Report: Raiders Are Getting “Real” and “Legitimate” Trade Interest in Marcus Mariota

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Raiders are getting calls from teams interested in trading for Marcus Mariota.

“[The Raiders have] had plenty of teams call on their quarterback, but not just Derek Carr,” Rapoport reported on Tuesday. “Teams are interested in Derek Carr. I know it would be incredibly expensive if the Raiders dealt him. It doesn’t sound like they’ve hung up the phone, but I don’t get the sense they want to deal him, either.”

“Marcus Mariota is getting some trade interest, as well. And it is possible that one Raiders quarterback is traded and it’s not Derek Carr because there is legitimate and real interest in Mariota… that performance at the end of the year really caught a lot of teams’ eye that he could be the next Ryan Tannehill.”

Among the teams reportedly interested in adding a quarterback are the Patriots, Bears, Colts, Panthers, and Washington Football Team. If the Texans trade Deshaun Watson, they may also be a team interested in trading for a quarterback. As of now, the top quarterbacks being mentioned as trade targets are Watson, Carson Wentz, Carr/Mariota, and Sam Darnold – which means one or two teams on the aforementioned list might be left to choose among the next tier of available quarterbacks (Brissett, Minshew, Newton, Trubisky, Dalton, Fitzpatrick, etc.).

Best guess on what the Raiders might get for Mariota?

Assuming that more than one team is interested in him, a fourth-round pick for a 27 year-old former second-overall pick seems reasonable.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Are Getting “Real” and “Legitimate” Trade Interest in Marcus Mariota

  1. I no longer trust Marc Davis, John Gruden or Mayock to get this done. I’m sick of the first round reaches and inability to fix the defense. Absolutely frustrating cheering for mediocrity.

    1. Rick- right there with you!

      I want to be wrong and eat crow here. But I really don’t get the warm fuzzies knowing that Gruden and Mayock (and Davis) are making these decisions. From selecting the wrong players to draft, to making bad trades, to signing the wrong players as free agents and keeping players too long that they could have dropped to shed salary…the track record has NOT been anything close to successful.

      Davis hitched his wagon to Gruden as this football savant that would get us over the hump and gave him TEN YEARS and ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! Mistake one. Not hiring experienced and successful front office personnel to run things was mistake two. The decisions they have made have been more bad than good. I am not saying that you have to bat 1000% with personnel decisions. You just have to do a whole lot better than they have.

      I really want to be proven wrong and who knows, maybe this offseason will be different. My fingers are crossed that it will. I really do like Gruden and Mayock and Davis. I just don’t have a lot of confidence in this group as far with making decisions.

  2. I wonder how much booze Gruden & Mayock consume with this dumb assessment that Mariota would be expendable rather than Carr. It needs to be the other way around or trade Mariota for 2 1st round picks – a 4th round pick for Mariota is laughable and if were to occur, a travesty

  3. If that’s how you feel raider rick then you should leave the nation. Sounds like you got trust issues. You probably don’t trust your boyfriend either

  4. There is only ONE reason why the Raiders should not trade Marcus Mariotta and that is because if the Raiders do and IF Derek Carr should go down to injury then the next man up is the STATISTICALLY WORST QUARTERBACK IN NFL HISTORY, Nathan Peterman. Not just in the NFL but in NFL HISTORY!!! Trust me when I say that NO RAIDERS FAN ALIVE wants to see that scenario play out.

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