Report: Cowboys Starting to Second-Guess What They Have in Amari Cooper

Are the Cowboys second-guessing their decision to trade a first-round pick for Amari Cooper?

It sure sounds like it.

A column on Wednesday by Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher, who is well-connected within the Cowboys organization, breathed new life into a narrative that’s been gaining momentum (again) for the past year.

Simply put, Cooper hasn’t been consistent in Dallas and the Cowboys are having some of the same reservations about Cooper that the Raiders did a little under two years ago.

“So Amari Cooper is plagued by a lack of ‘competitiveness and fire,’ an inability to be ‘the No. 1 guy’’ and ignorance as how to “play the position in all aspects, including ‘competitiveness,” Fisher wrote on the Cooper situation in Dallas.

“We could try to dismiss this criticism by noting that the author is the former NFL quarterback David Carr. Whose brother is Derek Carr. Who plays for the Raiders team that gave up on Cooper and in the process seemingly spread rumors about his ‘lack of desire.’”

“Or we can report an inside-The-Star truth: As Broaddus suggests, there are Cowboys decision-makers who are raising the same questions that Carr is noting. That Amari’s flaws – to put them into one sentence, ‘a passive-aggressiveness off the field and a lack of aggressiveness on it’ – are very real… and that before the Jones family starts writing checks of $16 mil or $18 mil or $20 mil to Amari Cooper, they’d like to get some answers to these very real questions.”

So maybe Cooper’s issue in Oakland wasn’t the quarterback, or the coaching, or even the organization.

Talented as he is, maybe the issue has always been him.

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15 thoughts on “Report: Cowboys Starting to Second-Guess What They Have in Amari Cooper

  1. Maybe Cooperwill do better under a new if I was them I would try to sign hmsome how. The more the wait on dak the more it will cost him. There is o no young out there right now.

  2. Anyone else see the irony of David saying this about Coop when it could easily and accurately be said about his little brother? Amari and Derek have the same problem. A lot of talent and very little heart and grit. At some point Gruden must know Carr is NOT a Gruden Grinder by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. What I’ve said when he was with the RAIDERS gave up to soon gets frustrated really easy and then won’t produce..

  4. Pay the guy he is with every penny the guy is one of the top 5 receivers in the league his numbers speak for themselves Pay him!!!!!!

  5. He’s soft. All Raiders fans know the best clutch receiver on the team during his tenure was not Cooper, but Crabtree.

  6. As a Raider Fan ,we had high hopes for Amari , but he never planned out , he straight up dropped to many balls !!!

  7. Amari Cooper lacks desire to play and toughness, bottom line. I for one was happy to see the Raiders dump him. Good luck cowboys…

  8. Hahahaha!!! I’m glad we, the Raiders got rid of him. He isn’t all that. This isn’t college. He had maybe two good seasons. he doesn’t go full speed every play. Well good for Dallas. 🤣😆🤣

  9. It has…. he mentally shut it down, like Moss, because they call the routes he liked to run. He said as much in an interview. Latest comment, paraphrased, I wont sign with a team that plays in the snow….apparently he never has.

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