Analysts Still Stuck On Jon Gruden’s Analytics Comment

Until he proves them wrong, a handful of talking heads aren’t buying into any of the Jon Gruden hype.

One of those skeptics is TheMMQB’s Jonathan Jones, who projected this week that the Raiders would go 6-10 this year, just as they did in 2017 under Jack Del Rio.

This was the logic behind Jones’ prediction:

“Everyone is talking about the Raiders this offseason because of Jon Gruden, but that’s the reason I don’t feel great about this team in 2018. I think it’s foolish to think Gruden can just hop back on the coaching bike after a 10-year break. Fans should still be reeling from his combine comments, where he said he’s “not gonna rely on GPS’s and all the modern technology” when asked about analytics. On top of that, the Raiders basically got a new secondary, new No. 2 receiver and new specialists. I’m willing to hedge my bets on the 2018 Raiders and wait for ’19.”

Maybe the Raiders will only win six games again, but too many critics are getting extended mileage out of Gruden’s GPS comment because it’s foolish to believe he’s going to ignore football data.

As Raiders voice Greg Papa said last month, the Raiders offense is going to be anything but old fashioned:

“Jon [Gruden] is state of the art in everything he does and he is setting you up. Jon’s been studying this league for a long time. So before you all think he’s going to have 10 fullbacks on the field with Derek, just watch and see what he does with tempo and personnel groups. It will be state of the art.”

As for the Raiders secondary and a new No. 2 receiver, Michael Crabtree was awful for most of last season and he quit down the stretch. The secondary may have not have quit, but they were awful, too.

What about last year’s secondary are the Raiders going to miss this year?

As for Marquette King, yes, the Raiders lost a good punter – and he punted very well last year as the Raiders went three-and-out on seemingly every other possession.

The sky won’t be falling with a new man kicking the ball back to the other team – and Gruden doesn’t plan to punt a lot anyway.

How’s that for analytics?

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19 thoughts on “Analysts Still Stuck On Jon Gruden’s Analytics Comment

  1. They keep sleeping on the Raiders… I’m loving it! This next season is going to be great!!

    1. I agree with you. Carr is healthy with a competent OC who he is familiar with. Jordy looks great they say the health and training staff has done wonders for him. And even if hes not what he was hes a great locker room prencence and and a great teacher. Theres a reason why the great Aaron Rodgers is till made about him leaving. And M Bryant if he can stay out of trouble hes a big body in the red zone. With lynch and martin i think they have a great 1, 2 punch. The bottom line is we have great coaches who will bring leadership and order that will demand greatness and we will win the divsion!!!

      1. Yes sir!! All the same idiots talking smack about Gruden are going to be the ones praising him. So just get your popcorn and enjoy. Go Raiders!!!

  2. The coaching, Crabtree, and the secondary were flat awful last season and you point to losing those players and replacing the coaches as the reason why the Raiders don’t improve? Olsen and Gruden running the offense or Todd Diwning? KNJ and Pagano or Guenther? Crabtree or Nelson? You answered every question wrong and they were all no-brainers! Please rethink your profession.

  3. These are just the ramblings of another talking head. He gets paid to write. There’s a reason some guys write about sports rather than playing or coaching sports. I’m not calling Super Bowl. I’m not even calling playoffs. It’s a new coaching staff and practically a new team. But 6 – 10 ? Don’t bet on it. One of the biggest reasons the team fell apart last year was because of a lack of leadership. That isn’t going to be a problem anymore. They’ll have some gelling to do but they’ll be better than last year unless they’re ravaged by injuries. Greg Papa said it best. Gruden is setting up these media vultures and when they don’t look anything like the 1998 Raiders, they’ll all have to find something else to write about.

  4. Who the eff is Johnathan Jones? What are his credentials? Did he ever play/coach/scout/manage, at the NFL level, or is he just another guy with a keyboard?

  5. Apparently that analyst thinks we still have Shaun Smith and David Amerson as our starting DBACKS🤨🤨🤨. Last time I checked Gruden made the silver and black relevant under Al Davis watch then won a super bowl with Tampa🤨🤨🤨. Bye the way the last day of OTAs was special for the players and organization I’m pretty sure Gruden drew that thought up too

    1. Al Davis is long dead and Tampa’s SB win was many years ago. Gruden and the Raiders need to do it now, on the practice field, and on the field. I, for one, will believe it when I see it!

  6. Yea and people are still hating on the Raiders draft, but we’ll see how that turns out too. I think they basically got 4 first round talents in one draft

  7. who the F is jonathan jones? he is talking out of his ***.

    and with a name like jonathan maybe he should stick to unicorns and barbie dolls and leave the NFL and discussing the NFL to men

  8. Stupidest thing ive ever heard. Like Crabtree was anything special. Bye bye soft shell crab!

  9. I agree, Gruden was just making a comment off hand. I believe he has traveled and witnessed too many systems where modern day tech were helping teams. I think he just wants to get the Raiders back to 4 quarter physical football while showing many more looks like we haven’t done lately. I think he will use any new tool available to him to do that. We will not be as predictable as we have been the last couple of years. We might have some growing pains, flipping all that personnel and the system, but its about long term. That is what Davis is thinking with the 10 year deal Gruden received. I think he is looking for continuity year in and year out like NE has. That is important to Davis because we are moving soon going into a new city in 2020.

  10. Suggest this guy looks up the name Steve Kerr and check out what he did before coaching the Warriors.

    Championships! Go Raiders

  11. Suggest this guy looks up the name Steve Kerr and check out what he did before coaching the Warriors.

    Championships! Go Raiders

  12. Articles like this are just assenine,all of the writers talking out of ignorance all say the same BS about the Gruden,they all praise Bill Belichick and the Patriots failing to realize that Belichick still runs the same system that He ran with Parcells and the Giants,the Browns,The Jets,He just happened to land on the team perfectly fit to his system(let’s not forget which was built by Bill Parcells),How many championships because of the Smashmouth Old School Philosophy Football? I can’t stand New England but I give respect where it’s due. Gruden knows exactly how and what it takes to win constantly and consistently in the NFL and I believe that’s exactly what he’ll do with The Raiders. After all he wasn’t no where near as advanced in the game as he is now but he still managed to compete at an elite level,he has a super bowl ring to prove it!!! I’m excited and confident about the team and coaching staff! Looking forward to seeing The Raiders return to Excellence!!!

  13. John Grudens Head Coaching Record 95 – 81.
    Be on the Lookout for massive Dink & Dunk.

  14. Yea he really sleeping on data..only drafted PFF top CB on board in Nelson, Top def player in Hurst, and
    then Hall and his 3sigma self data that suggest he is a Aaron Donald clone or as close as one as we have seen. He brought in PG and if u look at this team GPs and data coordinates are all over it. He gets abused for making a comment to throw dumb people off.

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