Breer: I’ve Been Told “Emphatically” That Derek Carr Isn’t Available

For all the chatter about what the Raiders might get in a trade for Derek Carr, it is starting to sound like he might not be available for anything less than a king’s ransom.

“While there were rumors floating around that the asking price for Carr was two first-round picks last week, I was told pretty emphatically that Carr isn’t available,” Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported on Tuesday. “But the Raiders will listen on Mariota and he could be the sort project that could intrigue a team looking for a quarterbacking bargain.”

Breer isn’t the first to report that Carr probably isn’t going anywhere. He also isn’t the first to float the idea of Mariota going to the Patriots. The Athletic’s Vic Tafur doesn’t see Mariota as having trade value, but it was clear in his week 15 performance against the Chargers that Mariota can still play at a high level.

Other than the Patriots (assuming they are interested), could the Bears, Panthers, Washington Football Team, or Texans (if they trade Watson) jump into the mix to trade for Mariota?

As for Carr, it is safe to say that reports over the last few years have too often mischaracterized his relationship with Jon Gruden. Now the more relevant talking point should probably be whether or not Carr will get a contract extension from the Raiders before the start of the 2021 season.

So much for Carr having no future in Las Vegas.

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4 thoughts on “Breer: I’ve Been Told “Emphatically” That Derek Carr Isn’t Available

  1. Last I checked Breer isn’t on the Raiders payroll so all bets are off as far as Carr being a permanent part of the team and what would be the reason to perpetually keep him as a Raider because the defense isn’t the only reason we aren’t a playoff team and the most excitement the players and the Raider Nation has had is Mariota getting long past due playing time! Anybody in their right football mind can see Carr’s trade value is now on stats alone and stats I might remind you don’t equal wins!!!
    Mariota deserves a chance to move the Raiders forward on offense and if the powers that be don’t see it that way then they also probably don’t see they’ve made some crucial mistakes on the defensive side of the ball that aren’t the complete responsibility of a ejected defensive coordinator Guenther who could only work with what he had if you get my gist!!!

    1. I’ve been seeing the same as what you articulated. Carr’s win total is only 42% – hardly what would be referred to as an elite QB.

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