Beat Writer Explains Why the Raiders Couldn’t Make More Adjustments on Offense Against the Dolphins

The Raiders got off to a great start on offense against the Dolphins on Sunday, but things seemed to come unraveled after a 46-yard touchdown strike to Davante Adams.

From the outside, it looked like the Raiders made it through their scripted plays and didn’t have many plays left.

As it turns out, that was somewhat the case.

According to Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter, the Dolphins made adjustments after the quick start and the Raiders offensive playbook (with a rookie quarterback at the helm) wasn’t deep enough to make the necessary counter adjustments…

From Hondo on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast

“Vic Fangio is the defensive coordinator for Miami, and he is considered by many to be one of the best in the business. There were several things that they did tonight that they have not done before, wanting to confuse the rookie. They were sensational…

The first couple of drives they came out and attacked. It was really good and the Raiders had some success, then Fangio began to introduce some new things… Fangio’s new looks went right at some of the things the Raiders wanted to attack.

So what happened was everything that Josh McDaniels did, [O’Connell] was the third-string guy, which means he got little to no reps. So Bo Hardegree comes in and changes the playbook to fit what Aiden does. He basically has a three-week playbook, and so they couldn’t go back to Josh’s stuff and use any of that because it wasn’t like Aiden was prolific in it. So when Fangio is making adjustments, they can’t call the new stuff.

Had Aiden been a [first-string quarterback] all though OTAs, mini-camps, and now, or even been a [second-string] Bo could have said ‘Ok, we’re going to go back to some things Josh did and make those adjustments. He couldn’t do that.”

In previous weeks with O’Connell at quarterback, the Raiders didn’t have to make a lot of adjustments on offense. But this week was different.

The Raiders couldn’t run the ball effectively and the Dolphins were able to open up their defensive playbook.

It also didn’t hurt that Miami had an extra week to prepare (with the bye week), because it sounds like they showed looks on defense that they had not shown all year.

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7 thoughts on “Beat Writer Explains Why the Raiders Couldn’t Make More Adjustments on Offense Against the Dolphins

  1. Bullshit. Ever since Hondo looked like an idiot for saying Mcdaniels didn’t lose the locker room when he clearly did he has been reaching like this. Bo could have called a better game. Aiden doesn’t do great under pressure. But he’s learning. Bo didn’t use what worked the prior two weeks and wasted a bunch of plays on WR screens.

  2. No excuses,the plays that were called that O’Connell supposedly knew were not executed correctly,56.0 passer rating with 3 ints,6 ints total in just 4 games.
    O’Connell would make a ok backup,not a Franchise Qb.

  3. Going for it on fourth down twice while already in field goal range and not making it when there was still plenty of time left didn’t help. I guess they were trying to play aggressive and thought they could get first downs and touchdowns but taking the field goals would have tied the game up for a chance to win in overtime. Aiden also missed Adams for huge gains and possibly touchdowns multiple times. The play calling wasn’t perfect mostly because Aiden just isn’t there yet. He needs to get rid of the ball quicker and be more accurate with his timing especially on the deep passes.

  4. It’s difficult judge the ROOKIE QB, running game, etc when they play behind one of the worst OL in the NFL. When Ziegler/McDaniels failed to improve the talent along the OL, I knew our offense would’nt be good this year. Again, the blame should go squarely on Mark Davis as he needs to do a more thorough job of selecting the right people to run this team. STOP making decisions based on hunches . Hopefully, after 12+ years he’s learned what not to do??!!

  5. The play calling is atrocious, we have a bad team online that is the main problem and a rookie QB, that plays like a rookie. When you can’t run the rock and put constant pressure on this rookie QB these are the results. Defensive played well and what kept us the game was turnovers. I still believe we need to draft a QB, and build the trenches on both sides. Please bench Peter’s he is terrible in coverage.

  6. The excuses sound good, but the truth is Bo called a sorry game and Aiden (unfortunately) isn’t the best NFL QB! Aiden must learn to extend plays with his feet. Standing in the pocket for 4 to 5 seconds isn’t gonna cut it in today’s NFL. The offensive line isn’t that great, especially without Colton Miller. Today’s NFL requires mobility at the QB position. I like Aiden as a person, but he is too predictable as long as he insists on staying in the pocket until it ultimately collapses.

  7. I was there as I always follow my beloved Raiders win or lose to every stadium 🏟 and **** hurts every single great Raider fan around the globe 🌎. That game was a winnable for us if in first place we had our left tackle to protect the kid and we need to learn when to kick the field goal to take tge points. We wanted six points by going twice on 4th downs and the play calling was garbage as ****. Imagine that I drove down to Miami, Florida from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is a 17 hour to 18 hour drive to come to support our boys but the play calling was insane. We might have to draft a QB and 2 dudes come in my Daniel’s from LSU Tigers or Bo from Oregon Ducks. They both have great arms ,mobile and they play very smart. Our present qb will be our back up at best nothing else with all my respect for the kid. If you’re not mobile nowadays in NFL, you would be a hang man and most successful qb in the league are mobile quarterbacks suck Mahomes, Hurts, Jackson, Herbert, Tua, Geno, Purdy, Wilson, Josh, Lawrence and the kid from Houston Texans. We might have to stick with AP but we need a better OC with the new QB will have to draft un first place and use our 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds to fix the offensive line and some of our secondary. Relax Raider Nation we will back to the point we want to be and where we used to be when everyone was scared of us back in the days.
    RN4L and let’s go Raiders.

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