As the Trade Deadline Approaches, the Raiders Should Be Looking For an Upgrade at One Key Position

The NFL trade deadline is just three days away (November 2) and the Raiders have at least one player on the roster that has received some level of trade interest.

All things considered, the Raiders have arguably the best roster they have put together since their last Super Bowl season in 2003. But if Mike Mayock and company decide to make a move before the trade deadline, they do have a position group that could use a boost.

Somewhat lost in all success the Raiders’ offense is having this year is the fact that the right side of their offensive line has been particularly shaky. It was no secret prior to the season that the Raiders desperately needed a right tackle and that urgency led them to their first-round pick, Alex Leatherwood. Unfortunately, Leatherwood has struggled in pass protection and was moved to guard, where his growing pains in protection haven’t been quite as noticeable.

Now the Raiders are back to starting Brandon Parker at right tackle and that is another unsettling situation as he has been only marginally better than Leatherwood.

Either way they are shuffled, Leatherwood and Parker have the Raiders’ two lowest Pro Football Focus grades on the offensive side of the ball – although Leatherwood has shown some improvement since moving to guard. The Raiders have no great options at right tackle and if the injury bug hits again, it’s possible they could get even worse.

If there is any kind of trade activity coming from the Raiders, it needs to involve a right tackle. In theory, they shouldn’t have to give up much to get a right tackle who can at least add a little competition at the position.

Of course, the Raiders could also choose to be patient and hope things get better along the right side of their O-line… but there’s a good amount of risk to doing that, too.

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13 thoughts on “As the Trade Deadline Approaches, the Raiders Should Be Looking For an Upgrade at One Key Position

  1. Raiders should have figured this out a month ago. Mayock leaves a lot to be desired as a GM. Not impressed with him at all.

    1. Consider all the free agents, and all the players that are playing well, since Leatherwood moved inside he is playing much better. You cannot base that decision on one player

    2. Well you can bet a month ago Mayock was working on it along with the coaches. Patience John still lots of time for you to be impressed

  2. “Well I’ll be a Kansas city cheif at 3-4”,This has got to be the 1st time someone has mentioned the 1 and only thing the Raiders should be trading for,you hear Fletcher Cox,Michael Brockers,Brooke’s, Even people talking about WR’s like DeSean Jackson and Andy Isabella???Are you kidding me all we need is a RT,and we 100% playoff bound ,let’s hope they get a deal done,Leatherwood is and will always a gaurd,guard, 1 day he will get Respect at that position

  3. Let’s give DJ Fluker a try. I watched tape (Mitchell Rentz) and he is a mauler in the run game, not bad pass protection. He is the last player to stop on almost every play.

  4. If there’s an RT out there that will help us let’s go after him. 17 weeks is a long season and injuries could mean the difference in keeping DC upright as much as possible.

  5. Too many using the forum to throw shade. Perspective; If you have never even so much as sniffed the air in a front office, your opinion is worth that title only; your opinion. Appalling social blunders aside, Gruden and Mayock built this team, if you can’t begin with that admission, your hate button is stuck in overdrive. Mistakes, they’ve made a few. And if you think Mark Davis just appeared from under a cabbage leaf one day, your intel is, faulty. The rest of that coaching staff is still employing much of that philosophy and the need for unity and a disdain for prima donnas. Each has a data bank that would choke most. Together they’ve learned when to teach and when to learn. The fabric built here can only begin to come apart when they lose sight of that. A reactionary with “stupid bomb” mentality fits that knee-jerk slot that would cause that PDQ. I look at this team’s total chemistry and smile. Finally.

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