Raiders In The Market (Again) For Le’Veon Bell?

Le’Veon Bell has hit free agency again, but this time he is going to be considerably more affordable.

Bell was a consensus top five running back in the league when he played for the Steelers. He sat out all of the 2018 season when he couldn’t come to terms with the Steelers after demanding a record-breaking deal. As a free agent in 2019, Bell signed with the Jets where he played in only 18 games and tallied a meager three touchdowns.

But we know he can still play, so should the Raiders consider adding Bell to create a potentially dangerous 1-2 punch with Josh Jacobs?

Certainly Devontae Booker has also earned a role in Jon Gruden’s offense, but we know Gruden likes Bell and the Raiders were in the mix to sign Bell back in 2019 (they were close to getting him according a couple reports). Gruden likes a stockpile of running backs, so don’t be surprised if the Raiders turn out to be a team interested in the former All-Pro running back.

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Bell has proven to be a bit of a head case in the past, but he wouldn’t be the first player Gruden gambled on in regard to character concerns. He is just 28 years-old, so Bell should have a couple good years left. Understanding that the Raiders would like to take some of the burden off Jacobs between now and January, would it makes sense to add a another every-down running back to the stable?

Also, now that he’s unemployed again, when is Le’Veon’s next album going to drop?

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12 thoughts on “Raiders In The Market (Again) For Le’Veon Bell?

  1. Obviously, it you can get him to sign a prove it deal at a reasonable price, you sign him. The Jets have to pay his entire salary for the rest of this year, so it shouldn’t take too much out of pocket for the rest of this season. It would be nice to have a solid option to pair with Jacobs.

  2. I would like to believe that playing for a potential playoff team like the Raiders would certainly interest Le’Veon Bell simply because every NFL player wants the chance to get a Super Bowl ring or two and obviously the Raiders are on the rise. Additionally, taking some of that load off of Josh Jacob would prolong his service and shelf life. Acquiring Bell would be a win, win situation for both him and the Raiders.

  3. It would be good ideal to have 2 RB WITH high octane to get through the season & to the PLAYOFFS

  4. We need a pass rusher and a DB to compliment our young players. Adding Bell would be a waste unless the Raiders could get him on the cheap for a short term deal with incentives. Salary cap still an issue.

  5. Do the Raiders need someone (who is already a millionaire)that supposedly loves the game but will sit out because the money is more important than his teammates?

  6. Raiders should sign Bell. This would take the work load off of Jacobs, Mayock & Gruden can
    Get him with the Jets paying his salary so the Raiders can still add to the Defence.
    This acquisition is a no Brainer ! Bell still has gas in the tank and will make the offense even
    Stronger plus Bell has something to PROVE. Thank you New York Jets.

  7. Bell has amazing talent , BUT, he is by far the biggest cancer like selfish primadonna of the last decade and quite frankly the Jets earned him for their constant poor management. He deserves to have the rest of the league pass on him and maybe he can go find a CFL team that needs a headache. I just don’t see aking a team to go for a Me guy in a We sport wher you truly must have trust or faith in all of your team mates.


  9. Bell three years ago was a BEAST!! I dont think he was used by the jets very well. Only 18 games? That was a mistake. You got to use him now in his youth. Raiders would give him plenty of chances to prove the Jets wrong.
    Go RAIDERS!!!

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