TV Cameras Seemed to Capture an Angry Mark Davis After the Raiders Didn’t Kick a FG on Fourth Down

For the second time this season, the television cameras managed to catch an angry reaction from Mark Davis in the owner’s box.

Last month, Davis seemed to have a choice name for Josh McDaniels after he chose to kick a field goal on 4th down. This time, Davis seemed to be aggravated with his new head coach (that he ought to do everything he can to keep around) for not kicking a field goal.

After the Raider offense failed to convert a 4th and 3 in the fourth quarter, the CBS broadcast showed Davis seeming to mouth “Why the f— didn’t he take three?”

Raiders Wire on Twitter: “What does Mark Davis say here? Looks like “Why the F– didn’t he take three?” / Twitter”

What does Mark Davis say here? Looks like “Why the F– didn’t he take three?”

Pierce elected to go for fourth down on two occasions in the fourth quarter and came up empty both times. In hindsight, maybe he should have taken the field goals, but one of the criticisms of McDaniels over the last two years was that he wasn’t aggressive enough.

Considering the Dolphins have the highest-scoring offense in the NFL, it easy to see why Pierce didn’t want to settle for long field goals, but the new reality is that the Raiders are finally figuring out how to play defense.

They gave up only 20 points to the Dolphins on Sunday and the two New York teams combined for just 18 points against the Raiders in the previous two weeks.

Not bad for a team that is using less than $50 million of their salary cap on defensive players this season.

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23 thoughts on “TV Cameras Seemed to Capture an Angry Mark Davis After the Raiders Didn’t Kick a FG on Fourth Down

  1. i disagree with Mark Davis, I think pierce was right to go for it o 4th down twice, although I wasn’t to excited with his play selection, and I also believe the Raiders could have won, except for the fact that our rookie quarterback holds the ball to long and does not go thru his progressions fast enough. The qb coach needs to get the clock in his head working alot better.

  2. This is an example of the sports writers trying to cause internal tumult. So, the owner asks,
    why his interim head coach did not take a (3) point field goal on 4th and (3) yards to go. If I
    was Mark Davis I would show some class. First, the score at the time was dolphins (20) and
    the raiders (13). If you take the field goal, the score is dolphins (20) and the Raiders (17) hypothetically. Then, you give the ball back to the dolphins. They have one of the highest
    Scoring offenses in the NFL. The dolphins with the ball and the lead, with a chance to score. Versus a possible first down and touchdown to tie. Neither is good for the raiders but a
    chance to tie and go into overtime, is better than kicking a field goal and be behind. And giving the ball to a high scoring offenses in the NFL. Mark Davis there is “No” reason to be
    so upset about this call. Unless you are looking for an excuse to justify the Jim Harbaugh

    1. Well that’s why mark has never coached not a leader just a owner, he does seam to care about the players but should stick to woman’s basketball better luck for him there hang out with Brady you know, go raiders 😉

  3. I think they played a good game. They had there chances to beat the Dolphins. They’ll learn a lot from this game.

    1. They need to invest in people that wrap people up their tackling is all about arm tackles that never work, hit somebody and wrap them up.they have players hurt and not good replacements to go in no depth there so…go raiders

  4. I gotta agree with Mark Davis…AP should have took the three points on both occasions. The defense at the time was playing great and we probably would of had a chance late in the game to drive down the field for a game winning FG. I think AP is doing a helluva job getting the guys prepared each week with the confidence that they can win against anybody anywhere. But I think Mr. Davis should go through a thorough search for for whose gonna be the next HC and GM. He should ask past raiders who he trust and respects for their honest opinions on who they think would be good leader of the team. He shouldn’t rush into a decision. He has gotta get it right on who he hires next to be our GM and HC This team has been terrible for way to long and the true raider Nation deserves better then what has been on the field and side line and front office the past 20 plus years. So after he has went thru all the people he plans to interview for the jobs of HC and GM and he feels that AP and Champ are the best guys to get us back to being a contender yr in and yr out for playoffs and super bowls then I’m gonna get behind those guys and support them 100%. I just want Davis to get it right this time around so hopefully we won’t be firing the next guys in a couple years. I’d like to have a coach and GM that’s gonna be around for the next 10 to 15years because they have built a team that will be serious contenders every year to win our division and being a number one seed going into the playoffs. So Mark Davis please don’t rush…talk to people who really know football to get their thoughts on who they think is best guys for the jobs..and find guys who love the game of football and who knows how to be a leader of men. We’re counting on you Mr Davis so please get this hire right. Raider Nation for life.

  5. The Haircut needs to find a deep dark Hole to crawl into , nobody is interesed his Lip Service as it pertains to the flow of a Football game.

  6. Seemed like a rookie mistake. I was creaming at the Television to take the points. You have one of the best kickers and they were easily in range. Also, there was too much time left to be panicking yet on 4th down plays. The last possession they had the ball should;d have been for the winning field goal instead of needing a TD and 2pt conversion.Coach put a lot of pressure on AOC which doesnt help his confidence. I thought D played fairly well today. Only 13 points for the offense proves that points were so hard to come by for both sides they should have taken the 6 points. Very frustrating. That game was winnable. Chiefs gonna be a very tough out. But anything is possible.

    1. The play calling on 85% of the offensive side of the ball was terrible. Defense was GREAT ! But when the running game isn’t working JJ can catch. Throwing wide outs screen passes weren’t going anywhere. To predictable on the offensive side of the ball. Great to see Renfrow get involved.Hope AP gets BO to have a better offensive game plan & play calling against KC.

  7. On both fourth downs, the play call was awful. They threw long balls with a low percentage completion likelihood. In both cases, they needed to get the first down. Instead, they squandered two opportunities. Not only didn’t they get the field goal, if they convert the fourth down, they still had a chance to get a TD. All in all, the play calling and clock management was a disjointed mess.

  8. I’m 61 now. I’ve seen my Raiders have 2, barely winning seasons, and 2 play off losses, and THAT”S IT!!!…..since I turned 40 yrs old!!! Fire the Offensive coordinator and the Defensive coordinator NOW! Get rid of Hobbs and every other DB we have. They never contest a pass. They look like we’re always in a prevent defence; playing so soft and so far back….and then it’s a crap shoot if anyone’s gonna make a tackle after the catch. The play calling on offence is horrible. Maybe the OC never learned this, but, running plays eat up the clock, terrible clock management! I swear, I could call offence better with all my Pop Warner experience. I’ll tell you what, I would not have, with less than a minute left, just sat there and watched the seconds tick down! What the heck was that? Everyone in the room was yelling at the T.V., “What are they doing?” How’d we go from 50 something seconds to 15 seconds just like that?……AND FYI, TAKE YOUR POINTS, OR CALL A BETTER PLAY….Good Grief, coaching lost this game for us…AGAIN!

  9. Seemed like to much pressure to put on a qb that shouldn’t be on the field. The only thing and person Mark should be mad at is himself for not wanting Carr and entrusting the dynamic dips–ts to bring in “their” guy, Jimmy G! O’Connell is not ready to face NFL defenses yet, however the other qbs on the roster shouldn’t be sniffing the field either as their time has came and went years ago. Too bad Mark can’t fire himself as that is what is needed.

  10. Baby steps, guys; just like a quarterback, rookie head coaches have some growing pains to go through as well. Obviously the defense gets an A for it’s effort yesterday! It was nice to hold an opponent under 100 yards rushing, especially an offense as good as Miami’s. The idea of still having Carr now probably sounds pretty appealing, huh? McConnell is a good rookie quarterback, but I don’t know if he’ll ever be great. Ever since his three fumble game, he tucks the ball way too early now because he doesn’t wanna cough it up. I know the offensive line is suspect but you have to improvise sometimes as a QB in this league and that’s not something you can teach… you either have it or you don’t. Oh yeah, and kudos to the secondary, and that’s without Robertson! That game was one too build on for sure. I love you, Nation!

  11. We finally have a spirit and soul with this team! Thanks to Pierce. Lets not jump the gun and seem to think anyone wants to coach the Raiders. Many of the great coaching prospects are usually wanting a better opportunity with a more “stable and well run” organization when choosing a job. I think its BS and just Raider Hating. Sean Payton just told us how he was talked out of the Raider job by Parcells and other friends. We need to keep Pierce. He wont want mega bucks like other candidates. But he will make sure we are not playing soft and we fight every game. He will hold players accountable and has great leadership qualities. If you didnt see the Dolphins coach pointing the finger and running to shake Pierces hand and hug him after the game….WOW!! Pierce won my loyalty right there!!! He was probably saying you almost had me with the finger pointing! But the RESPECT….from an “offensive guru” the press likes to name the guy….BS again! That is a great offensive football team in the Dolphins and we held them to 20 points after a BYE week for them at home! And we had chances to win or tie that game in the end. For the first time in years I am excited to watch my team. My Raider heart died with AL but there is still much left for me. Lets just ride with this coach. This is exactly what Mark Davis needs. Pierce will get us back that respect. Raider Nation will never be the same as the Oakland days. But at least with Pierce teams and other coaches will respect us. As die hard Raider fans that is a great feeling when rooting for them.

    1. I hate to say it but Derek carr probably would have hit those overthrows to Adams. Unless he would check down as usual. Hitting those 2 field goals would have still put them behind by 1. Their defense is finally decent and now the offense is dead. Can’t we ever get defense and offense on the same team. Jeff George was a stud but the defense was atrocious. They still need to be more aggressive on first and second downs. These runs up the middle for a few always puts them in 3rd and 8. When they feel the momentum in their favor they need to push it. Not slow it down.

  12. Watching the game on the NFL Red Zone only shows when the Raiders score or fail. I was wondering to why not take the 3 points while there is still time to get the ball back. We could have setup the game winning FG.
    As John Madden always said take the points!!!

  13. Davis is right he should have gone for the field goals, 3 field goals would of won the game. The late great John Madden always said never leave points on the field.

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