Raiders Offense Continues To Ignore The Play-Action Pass

Only two teams in the NFL average fewer yards per game than the Raiders and part of the formula for the Raiders lack of success is (still) ignoring the play-action pass.

Through six games, the Raiders have used play action only 12 times, according to Pro Football Focus analytics – an average of twice per game. At this time a year ago, the Raiders had already dialed up 38 play-action passes.

Against the Chargers (and despite success running the ball), the Raiders used play action only once.

Wherever the play-action pass is located in the Raiders building, maybe the vertical passing game is hiding there, too (anyone look in the closet with the overhead projector?).

It’s worth noting that the Raiders only scored 19 points in their second meeting with the Chargers a year ago, but it was one of their uglier offensive performances of the season. This year, those kind of performances are quickly becoming the norm.

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5 thoughts on “Raiders Offense Continues To Ignore The Play-Action Pass

  1. Todd Downing was/is simply over his head, too inexperienced to be calling plays! Letting Bill Musgrave was a HUGE mistake on the part of JDR & Reggie McKenzie!! No play action, therefore no big plays down the field!! Dink and dunk plays right into the hands of the defense, thus neutralizing the entire offense! On defense, keeping Ken Norton was another mistake by JDR & Reggie because they defense has gotten worse every year since 2015, yet they retain him and let Musgrave go!! Shades of bad management like Al Davis’s latter years. Go out and get the best coordinators if you REALLY want to win a Super Bowl!! Come on Mark Davis, do something!!

  2. Raiders should have kept the other offensive coordinator that offense was very affective couldn’t understand the change in the first place maybe Del Rio ego and job security had something to do with it..The defense is a mess but if we had a high octane offense this year with all the extra weapons we picked up we would’ve been 5-1 I’m disappointed in RAIDERS and STAFF

  3. This team is really stinking it up with the lack of Offense. The Offense is really struggling with the play calling. The calling being to predictable running the ball on first down about 95%. That 4th down was awful yesterday that there was no chance for that pass to be catch. The GM has really stunk it up during this season with all these known players getting cut and not picking up a single one to help this team. Dallas cut a CB last week the Raiders didn’t try to get. Now SF has cut their LB that is one of the games best that this team really needs since yesterday the Chargers RB run wild on the Raiders defense just beating the Raiders all by himself that was awful. When a RB leaves the backfield its the LB job to defend him and not let him make a huge play which the big play happen the entire game yesterday. This team has been a huge disgrace starting week 3. The image of this was trying to get away being to conservative by getting rid of Bill Mustgrave. The conservative play calling started up game 3 this year and now the Raiders have lost 4 games in a role. Running the on 1st down all the time starting a drive is pathetic. The Raiders have one best running back in the game that they could use play action and flee flicker at times. The defense is always ready to Lynch. Yesterday the Raider did spread the defense out with formations that they haven’t since week 2. If the Raiders do not sign this LB from SF they do not have the attitude to win.

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