Raiders Offense Will Be “State Of The Art” Under Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden made some waves in February when he told reporters that when it came to analytics, he was hoping to take the game of football back to 1998.

Not long after sharing his thoughts on analytics, Gruden went out and signed a blocking fullback and traded away a more versatile fullback in Jamize Olawale.

Maybe Gruden really does plan to take the Raiders back to another era of football?

No so fast, says Raiders play-by-play voice Greg Papa.

”Jon [Gruden] is state of the art in everything he does and he is setting you up,” Papa said last week on his 95.7 The Game radio show.

“He does it with his formations and he started stuff in football that was all copied.”

”Jon’s been studying this league for a long time. So before you all think he’s going to have 10 fullbacks on the field with Derek, just watch and see what he does with tempo and personnel groups. It will be state of the art.”

For what it’s worth, Gruden has never been one to shy away from throwing the ball.

If anything, quarterbacks have mostly seen their numbers improve under Gruden.

What analytics have to do with running or passing has always been a head-scratcher – at least as it relates to the criticism Gruden has taken in the past couple months.

Not that he really cares.

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14 thoughts on “Raiders Offense Will Be “State Of The Art” Under Jon Gruden

  1. Its going to be awesome!! Can’t wait to see what horse face Shanon Sharp and the rest of the Gruden haters will say when his system kicks a**!

    1. What a joke. Papa is such a F’n brown noser, it’s pathetic. He just wants to keep his job, so he will kiss Grudens, Davis’s or anyone else’s *** in order to do so. Smart move by the A’s to get rid of him years ago. I’ve been a season ticket holder since they returned in 95. Once and if they’re gone, f them. Hopefully the city of oakland sues the league and Davis, and the move blows up in his face.

      1. You should sue Oakland politicians for losing your team. They did everything possible to interfere with the Raiders getting a stadium deal done in Oakland. Starting with the A’s ten year lease putting them in control of the site. Look at the difference in political support between Oakland and Las Vegas and the reason for the move becomes clear – one city creates obstacles while the other helps remove them.

        1. Las Vegas politicians fast tracked the 750mil. The voters had no say in the matter. If it had come to a vote, the voters would have shot it down. You have governor elects who if elected, want to stop the Rediculous hand out given to the league and the raiders. Home foreclosures everywhere and the worst public school system in the country. Priorities my friend come first. Not hand outs to millionaires.

      2. You’re the joke. Papa does a good. He doesn’t work for Jon. He works for Mark. Clearly you don’t look at the facts. The raiders have tried for years to get a deal done. Your leaders are crooks & have you hoodwinked. No way in hell any owner of a team is giving up ownership to get a stadium built. Maybe your that stupid, but clearly Mark is not.

  2. I’m optimistic, but also guarded. One thing I like is that I believe Gruden is 100x smarter than Del Rio…… “football smarts”. Del Rio is a good guy and good coach, but I don’t think he can hold Gruden’s jock when it comes to the X’s and O’s of football, especially quarterbacks and offensive schemes. I trust Guenther 10000x more than I do Del Rio on defense and about 5 million times more than Ken Norton Jr (that’s laughable! LOL)

  3. Shannon Sharpe would hate for this to be true . He’s a opinionated hack who knows less about how football actually works than he’s letting on . I prefer to listen to coaches and football strategists than a guy who’d more interested in hearing himself talk than he is reporting good football facts . His real problem with Gruden is that he isn’t black and before people get all angry about that I’m black myself . He developed this rancor toward Gruden when people questioned rather or not the Raiders complied with the Rooney rule or not .

    1. Too funny Allan! Prefacing with, “Before people get all mad.” I agree with you, a lot of talking heads out there who love to hear themselves talk. Football knowledge is secondary.

    2. Agreed in part. All but I personally do Not believe that you are black, unless that is you are a crayola. You are melonated

  4. I expect us to be in the Super Bowl this year and win it in 2020 in Vegas. Gruden may have not coached in 10 years but he has sure been around most football teams, watching and learning. He is going to bring sharpness and professionalism to the offence as well as the defense. I can hardly wait to see it unfold. I really liked Jack and hated to see him go at first, but I see now that he had lost control of the players on and off the field, it’s to bad because he is a good guy and had his dream job. Good luck to you Jack. I hoping that the end of Jon’s 10 years we have six more super bowl rings. Raider Fan Till I Die !!!!! GO RAIDERS GO Raider Phil

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