some sort of rhythm between those units.”

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Wow #ChiefsKingdom Y’all got your Tackle’s brother bashing your QB? He said Mahomes isn’t good in the pocket and don’t argue with him about OL play. 👀

Unfortunately for the podcast host who is smarter than you, his quarterback criticisms might be the least of his concerns once Patrick Mahomes’ mom finds out he’s been calling him ‘Pat’.

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If this announcer doesn’t stop calling my son Pat.. ugh i may scream… lol #help @ESPNNFL @espn


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  1. Out schemed them ! Raiders were physically relentless and played good disciplined football , especially the pass rush and secondary.
    KC is still a good team and the reigning SB Champions, so it’s not like they are in decline it’s just Raiders now have the ingredients to rival the Chiefs. Just Win Baby! LVR#1

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