Amy Trask Wants To Know Why The Raiders Tinkered With One Of The League’s Best Offenses

Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask didn’t hold back her thoughts as to what’s going on with her former team. Like many, she can’t figure out why the Raiders decided to get away from what was working on offense a year ago.

“You had an offensive line that was doing well,” Trask said on Sunday on the CBS Pregame Show. “A power blocking scheme with talent that was well-suited for a power scheme. It was working. It was working exceptionally well. So you’re going to tinker with it?”

“You bring in a new offensive coordinator. Does he want to show he’s smarter than everyone else? Does he want to insert his system without regard to the fact that there’s talent that was working well in another system? Why would you do this? This is the kind of thing… that makes front office executes go insane.”

For what it’s worth, these were Trask’s thoughts before the Raiders loss to the Chargers.

Derek Carr said after the game that he believes in the scheme and that players need to “lock into every detail” of Todd Downing’s offense.

The question now, why is that players responded (or locked into the details) of last year’s offense, but can’t execute what they’re supposed to do this year?

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16 thoughts on “Amy Trask Wants To Know Why The Raiders Tinkered With One Of The League’s Best Offenses

  1. Sooooo glad that Amy Trask addressed the truth of the issue. Yes, this is Downings doing and Del Rio takes as much blame for allowing such a drastic change to what was a successful scheme for the Raiders. I am glad she calls them both out. I have lost faith in Del Rio. We need coaches that know how to produce results. KNJ and Downing have to go now. We have nothing to lose, but a chance to salvage the season. We can see what the season will be like with these two coordinators.

    1. I agree, Both of them have to go, and they will be gone after the season is over. They’re on the last year of their respective contracts. Good riddance to both!

    2. Both of the Coordinators need to go! Norton should have been gone after last year! He finally sat Sean Smith! But against the Ravens he has him in MAN on Mike Wallace! Blazing speed! Everybody knows he can’t handle speed! 52 yd bomb on the 1st play! Got beat like a drum. And Reggie Nelsons no better. He’s been late in coverage since he got here! Nobody seemed to care because he was getting picks! Todd Downings Dink and Dunk Offense has Carr looking like he did as a ROOKIE! Short little passes in front of the sticks. I don’t know what happened to our running game. But under Musgrave it was complimentry! WE WERE A PASSING TEAM! And Del Rio hated that! That’s why he fired him. His offense used the PASS to open up the run. Del Rio is old school. He wants to keep the game close with ball control and win it in the 4th QTR. 3 yards and a clould of dust! No imagination to his Offense at all. Well this isn’t 1970. We have to go back to the wide open passing game. If not then Del Rio needs to go Also! And Reggie should be on the hot seat too! If he can’t address these problems and get us some NFL. Caliber linebackers he better start looking over his shoulder!

  2. I agree Steve! We have the worse pair of coordinators in football no question. They both need to go as ASAP, and at this point I’m losing faith in JDR. He is not known for anything. Not an offensive mind, a former LB and D coordinator but isn’t highly thought of as a bright mind on the side either. What a waste of good offensive talent. As for the defense I put that on Reggie. They made no upgrade.

    1. I’ve been spouting off for the past year that Norton needs to be gone. Guess what Downings is now on that list too.
      By the way,,,it’s great to have Amy speaking out.

  3. Jack del Rio fired Bii M offensive C from last year he needs to be fired period Reggie M drafts people that cant get on the field Joseph ,connol,y obi, Jihas Ward 2nd rd bust Calhouhn 3rd rd cut DJ hayden 1 st Rd Bust both he and jack received premature praise who what G M wouldnt have drafted mack Carr and Cooper when they were picked PERIOD Jacj Del Rio has passed on several AWESOME O C and D C because he was afraud of being overshadowed ken norton Really how about Wade P ETC

  4. Let’s be clear. Musgrave was not fired by anyone. His contract expired, and he was not offered a new one. We needed to move on from Musgrave because he showed that he would not be able to take us to the next level, and his career stats support this argument. Our offensive talent is such that with a good OC we could possibly look like the Pats in their prime, if not better. I feel the same way about our defense. With a good DC we would be dominant. We have no idea how good the defensive players really are because they have been coached by KNJ. JDR allowing Downing to change from a power blocking scheme to a zone blocking scheme is egregious. That shows me that his hands off approach to things is simply self preservation. Right now we need a new OC and DC fast.

  5. To all those calling for Mckenzies head, He is a good GM. He has brought us out of the ashes, and brought in the talent to make this team a titan. It is up to the coaches to put the players into position for success. He probably did not anticipate Del Rio signing off on the blocking scheme, but I am sure they are having discussions. Reggie is not a knee jerk kind of guy, and he is not a micro-manager. He will find the right coaches from whomever becomes available.

  6. You can’t blame Todd Downing (it is his fault) and saying with all that talent he cant get it done, and then blame Reggie as well. Reggie brought the talent, and for guys saying naming Karl Joseph in their complaints, he’s been very good this season aside from a couple plays last game. Saying Carr, Cooper and Mack fell to him and anyone would’ve taken them is BS, they weren’t #1 overall picks. 32 teams passed on Carr, even if Mack fell to them, ppl wanted them to take Carr in the 1st and Reggie was smart enough to know they could score him in the 2nd. Reggie actually wanted L. Willaims in the Cooper draft but they wanted a WR for Carr, Reggie doesn’t like taking WRs early, he settled on Cooper and K. White was very much in the convo league wide, he made the right pick between the two.

    1. I agree with you. Thanks for pointing those things out. It is nice to read posts with something intelligent to glean from.

  7. One can’t question Amy Trask’s knowledge of the game. She’s well respected in the “good ol boys” circle of the NFL and Mr. Davis trusted her enough to run the organization as well. Sorting through the confusion of it all are the facts. This team is not performing at peak anything. The offense is led by one of last years front runner for MVP and making him look pedestrian. The defense has had it’s moments and kept us close a game or two. FAct is our offense isn’t good enough with the changes done to it to compete. The defense has one too many coaches. And yes, the secondary is sub par. I’d rather have last years passing machine than this years balanced losing attack. It’s BROKE, the scheme and the coaching staff, so I’m praying Reggie and JDR…..fix it. We’ll be 2-5 after this weekend. I’ve loads of faith as a long time Raider fan but, we’re no match for the Chiefs. Is 2-5 enough to implement change? Is 0-3 in the division enough to implement change? It should be.

    1. You are correct, and you make some good points. We will be 2-5 after Thursday night, and what happens afterwards could define Del Rio’s career. He is at an impasse. If there are no changes made, then we are in more serious trouble than just needing a pair of coordinators. Reggie will keep bringing the talent, but the coaches need to show themselves capable.

  8. Another issue that has not been addressed is the DL coach. Our DL should be bullying offenses, but they have been struggling for years. Look at what Jim Tomsula did in Washington this year. He was hired as their DL coach during the offseason and transformed that line. We saw what they did to our Raiders. Another example of how good coaching will work wonders. That is all we lack. Good coaching. The reason our OL and Penn have been outstanding is because of our OL coach Tice.

  9. This says it all. Last year we had an offense that was unstoppable and a defense that could’t stop anyone. So was does Elrio do? ( I call he Elrio because there is no D in Delrio) He fires the OC and keeps the worst DC ever in Norton? Then we wonder why we are terrible. My prediction is 6 and 10 which should be enough to get El rio and Norton out. Downing is gone also unless the O takes off under him. I feel bad for Carr because always changing Oc’s is the fastest way to ruin a OB’s career, and god knows we ruined plenty.

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