Derek Carr Said He Knows Exactly What’s Wrong With The Raiders Offense

Everyone wants to know what’s wrong with the Raiders offense.

Theories are everywhere, but if you paid attention after Sunday’s game, Derek Carr was very specific with what the issue is right now with the Raider offense.

“It really just comes down to people really locking in on every detail of this offense,” Carr told members of the media after losing to the Chargers. “That’s all it really comes down to. I’m not going to get elaborate on what that is, but that’s the problem.”

Watch the video below. Carr really emphasizes the statement and there’s no uncertainty in his voice.

No one inside or outside the building should have a better understanding of what’s going wrong and Carr showed no lack of conviction in his statement. He doesn’t seem to be throwing darts in the dark on this one.

The other problem now (that anyone can identify) is that the Raiders are 2-4 and they need to fix the problem quickly.

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20 thoughts on “Derek Carr Said He Knows Exactly What’s Wrong With The Raiders Offense

  1. Oh, there’s no fixing it now. We have begun the recriminations and it will, God forbid, get worse from here. Frustrating to see season of promise turn to ashes so quickly. Even if it was false promise, geez, they could have dragged it out a bit. But no, a header right into an empty pool.

    1. I think I now what is the problem, you guys have lots of talent but right now you are not enjoying football , actually you guys look in panic most of the time, start to enjoy this team and opportunity you have, with time you will get in sync, so don’t worry about yesterday learn from it and don’t worry about the future concentrate on today . go Raiders

      1. Todd Downings DINK AND DUNK OFFENSE IS THE PROBLEM!! Why did he shift away from the POWER RUNNING GAME? Are linemen are not suited to the zone game! There all 320 +.Carr looks like he did his rookie year! Let him sling it and everything will work out. But not this year. Schedule is just to tuff to run the table! Its over! Playing for draft picks!

  2. The problem is that you guys go for sink and dunk offense and it’s utter bullshit. Throw the fucking rock and stop being so scared

  3. A lot of this comes down to play calling . This offense is conservative compared to last year’s . They supposedly brought in Jared Cook to be a seam threat and force safties to commit to him rather than roll over the top on Cooper or Crabtree . Instead , he has become ” dump off fodder ” like the other receivers , rarely venturing beyond the sticks . Downing doesn’t seem to be comfortable challenging defenses . Instead , he relies on his receivers catching the ball in front of the sticks and making someone miss . Washington exposed this and every team has used that blueprint to keep the Raiders in front of them because they know Downing isn’t going to call anything that goes over the top . He’s making me miss Musgrave .

  4. Maaaaaan in a raider fan I given up on them it ain’t just the coach in it’s the fkn players thier soft scary no effort no heart and they don’t care we not as good as we thought we were put a fork in us we are done! Why do I keep pulling for y’all losers

  5. Downing is in over his head obviously the raiders went from #6 offense to this…the raiders have the weapons .Musgrave had us moving towards a potential contender to team that is a shell of it’s self downing must go!!!!!!

  6. Musgrave wasn’t a bad OC, clearly. He produced a top 6 offense.

    Downing could be a good one, but so far he isn’t, clearly. He’s produced crap.

  7. Maybe Carr isn’t ready to have so much control of the offense. Also can’t figure out why the o-line is running so much zone this year, ahem, Marshawn. I don’t know about anyone else but it’s harder to watch this team at 2-4 than it was in 2014 at 0-10. This team has the talent and ability to win, just not the heart. It’s sickening to watch. 🤢

  8. The problem is Downing; clear, plain and simple. A firing/hiring mistake that may cost Del Rio his job.

  9. No accountability, lack of discipline. Once the O-line started on their protesting and disrespecting the anthem, the flag and the fans, it has gone downhill from there. Somebody needs to take the control and remind these players they are here to play football and win games, nothing else. You just don’t let the inmates run the institution. If you want to protest, do it on your own time, outside of football and the field and most definitely not during the National Anthem. I have not watched a football game since they started protesting and have pretty much scrapped the rest of the season.

    1. Mr Gallegos this has never been about the Flag number 1 and one has nothing to do with the other. The Raiders all around are not Coaching or Playing good Football.

  10. Jack Del Rio need to get his defense in order to win games if he’s a defensive specialist coach he need to fire Ken Norton and take over the defense will last in defense we have no pass rush we have no middle linebacker what is Jack Del Rio doing as a defensive-minded head coach please tell me because the way it look we going back to – 2 + 12 or 4 and 12 need to find an offense of coordinator I don’t know what made him get rid of Musgraves is like he is sabotaging this year get your act together coach Del Rio ASAP.

  11. Dammit! I am soo fukn upset w/ both coordinators.. Norton Jr and Downing are both horrible! C’mon Del Rio and McKenzie, you have to step the f*ck in sometime and take control of these BS coordinators. If we lose to the Chiefs, you can best put an effed up season in the bank.. Dammit!!!!!!!

  12. The Raiders are trying to duplicate a 12-4 Season again. A few of those Games were Won with some Luck involved or having things fall in place for 12 wins. This Team is playing like a 2 and 4 Team. They need to ALL go back to just playing football and having fun. They are probably believing the Hype of being a Top 5 Team at the beginning of the Season but that’s not important now, play your Opponents straight up and dominate them. The Wins will come naturally. It’s a Different Year.

  13. The reason for the offensive failures is simple. Todd Downing. He changed the blocking scheme from power to zone. Why would anyone change what is working? We had the 6th rank offense, and we were able to shoot it out with anybody. Now, we look like we did 5 years ago when we were using the zone blocking scheme. Even if we switch back to power blocking, Downing has shown that he is incapable of calling an offense. Of course our defensive issues can be fixed if we replace KNJ.

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